The girl lifted the heavy box with one hand.

Being tired, he went to bed earlier than usual.

Please tell me where the bus stop is.

Does he like China?

I don't know why you don't like him.

He likes to play rough.

That's very rare.

It's OK to think of 'five minutes' as a noun phrase, right?

One of the most beautiful animals is a cat.

I'm too busy to help him.


What's wrong with that one?

Why do humans laugh? That's quite a difficult problem.

Real leaned in to kiss Tharen.


They hoped to change their outlook and plans.

My driving instructor says that I need to be more patient.

I hope that everything is okay.

Sometimes my dog barks in the middle of the night.

They visited me occasionally.

Positive feelings grant good health.

We can count on Lanny.


I was wondering if we might ask a few questions.


This is the very room that I first met my wife in.

I know you're hiding something from me.

Kristen and Woody have decided to go to marriage counseling.

Summer vacation is near. Can you think of a good place for the holidays?

Not everyone is meant to be happy.


She was painfully shy.

I don't like him very much. To tell you the truth, I hate him.

There may be something there.

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I'll go along.

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I've called and called, but there's no answer.

Not thinking before he speaks, he invariably proceeds to stick his foot in his mouth.

It's nobody's fault but yours. I'm determined to make you take the responsibility.


My birthday is coming soon.

The first term closing ceremony will be held this Friday.

You are old enough to know better.

Linguistic competence is inborn, not acquired.

When matter is changed chemically, chemical energy is given off.


Look, a squirrel.

You're wicked.

The leaves fall to the earth in autumn.

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We had to stay home because of the storm.

I've got to go home and finish my homework.

He doesn't have any knowledge about American democracy.

You're only three years older than me.

Do you think Irfan would help?

Her son has her eyes.

I really do want to help her.


I tried to help Joon, but I couldn't.

I found it difficult to solve the puzzle.

His heart was pierced with grief.


Pravin is the person I was talking about.

She was a Smith before her marriage.

Thank her for the help.

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He assumed full responsibility for it.

They will not give the prize to her.

Every day in your life you're lonely.

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A fortune teller once told Christopher Columbus that he would become a famous man. Columbus, in turn, got angry and demanded his money back - claiming that even a child could state something so obvious.

Jarvis had better have a plan.

The paper cut his finger as if it were a razor blade.

Let's study English.

What is his name?


Anything might happen.

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Have a good weekend.

You're very original.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

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It was just a joke. Lighten up!

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We should try and get some sleep.

Darren isn't going to argue.

He was my first love.


Ha-ha-ha, pray forgive me. Please don't worry yourself about that!

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Ruth and I just met.

The next artist is amazing.

The police dog found trace amounts of cocaine in his luggage.

Can you recommend a good story where a handsome prince and an ordinary girl fall in love?

I'll give you a lesson that you'll remember for a long while.

We need a new secretary.

The Soviet troops started to withdraw from Afghanistan.

The mosquitoes will eat you alive.

It seems he's gotten thinner lately.

Are you a sophomore?

This is all I can do for now.

I hear you won the lottery.

This photo was the last time we were together.

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Bryan doesn't look happy.

I can't get used to it.

We've never been formally introduced.


Jane doesn't know as much about Nara as she does about Kyoto.

I told him what the plan was.

The news finally reached me last night.

Isidore cheated on the geology exam.

The food looks incredible.

The mountains have brought forth a mouse.

What am I doing?

I thought that was fun.

That noise distracts me.

The text above is written in Basque.

When I was a young girl, I always wanted to live underwater.


These novels are published in French, as well.

In the upper elevations of Arizona, there was a forest of tall Ponderosa pine trees.

The bird is in the sky.

Wait for the police.

They dug up Dory's body and gave him a proper burial.

Why don't we introduce ourselves to our neighbors?

They have mutual respect.


Your dreams have come true.


Dan took Linda to the island he had purchased.

If you drive at night, you should watch out for drunk drivers.

We may well take pride in our old temples.

I have the exact same opinion as her.

We need a lot of patience when we study.


Are you going to be sick?


He never gave way to temptation.

His bicycle is different from this one.

Dominic has a large family to support.


That's not true! You're lying!

What direction are you going?

I live in Osaka.

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Do whatever you like.


We need to come up with a plan, and fast.

Srivatsan doesn't usually wear pajamas.

Who wrote the two letters?


The sun sometimes shone.

I had to trust him.

This failure was brought about by your own negligence.

Is this paper white?

Seth isn't going to let you go.


Yes, I know.

Pratt's a morning person, but Stu's very grumpy in the morning and needs two cups of coffee to get him going.

Tell Stephanie that I already know how to do that.

Many new properties are being built in the suburbs.

I didn't do it for Shatter.


Jorge looks very uneasy.

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Give Steve another chance.

A dream... I was trying to explain to St. Peter, and was doing it in the German tongue, because I didn't want to be too explicit.

This brooch goes well with your sweater.

I guess I've been better.

I'm very proud of you.


Dan and Linda split up two years ago.


You must make a clean breast of what you saw at that time.

We were moving a little too fast.

You probably shouldn't tell anybody about that.


So far as I am concerned there is no objection.

I need a better dictionary.

I think Stacy is unpleasant.

What made you want to do that?

Val must be wondering why we're here.

You're too drunk to drive.

That's nothing you need to concern yourself with.

Let me get my coat.

Who's your favorite country musician?

I want her arrested for murder.

Recently, Israel and Iran have very few things in common, but Esperanto is one of them.


During his seven years in Japan, he studied Japanese in earnest.

I hope I find someone who is willing to help us.

It's unlikely that he did anything wrong.

Look, honey. You can't do that!

He said they were like a poorly-trained team of horses.

The boy admitted that he broke the vase.

There is a discrepancy of 145 dollars in my June credit card statement.


This is really shocking.