The main secret of thoughts is where do they come from? It is impossible to catch a thought until it comes to your mind. That's why I take my own thoughts as a gift that I'm happy to use.

Let's escape together.

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Vernon didn't look happy.

Gil poured Ami some coffee.

He is prepared to help me.

Kirk won't be able to say no.

How can something so wrong feel so right?

My mind was in a haze after drinking so much.

Don't forget to open the window in your room.


How nice of you to invite me along!

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He didn't think it was funny.


Don't lean on your friends for help.

Our town is on the East Side of the river.

Neville will never make it to school on time.

I was enchanted by the performance of the group.

Who did your hair?

It might rain this afternoon.

I want my money back.

Charley usually walks to school if it's not raining.

Good nutrition is vital for an infant's growth.

Johann is very good at playing the piano.

He's enjoying himself.

She did it while she was drunk.

Liyuan practiced hard every day.

We have to figure out a way to make some money.

In order to apply, you have to go in person.


Tell them it was a mistake.


Tell us what happened to him.

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There is nothing I could do to change it.

Everyone will have his own computer before long.

I always thought that Elizabeth would become a teacher.

I took an English newspaper when I was in college.

Darrell doesn't think banks are open today.

Carl kept shoveling.

Are there special evening rates?


I was wrongfully punished.

She started at the top.

They won't be happy until we're all dead.

We went to the beach.

Lukas's free.

He doesn't show his feelings.

My cassette tape recorder needs fixing.

I strongly advise you let Irfan handle this.

They made Bertrand tell them everything.

Many people can't imagine a meal without ketchup.

He was advanced to the rank of general.


They sell us copper.

I couldn't tell Sofia what he wanted to know.

I am writing to you on behalf of my mother.


His plan is dangerous!

The roads are very crowded at this time of the day.

The people who were involved in Pierrette's death do not have the slightest regrets.


Get back on your horse.

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Speeding causes accidents.

He did not ignore our request, and neither did she.

A lot of children don't hear the difference very well.

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Our only witness is refusing to testify.

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It's not that noticeable.


Kyu didn't get upset.

There are few mistakes, if any, in his composition.

I'll hide it somewhere.

May I show you something?

Lieutenant Dan Anderson ruled out that Linda could be a suspect.


Moe and I will meet you there.

I don't make the rules.

Life being very short, you ought not to waste your time.


Francisco took a piece of pie and began eating it.

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From all that I can collect by your manner of talking, you must be two of the silliest girls in the country. I have suspected it some time, but I am now convinced.


This growth ought to be removed immediately.


I wish I could figure out how to get more people to visit my website.

The knights wore elaborate suits of armor.

Willie chose to live with his father instead of his mother.


No, no, and furthermore, no!

A lonely boy was reading near a feeble fire.

Your life's in danger.

A young woman was playing a guitar while singing along in front of the fountain.

The project is now in progress.

Miles hasn't even started studying for the exam yet.

Toufic doesn't have to worry about me anymore.

They speak many languages in Spain.

Before we go anywhere, we should exchange some money.


He was naughty when he was a boy.

Press the green button. If you do so, the light will go on.

What Donnie says is true.

Put me down, Sean.

Don't turn up the volume of TV anymore.

Hurry up, girls.

Do I curse too much?

Sonny was allowed to stay.

She got a slight burn on her hand while cooking.

I hope that I have not offended you.

Whose ever bread one eats, his language one speaks.

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Be careful not to wake Konstantinos up.

In her speech, she emphasized the issues that had direct relevance to practice.

I think we shouldn't be doing this.

I told her about it yesterday.

His voice doesn't go with his appearance.

What's it look like?

Sometimes I have the impression that we'll never come to an agreement.

How do you know I'm going out with Randell?

If you ask him, he will help you.

Morton is warm and generous.

I want to take you back to the hospital.

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It's strange that he hasn't come yet.

Men are like colonies of bacteria. The more heat you apply, the faster they grow.

Try to be generous and forgive.

I don't think that'll happen again.

Kurt put the new tablecloth he had just bought on the table.

The building was given up to a youth club.

Jean saw a homeless man scavenging through a rubbish bin looking for food.

This camera can take pictures very quickly.

In the Land of Toys, every day, except Sunday, is a Saturday. Vacation begins on the first of January and ends on the last day of December.

Sylvan made Robin do it.

The odds are in Dennis's favor.

Not everything that can be done is worth the pain of doing it.

I talk a lot.

He has a wife and two young children to provide for.

Leigh is used to these kinds of situations.

Do you have time for lunch?

Trying to beat some kid's high score is an inefficient use of your time.


I talked to Sanford yesterday.

That's the ugliest baby that I've ever seen.

He told deliberate lies.

It's as smooth as a baby's bottom.

I just finished the work.

I'll do it, but there's one condition.

"Kenji's in hospital?" "That's a real pisser..."

She can ask questions and answer them.

What's your interest in this?

Currently, when idealistic obscurantism has become a major "theoretical" means for the warmongers, Lenin's critique of bourgeois philosophy of the early XX century acquired particular relevance.

I couldn't believe Barry would really say no to me.

That was disgusting.

The results are by no means satisfactory.

I will be coming to the party too.

I'm happy with it.

Let me buy you a drink sometime.

Lea is one of Swamy's favorite students.

Have you seen the paper?

What do you think about eating out tonight?

It is not the situation that makes the man, but the man who makes the situation.

Do you know Catherine's address?

Albert is engaged in foreign trade and often goes abroad.

I hate to believe it.

I don't eat pork, beef or eggs.

The earthquake created a tremendous sea wave.

Joyce is the boy who broke the window.

I thought I told you to wash the dishes.

She came in company with her friends.

You really should eat before you leave.


She made a delicious meal for him.

Mysore got Bertrand to carry his suitcase.

I'll tell them you called.

I will ask him tomorrow.

He is supposed to be at home today.


The dog was wagging his tail.

She had lived in Hiroshima until she was ten.

Did you break up with him?

We are all stupid, just on different subjects.

She doesn't care about money.

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You're making me nervous.

Do you like haggling?

Ron has good manners.

Joshua doesn't seem all that busy.

Klaus sang a song.


Jwahar and Kylo are running a little behind schedule.

Who'd want to hurt her?

We should save wild animals.


That's a nice coat.

This should be done as soon as possible.

He is honest. That's why I like him.