Belly pockets, which are casually strapped around the hips, were the fashion bag from the 80s to the early 90s. Chanel even designed a quilted luxury version that was worn by top model Claudia Schiffer in a campaign by the traditional Parisian label. Shortly thereafter, however, the belt bags disappeared in the sinking. Even “Sex and the City” star Carrie Bradshaw could not change it at the turn of the millennium with Gucci belly bag around the waist. From then on, they were only seen by cliché tourists, who preferred the practical bag to trekking sandals and a fishing hat. Until now, because the Fanny Packs, as they are called, celebrate their fashion comeback this season. From the outdoor department back to the runway. In fact, the belt bag is currently as diverse as never before: Louis Vuitton showed on the catwalk a bright red model – the result of a cooperation with the hip streetwear label Supreme. Also Nina Ricci or Alexander Wang put a fanny pack on their models for fall / winter 2017/18. At Gucci, the fanny pack in the Resort Collection 2018 comes in several color and material combinations. Zimmermann shows the belt pouch in an unusual romantic variation: fanny packs made of raffia in beige or white are combined into colorful floral dresses.

Fanny packs are the street-style stars of the season: whether in New York, London, Milan or Paris Рwhile the new fashion for spring / summer 2018 is shown on the catwalks of fashion metropolises, they can be seen on the streets everywhere: fanny packs. There is hardly a fashion editor or fashion blogger who does not combine a fanny pack with his outfit Рand stars like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Kate Bosworth or Beyonc̩ have long since become fans of practical bags.No wonder, because abdominal bags have so many advantages: You carry your belongings very close to your body, protect money and smartphone from thieves and still have their hands free all the time. Since most Fanny Packs have several zipper compartments, there is finally order in the bag and you can quickly find everything again. Another advantage of the fanny pack: The small accessory is extremely versatile in combination.

Actually, such a belt bag is super handy: you have your hands free, in the evening no shoulder pain from towing, always everything right at hand and stowed away with a zip again. And now the pragmatists, also known as fanny packs or “fanny packs”, are also totally hip again. In the course of the ’90s revival not only Ugly Dad sneakers, crop tops and track pants celebrate a comeback, also the formerly banned belt bags can now be seen on catwalks, on influencers and in casual street styles. The belly bag wins more and more fans like other former no-gos. First and foremost, the practical things are back in the epicenter of hipster culture – the music festival. Somewhere between Coachella, Glastonbury and the Hurricane, the bags were no longer hung over the shoulder, but around the waist. The reason? Once again a very down to earth. For where to put the shoulder bag, if you want to celebrate, jump and dance? Well, get on the belt.

No wonder, this little fanny pack is actually very practical: In her you have all the important belongings together and close to the body (protection against long fingers) and you have your hands free (whether in sports, shopping, at a concert / festival or while dancing in a club). True to the motto: strapped and off you go! Bellypockets are currently available in all sorts of designs and materials. Whether fabric, leather, jeans or the well-known polyester, in bright colors, with patterns or monochrome – Everyone will surely find the model that suits him best. Assuming you are open to these types of bags. I have selected a few models for you, look here: Of course, belly bags can be worn around the waist like a belt. But this bag also looks stylish over the shoulder – be it worn at the back or at the front. I remember, in the old days, it was very important to wear fanny packs over the shoulder, but nowadays, the good piece looks more trendy over the chest.

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