To be a Hero: An Optimistic take on Video Games

Video Games in general do not go hand in hand with a word such as optimistic or as a matter of fact anything positive or worth it. Heck, ask my parents !! There is and perhaps always has been a traditional belief, a stigma attached to their existence that gaming is an addiction, and that it spoils young men into becoming lethargic, dull and sometimes develop a violent nature. Perhaps the Nazis too were secretly developing gaming and getting high on it, who knows.

I’ve always found video games as a fantastic way and mode to enable yourself to see and feel more, perhaps something an average person may not experience in reality. And in that same level of experience it pushes some to seek out and achieve all that, like hard to buy that hyper car you drove on the game, the great depths of space urging a young boy to one day become an astronaut and so on.

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