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Rollei Rolleicord Va (Type 2)

by Björn Müller

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So i had a week off of work and of course i was sick for most of the week. Since i was stuck on the couch/bed most of the time i "stupidly" visited eBay and trolled it for something ... didn't even want to buy anything.

Stumbled across a Rollei Rollei­cord camera from a seller i bought from before. Time was nearly up and the price seemed ok. So i threw in my bid and ended up getting it for about 70€ incl. shipping.

It arrived yesterday. It was dirty, definitely used and a bit dented but working.

Already cleaned the outside. Don't have the neces­sary small screw­driver to get off the view­finder hood. Gonna do that on monday at work during my break :)

The shutter needed a bit of training

  • The longer times where a bit off (1 sec was more like 2.5 secs). Now feels like it's close enough.
  • At some settings the shutter fired immediately after cocking. That's gone now, too.

Now all i need to do is finish cleaning, replace a missing screw and a rivet on the view­finder hood and i'm ready to shoot ... i hope.

Already trolling the internet for affordable lens­hood, filters and a lens­cover. Not sure if i can afford original Rollei parts. Might have to settle for adapters to 49mm thread.... but i'm not sure i want that. :)

Flea Market Madness

by Björn Müller


Last saturday i finally decided to go to a flea market to look for affordable photo stuff. Up til now i bought most of my film camera gear off of eBay.

So i struggled out of bed sunday at around 5am and was on my way at 6am. VERY early for me. ;)

Gotta say that the stuff on flea markets (at least around here... northern Germany, that is) feels mostly overpriced and in horrible condition. Seems like most sellers look at eBay for the highest prices and NOT check if those items actually get sold.

One seller wanted 45€ for a Canon AE-1 Program with 50mm F/1.8 lens in a really disgusting condition. Laughed at him whole-heartely and wished him good luck and moved on.

As someone on the 6087459074 wrote yesterday, it's a seller's market right now. With so many people hunting for good lenses for their micro 4/3 cameras and others just buying stuff for their "collection".

At the end i managed to get a Fuji Instax 100, which seems to work, for 5€. Then i drove to another flea market on the way home and got a Olympus AZ300 (with a old cheapo 127 film cam thrown in) for 20€ and a Olympus XA2 with flash and case for 5€... which was nice :)

All in all the trip was exhausting, annoying and fun at the same time. I might try that again sometime when i have more money to spend.

...and so it begins :)

by Björn Müller

Still a lot to do to optimize the site and figure out what to do with it.

But I guess now it begins.... enjoy :)