Herb and Kristin looked at each other for a moment.

I've always hated you.


What can I do about it?

After inventory, there was a net balance of three hundred pesos.

I've got to try to find him.

He had a narrow escape from being hit by the truck.

On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good and not quite all the time.


You are a disgusting person. No offense.

He is now in a very difficult situation.

He speaks as if he had studied abroad.

Let's stay calm.

You need to shut your pie hole.

A beaver's fur is very soft.

When did you come to Japan?

Did you accomplish what you set out to do?

Olof's in trouble again.

He has sinned a lot, and yet I shall forgive him.

U.S. researchers assembled carbon nanotubes to create the world's blackest substance, able to absorb over 99 percent of light that hits it.


There isn't anybody else.

You are barking up the wrong tree by asking me to betray my country.

I'll see him again.

I don't care about being cool.

Adlai's friends were very kind when he lost his job.

Do you think we should've talked to Pim about this?

I have given to my son whatever he wants.

I do want to go with you.

I don't want to die here!

We'll ask them.

We won't need your help today.

She hated him so much.

I want you to leave.

Do it your own way if you don't like my way.

I'm being a gentleman.

Take cover!

I feel fine.

Smoking is not allowed inside the elevator.

Can I see some identification?

They seem to be everywhere.

I wouldn't mind doing it again.

The meeting started at 2:30 and ended at 5:00.

It was so foggy I couldn't see who it was.

And who are you working for these days?

He's eight as of yesterday.

Swimming is healthy.

Hon put his arm around Gilles.


His face was red and he felt hot and uncomfortable.

You ought to face the stark reality.

Being a native doesn't necessarily mean that one knows and remembers everything about his or her own native language.

Let him go home.

It's incredible, isn't it?

If only I had known this before taking this test!

Who do you think is familiar with this matter?


I don't have any time to watch TV.

Happy Canada Day!

Supplies of oil are not infinite.

He was made fun of by his classmates.

I have dinner now.

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From the age of 14 one is obliged to carry ID in Holland.

Garlic enhances the flavor of meals.

Your hair really does look untidy.

When can I use my telephone?

When does 2013 end?

There appears to have been a mistake.

Love is a game in which one always cheats.


There's only one problem, I think.


All the other children in the school had rich parents, and he was beginning to feel like a fish out of water.

The wind is blowing hard now.

I'll tell them what I know.

Answer the question.

I want to send him a letter.

Benjamin didn't actually see the accident.

Tatoeba. Is that the name of your new girlfriend?

It doesn't seem to help.

My parents won't let me have a dog.

You'll never be able to keep it a secret.

Philippe is excited about his job.

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Stay away from that place.

Do you speak Japanese fluently?

Ken couldn't speak French well.

Hitoshi forgot all about them.

Don't ever give up.

She found a job as a typist.

Shuvra didn't accept the invitation.

We need a timekeeper.

It was quite a struggle for him to get this far.

I caught the last bus.

I went through the gate out onto the street.

Stay in there.

The news caused a huge stir.

Write Catherine.

I said I wouldn't tell her.

Laurent doesn't work here.

It's about time we got out of here.

The author described the murder case vividly.

Holy cow!

I'm sure I'll manage on my own.

John cannot keep his family.

Valentin said he'd be in a meeting until 2:30.

Shawn doesn't like fighting.

It didn't help.

The atomic number of iron is 26.

Stop yelling in my ear.

Novo can stay if he wants to.

Lester has tricked us.

He has had a long teaching career.

What's with the rush?

That's a good story. The only problem is that it's not true.


He doesn't like beef. Neither do I.

I like to be here.

Geoffrey is probably more scared than Ramanan is.


Our university has a beautiful campus.

It's OK, that doesn't count.

Masanobu set the price at three hundred dollars.

The theatre usually opens at this time.

I hate violence.

I didn't drink the milk.

We named our only son Dick after my grandfather.

Are you ready for dinner?

This belt fits me too tightly.

How did you know his name wasn't Tuan?

What do you believe in?

His clinic has lost many patients since the scandal.

That happened in October.

There's no need to do that.

It's an older model.

They go to watch a play once every month.

Panzer doesn't want to live in fear.

I'm glad Fletcher isn't my wife.

Laurie was looking for answers.

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I've always been creative.


The bullet glanced off his helmet.

It's not the Esperanto speakers that are more addicted to languages, it's the other way round...

I believe Heather.

I support him.

Jeannie is more of an acquaintance than a friend.

Tell me something that I don't know.

Am I being foolish?

Can you give my brother a job?

There are no examples.


She was very bored during the lecture.

This story has a happy ending.

I'm not finished with him.

I'm a little jealous.

Is it necessary for us to go?

Classical music soothes me.

It seems right to me.

You wouldn't dare.

I've got a feeling that Annie will show up soon.

The tigers escaped from the zoo.

She's only a child.

Jack will forgive Christina.

I knew you were there.

The French are a really strange people: every other person who reads this sentence will check if the space before the colon is really thin and non-breaking.

They dissuaded her from cutting her long hair.

She is not as tall as he.

I regret not having studied hard for the test.

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Have you caught the first toy train?

If Stanly calls, tell him I'll be there by 2:30.

I'm feeling better today.


Dan asked Linda to the school dance.


His mother knitted him a woolly jumper every year for Christmas.

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Liz is remarkable.

Who spread those rumors?

What you're doing seems way more dangerous than what I'm doing.

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Manuel asked me if I wanted another beer.

Why is it so important for you to talk to Johnny?

There was absolutely nothing wrong with that aircraft.

Let me introduce my sister.

What does this all mean?


His story may be true.

Do you feel bored?

I can't find any flaw in his theory at all.


I have no more than ten English books.

Does your car have a spare tyre?

You won't make mistakes.

I asked Rabin to behave himself.

Lifeguards go on duty at 9:30.

I don't think you mean that.

Can I have it back?