Naresh is a ruthless businessman.

Sid didn't like not having enough money.

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Claire doesn't want anything to do with me.

Tomorrow, I'll know who the new president is.

I have been working in the library since January.

Let's have lunch on the patio.

You can't imagine what my life's been like since you've left.

Whenever Philip comes to Boston, he stays with us.

We need a budget for our family.


All the more so to think well of him.

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I don't care what Jurevis does.


Are you on drugs?

I need a week.

Helge fed his horse.

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It still works like new.

It's been a long time since I've seen you smile.

What else is needed?


Some people are allergic to latex.

I thought about it a lot.

These are the basics.

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I think I should practice my reading.

The exam results were not what she expected.

You pay him well, don't you?


The country was governed by a French noble family.

It's the ultimate test.

I don't want you.

Do not talk nonsense, My job is very boring!

I did it last year.


The Romans tried to civilize the ancient Britons.

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You look really tired.

My grandfather tells hundreds of anecdotes.

Lorraine is my guest.

Pilar was obviously worried about what might happen.

How long is the movie?

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When Rafael was studying medicine, he painfully saw how people afflicted by heart diseases died due to lack of adequate medical equipment.

I think Marty's doing a good job.

This program was very popular so the information that it went off the air caused a wave of protest.

I couldn't walk anymore.

This must be difficult for you to understand.


In 2013, Alastair was living in Boston.

Ask the policeman.

I don't know what I'd do in that situation.

You have nothing whatever to be embarrassed about.

I'm going to be singing a cappella at a friend's wedding ceremony.

It was very cute!

This house is not new.


Maybe Seenu thinks I'm dead.

She looked at him angrily.

I think I can run as fast as Pilot.

I thought you said you weren't attracted to Jem.

She knows how to brush her hair.


Everett appeared confused.


He leaned against the wall as he was tired.


You look awful.

They agreed on cease-fire terms.

No, you can't use my car!

That is a high building, is it not?

Clarissa spends most of his free time watching TV.

I should've told them.

You're crafty.

The lawsuit remains undecided.

I didn't enjoy the party at all.


What's Subra got to do with this?


Is this what all the hype was about?

The truck nearly ran me over.

Belinda can't weight bear for at least six weeks following an ankle reconstruction.

You knew that, right?

It is up to us to be men.

This watch is real bargain.

This is the book which you are looking for.


How long does it take from here to your house by bike?

But she had not expected to cross an ocean, enter a new and romantic-sounding country, and find herself in exactly the same position.

I plan to skip lunch.

Josip looked down at the ground.

Pravin called her stuffed squirrel Arlene.

I don't think I'm uninteresting.

Students must keep silent during a class.

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Is Kerry back already?

That's very mature of you.

I'm staring at myself in a mirror.

I worked all this week.

The two clubs united to form one.

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I don't like cookies.

May happiness and joy come to you as you celebrate this joyous day.

He translated the novel into German.

Tyler and Craig want to buy a house with at least 3 bedrooms.

It's unlikely that anything serious will happen.

Al kept it to himself.

Did anybody leave me a message?

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I have a diploma.


Let me give you some ideas on how to rewrite this.

Bruce is as strong as an ox.

The long walk gave him a good appetite.

He lived idly and found himself already forty years old.

I didn't trust him at first.

Please let me know as soon as it's decided.

Move forward at full speed!

This is not a cat. This is a dog.

Even the most self-centered people are usually forgetful of this fault.

He equipped himself with a rifle.

That's beautiful.

Kiki could barely contain her excitement.

Hello, how's business?


He may well be proud of his sons.

He'll succeed for sure.

Why don't you try listening?

Beckie fell down and hurt himself.

I have no one with me at table, and my own thoughts must be my Christmas guests.


Daryl pulled a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door.


No one deserves that.

This is going to be awesome.

I could see Jeffie was unhappy.

The window is still broken.

There was no chance to finish the job on time.

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Raif picked up the glass of water and took a sip.

What else have you told Merat about us?

My daughter tells me I'm old-fashioned because I don't use a cellphone.

My whole body is sticky with sweat. I want to take a bath as quickly as possible in order to feel refreshed.

Roast lamb is eaten for Easter.

We were engaged.

Few people get knocked down and run over in the pedestrian precincts which have been created in most city centres.

I told him I made a mistake.

Kiki walked into Shamim's room.

Stay in line.

I'm very interested in classical literature.


I like winter better than summer.

Children learn to respond to rhythmical sounds from a very young age.

Can it actually be done?

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Are you feeling a little better now?

Kevyn's French is steadily getting better.

He gave me a stern look.

I'm going to tell Mat about you.

I discouraged him from marrying me.

I regret becoming a teacher.

Keri is a gifted painter. Indeed, she has an extraordinary talent for painting.

Oh, nothing special.

She advanced her watch ten minutes.

I think it's a very good deal.

The Boy Scout has been directing old ladies across streets since 2004.


Is he not a man of complete virtue, who feels no discomposure though men may take no note of him?


Nathan was surprised when he saw Kim in Boston.


She sobbed heavily.


It makes no difference whether he will come or not.

Earnie, you're supposed to be enjoying yourself.

Often, that old man plays with puppets. It's creepy.

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Nobody can clearly see the situation.

I just want to wish you a merry Christmas.

She was at her wit's end what to do.

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I just wasn't expecting this to happen.

You're sexually repressed.

Please make your reservation one week in advance.

How did you get it in here?

Is it really wise for marketing folks to satisfy people's desire for instant gratification?

When he came in, I was too stupefied and surprised to say anything.

What was I gonna say?

By reading books we can walk with the great and the good from every place and every era.

You're not the only one who doesn't like Jun.


I'm having a hard time figuring out how to express the following.

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Actually, I have no intention to quit right now.

This is a fundamental question.

The apples are ripe.

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I can't do this without you, Kamiya.