I love a woman.

He kissed me and then I slapped him.

His answer was not favorable.

How do I get reimbursed?

Can we go back home?

Maybe the whole herd will go somewhere else to search for water.

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Liz picked up the book and started reading.


Murthy has an older brother named John.

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I probably sing better than Deborah does.


That's what Pria would say.

I assume you don't want go swimming with us.

Look for my cat under the bed.


Why did you tell him first?

What's been fixed?

Where's your son, Sri?


I'm not the one who hurt Raul.

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Dr. Patterson: Sure. Do you know about Koko's love for cats?

Something has to be fixed there.

I study Esperanto.

Did you notice that Dave was looking at you?

She watered her horse.

Kathy has always been a model student.

It seems like we have to go now.

Our project failed.

I'm not going if Brenda is.


He bought six bars of soap yesterday.


Piercarlo is back in jail.


Are you proud of me?

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I saw you yesterday at the funeral.


Oh, you were at the hairdresser's.

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Ricky deserves another chance.

They won't be able to get up so early.

Lea tried to impress the girls.

They're being evacuated.

Renu will be a hundred years old next year.

The police took Roxanne to jail.

Right at that time the cellphone rang.

I'm still not sure where you're going with this.

I've managed to finish the first three chapters so far.

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This one is full.

Scores of people gathered in front of the Royal Palace.

Do you have plans for tomorrow night?

"What's the reason for your allergy this time? Is it the olive oil in the salad?" "No, it's the tomatoes."

Everybody liked you.

I never even gave her a second glance.

The house was on the right side of the road.

I felt as if my life had been shortened.

You'll get used to living here in no time.

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We're up a creek without a paddle.

Every time you read a book, you will be the better for it.

Paul is such a nice guy that everyone immediately likes him.

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Dewey can't hurt you.

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Steven is an engineer now.

Vladimir and Rajeev do as they're told.

I'm a grown-up.

Sergiu knows that Becky doesn't like raw eggs.

Sometimes Philip gets things wrong.

It never occurred to me that this might happen.

I wonder what materials the garment is made of.

I'm worried about you.

What's going on here today?

The middle-class woman placed value on her necklace because she didn't want to forgo the privileges of her class.

The prisoner who escaped two days ago is still at large.

May a hundred flowers bloom!

Has Jelske had any visitors?


I'm inclined to believe them.


I prefer to turn a blind eye.

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Little girls love telling on their brothers when they've done something wrong.

Can someone pronounce this word here?

Hey, I'm only trying to help.

I've never heard Ramadoss speak French.

I never want to see you get in trouble.

I always thought Mac and Stagger would get married.

I hope that happens.

His ability in English is above average.

Ken's father loved Ken all the more because he was his only son.

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I could never be a phlebotomist. I don't have the stomach for that kind of work.

He feigned not to notice the two strangers.

The operation was successful.

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Your "proof" is sophistic.

The text represents the thoughts and the feelings of the author.

Kikki went upstairs very quietly.

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I just wanted to have some time together.

We don't belong here.

The movie was a lot better than I expected it to be.


I promise to write you email every day.

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I listen to music.

Leo was a teacher for nearly thirty years.

There are going to be a lot of questions.


We're not getting dressed.

Technically, drugs that cause miosis can relieve the PNS effects of those causing mydriasis since sympathetic and parasympathetic stimulation tend to negate each others' effects.

I'll call them and apologize.

Have you got smaller size?

Presley fled the crime scene.


At last, we got rid of him.

I want us to stay in an expensive hotel.

I fully believe that you are innocent.

I live near the Towngas drums.

You've slept a long time.


About two million pounds of wheat were exported annually.

I'm humble.

We've created life in our own image.

Alright, see you then.

There was a flag at the top of the pole.


What's the best way to chop an onion?

This car was ours. Now it is theirs.

Do you think you can identify Ken?

He is descended from a musical family.

Little presents keep a friendship alive.

You're intentionally throwing the game.

After what happened, I would've thought Raphael would go back to Boston.

You don't necessarily have to go there.

Markku struggled to express memories he could find no words for.

Don't forget to pay the phone bill.

He is having lunch.


Isn't Cindie supposed to be doing his homework now?

The company is 51% owned by American capital.

It was beautiful in the country, it was summer-time; the wheat was yellow, the oats were green, the hay was stacked up in the green meadow.

Torsten is the type of person who always has to have his own way.

Not every grandchild is an angel; sometimes grandchildren are enemies.

You'd better be more careful.

Teresa's dog followed him to school.

This is for a good purpose.

Millions of people lost all their savings.


I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you.


She cooked her husband an apple pie.

You were sensible.

You're next, Russ.

We have to get Heracles' bow back.

I'll do it first thing in the morning.

She always believes in me.

Why would I worry?


Israel must've been a lot like you.


A hunter hunted hares with his dog.


Would you like another piece of pie?


Please stick out your tongue.

Marika wanted me to live with her in her parents' village, but it was very cold out there.

I've got a feeling I've done this before.

Dieting accounts for more than one million deaths.

Joseph has a limp.


They're both alive.

That explains it.

If it weren't for our friendship I would be miserable.

Lucy is an American.

He likes not only baseball but football.


Did you get the eggs?

This error could cost you your life.

At first, I couldn't understand what he said.

What is "Tatoeba"? Is it some kind of new trend?

I need to get some sleep.

She allowed him to go alone.

The police drew up a list of persons of interest after the discovery of Charlene's body.


You might win.


I am ashamed of myself.

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Michael broke the door window, reached inside, unlocked the door and got into the car.

Tend to your own affairs first.

He's daring, that guy!


Collin and Irvin had a fight on Twitter.