Counterfeit goods are everywhere

Estimated global value of counterfeit goods



Counterfeit products share in world trade


Estimated lost job Worldwide



Fake products damage economy, fuel world crime, erode brand value and cause serious health damage. Traditional approaches are not working

It is time for a new technology that will disrupt the piracy industry.
The authenticity revolution starts with YOU.
Social platform powered by revolutionary technology can stop piracy forever.

Deadly fake Viagra:
Online pharmacies
suspected of selling
counterfeit drugs

By Gena Somra, CNN

August 31, 2015

Innovative. Social. Affordable.

Revolutionary technology + Social platform + Your passion Deliver 100% Counterfeit elimination


We designed the pricing scheme to be fair and affordable. Pay-as-you-go model with massive volume discouts. All this to make protection of your products a no-brainer.


You don’t need to change the existing systems or force your partners to do things differently. We will integrate into your process with minimal effort.

Regulation Compliant

We are closely following the FMA and DSCSA regulation. Our solutions is interoperable with the existing vendors and will be compliant with the upcoming regulation.


Security is the single most important aspect of our system. We are in the process of obtaining ISO-27000 certification.

Stay Connected With Your Customers

We allow you to remain connected to your clients. Get their feedback. Send them updates and promotions. Communicate with you customers with no middleman.

Get Unprecedented Analytics

Get to know your end user profiles and behavior. Analyze data using our integrated Artificial Intelligence engine to drive better business decisions.

It is easy. Start protecting your products today



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