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Most people who come to this site are having some sort of debt troubles – bills are piling up and they're worried or they're already being sued.

We can help either way. Click on the Articles button on the menu bar above to go to publically available videos and articles, or click on the products button if you would like to see our products and services for sale.

Wherever you are in the debt cycle, we can help. It is definitely possible for you to assert your rights and beat the debt collectors.

Should You Represent Yourself in Debt Law? 


Although hiring a lawyer might be the "gold standard" of defense, lawyers are always expensive. If you're being sued by a debt collector and can't afford a lawyer, all is not lost. You CAN represent yourself. This is not complicated law, debt collectors are not innovative or particularly energetic, and the debt collection system is a "factory" approach not designed to work against people who defend themselves intelligently. You can do it. 3863390007.

If you...

...Are re-engagement

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We can help.


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Don't Give Up! You can beat debt collectors without a lawyer.

If you are being sued by a debt collector you do have a chance to defend yourself and beat debt collectors even without a lawyer. In fact, your chance of winning is so good that the debt collectors probably wouldn't make money if most people didn't give up. Don't give up--defend yourself and protect what's yours. The videosarticles, and products--will help regardless of what court you're being sued in or who is suing you.

Let us help you take control with the materials that can help you transform your life.

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