Do you feel any better?

Schweitzer is a man to imitate.

Can you get it done before the end of the week?


Please don't forget to send out the letters.

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"What was that?" "Nothing."

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Read whatever books you think proper.

Concerning this computer, it broke a few days ago.

Immediately after it caught fire, the chemical factory blew up.

I left my phone in the conference room.

One day the small boy moved to another village with his family and brought Tango along with him.


I've never waited around for gifts from fate.


Let's get together again sometime soon.


They climbed to the top of a cliff.

She called me many times.

A new means of communication was developed ???the railway.

Becky is doing great now.

Frederick doesn't think Srivatsan is busy.

Do people ever accuse you of being conceited?

In August 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait.


I'm going to go talk to her.


Some would say that he's playing with fire.

A group started a campaign to preserve rain forests.

I do a lot of stuff.


What's it called?


The boy doesn't like carrots.

How did you come to school?

I believe you've been trying to contact us.

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We appealed to our teacher to go more slowly.

I'm only here for one day.

I don't have a TV at my place.

It's a biggish chair, but it'll just barely fit through the doorway.

Her nose is abnormally large.

The genie was trapped in the magic lamp.

I didn't know what had happened until Thierry told me.


I'm writing a letter to Johnnie.

The rain came down in rods.

The girl played the baby to her mother.


I am still waiting to be told what happened.

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Are there any ATMs around here?


Jill finished his chores and then he did his homework.


Janice made me swear not to tell anyone.


Sharada said that he was eager to eat lunch with her.


Keep Maarten safe.

This book is to me what the Bible is to you.

He didn't say anything new.

I will be there right now.

And Jacob put his rough hand reverently upon the open Bible that lay on Mann's knees.

How'd you find me?

I thought it might be significant.

I hope Brender stays in Boston for at least another three days.

Butter is sold by the pound in the USA.

Your cell phone's not working.

Nelken thinks Rolf will probably say yes.

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I still have many friends from the Canary Islands.

Next week, I will probably read a book and watch TV.

Rhonda says he can make a decent living as a sidewalk musician.


I'm getting in now.

The fire must have broken out after the staff had gone home.

Would you lend me your pencil?

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It's already done.


I saw an interesting poster yesterday.


Get ten bananas and five pineapples, so you don't go hungry before pay day.

Do you have something in mind?

We are not born for ourselves.

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Which do you like better, physics or chemistry?

They're here to protect Hillary.

High on the summit of the Tree was fixed a tinsel star. It was splendid, particularly splendid.


I don't have any feelings for you.


I've just been to the post office to send a package.


Toerless is a man's name and Ninja is a woman's name.

My brother lives in a small village.

Vern is shallow, isn't he?

My uncle has been diagnosed with leukemia.

You'd better watch them.


This book was very useful to me.


The vase crashed to pieces.

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I think Naim has been up to something.


They believed it might lead to trouble.

That's a nice skirt.

The chimney is built of bricks.

Could you show me your license and registration, please?

The clock was working, but the alarm had not gone off.

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Jerome is making cookies.

My mother bought some apples at a fruit store.

I ate potato flavoured village bread in my hometown, Bolu.

Maurice usually gives Evelyn a kiss goodbye.

She knows the Chinese characters very well.

It isn't a hospital.

Juri is quite reliable.

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You should visit him by appointment.


Violence against anyone is unacceptable.


If you hear the alarm, walk, don't run.

It would rain just when I wanted to go out.

Indeed, I keep the closet closed.

It costs around thirty Euros.

Knapper suffers from homophobia.

I was trying to protect her.

We missed Ramanan.


Vilhelm was clipping his nails as he waited for Hillary to finish getting dressed.

What's mine is yours.

It's actually rice milk.

Of yore, when Confucius passed away, his subtle words were cut off, and when his seventy disciples died the transmission of their profound meaning diverged.

You've got to do something.

I want the whole world to have the opportunity to be able to do what it wants.

There was a sudden flow of tears from her eyes.

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The price of the meal includes a service charge.

He's just a business associate.

Can you tell us what it was?

Google Translate can't translate phrases or give definitions of individual words.

Guys love playing football.

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You have to listen to them.

So this is Lady Evans.

When I grow up, I want to be king.

She is learning very quickly.

She promised me that she would clean my room.

I had tea instead of coffee this morning.

In Brazil the prevalence of Asperger's Syndrome may reach 0.5%.

I'm going to stop at this hotel for the night.

What's the chemical symbol for hydrobromic acid?


Who exactly is Gideon?


She wore such thin clothes that she might well catch a cold.


No further details were available.

I'll look after you.

Ginny found a fossil.

I knew very little about him.

Taking everything into consideration, the result is better than I expected.

We've had a complaint against you, Patricia.

Slartibartfast is in the driver's seat.

Toby's friends called him Mr Money Bags.

Last years we lent you one million euros to buy machines.

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It was her idea.


There wasn't a living soul there.

You're poor.

Cliff asked Harry if she was happy.

They can't assist you if you don't have your receipt.

It was frustrating and confusing.

Do you have any vacancies?

The machine is used in this way.


We have known each other since we were children.

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I don't think Elliott suffered.

Would you fancy a game of Japanese chess?

I used to have very long hair.

Archie looked a bit dazed.

I'm ready to forgive him.

Freshness is our top priority.

Sho said he wasn't interested in Everett, but he seemed to always be looking towards the side of the room where she was.


We sang until our lungs hurt.

I'm not here to cause you any trouble.

They will arrive a week from today.

Jesus doesn't seem to know very much.

We'd better check it out.

You're a horrible driver.

Casper is retired.