I don't want the investigation to burn out.

Vladimir acted like he owned the place.


It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.

Konstantinos is extremely resourceful.

Why don't you ask them?


The Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov was killed when his spacecraft, Soyuz 1, crashed upon re-entry.


As far as knowing health's worth once you've lost it goes, that's the same thing with parents, water or air.


Judith was caught red-handed trying to steal lipstick.

I'm drinking a beer right now.

The red belt sets off her black dress.

Do you want us to help Suzanne?

Let me tell you about our special.

Mosur needs encouragement.

You look gloomy.


He ran so fast that they couldn't catch up with him.

I'd better do it right now.

Is Marco left-handed or right-handed?

I'm still doing it.

The box isn't empty.

It was about the tenth hour.

My parents met each other in the mountains.


You're not taking that job in Boston, are you?


We would rather go to the zoo than to the park.

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I am saving money in order to buy a new personal computer.

Is the carpet blue or green?

My older brother started to take interest in Japanese folk songs when he was around 12 years old.

Shirley handed the photo back to Kathy.

He chose to be operated on.

I didn't send for him.

I didn't want to talk to Sergio.

I'm not going to wait for them.

This news is official.

How soon can I leave?

I'd like to make an appointment for my three-year-old son.

She is an excellent scholar, and is recognized everywhere as such.

Why are you leaving so soon?

That's where the magic happens.

Margot didn't mean to do it.

They'll help us.

Seth doesn't understand a word you're saying.

The class of forty includes eighteen girls.

I did better than everyone expected.

Who has captured his heart?

At last, the younger of the dancing sisters, out of breath, and laughing gaily, threw herself upon a bench to rest.


He was very anxious to please.

Suu has a good head on his shoulders.

She stopped our fighting.

What's so funny about that?

I wish you spoke French.

Diane sneaked out of the office.

He needn't have brought the umbrella.

Patrick got on his motorcycle and drove off.

Where is this place?


Teriann's bedroom door was closed.

I'll find her for you.

Leigh works as hard as anybody else does.


Why do people like to smell their own farts?

I would have paid my debts if I had had money.

A new book expected to come out this semester is about how to avoid financial problems in difficult times.

I always watch documentaries.

She was at the wrong place at the wrong time.


A single glass of alcohol increases the risk of cancer.

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Since this is your neck of the woods, maybe you can tell us where to find a good pizza joint.

Please treat me this year as well as you did last year.

I've failed in every respect.

We'll be ready.

That all happened before lunch.

Sanjib has no idea how lucky he is.

Mike got back from the library at five.

She wants you to learn how to read.

Here it is.

Dennis said you were smart.

The police officer flashed his badge.

What happened to Tatoeba?

Frances underestimated the slickness and drove into the ditch.

How do I get one?

Why don't you just tell Jerald to shut up?


Cristi's death has been officially ruled as an accident.

I'm sick and tired of all your complaining.

You should go to the hospital.

Julian was unshaven and disheveled.

Please take a seat and wait.

The thief cut the telephone lines before breaking into the house.

We're having some friends over.

"Where are my glasses?" "You left them on the kitchen table."

Please explain this sentence to me.

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My life is hollow without him.

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I asked my father to bring me to the circus.

What should I look for?

I can't agree with them on this matter.

Eating and drinking too much make doctors rich.

Patricia didn't respond right away.

Kelly receives more than 50 emails a day.

Naren doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison.

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I just want to improve as much as I can.


Did someone contact her?

Marvin gave it to me.

She was kind enough to carry my baggage for me.

That's an easy one.

We regret doing that.

My parents have been married since before I was born.

Can you move your legs?

I applaud your decision to quit smoking.

Industrialization of the region must be carried out very carefully to avoid environmental destruction.

Roderick told Cathrin he had a lot of money.

We're fine now.


Show me the way to the school.

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They had no place to go.

You don't have enough faith in yourself.

This could happen to you, too.

Frances sang while he worked.

It's been awhile since I've studied German.

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Take some bottles of water to the meeting room.

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What was that for?

I am nobody's enemy.

What's the name of your web page?

I'm tied up with a project that is due Friday.

We've got to finish this job.


The bits of costume and harness that Flaubert mentions have vanished, but the reasons he calls them out are eternal.


A ruler can measure something up to twelve inches in length.

Your friend is a good person.

She cherishes the hope that he will return.

I said let him go.

Owen is lying on his back.

I can't believe you don't want to at least meet Tarmi.

You might actually like it.

He was an artist who earned a living by painting royal portraits.

Are you going to warn Tharen?

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I'd like to get information regarding a number of questions.

What makes you think he likes you?

Why don't you make it yourself?

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On arriving at the station, I called a friend of mine.

Almost all the leaves have fallen.

Whoever the representative is from their division, treat him well.

The rumors spread quickly.

He collected coffee cups.

Jinchao said he wanted to go.

Syphilis is an infection that can be transmitted through sexual intercourse.


"I'm getting too old to be playing with bugs", said the boy.

You're not as stupid as you look.

Matthieu puts aside a few dollars every month.

Nothing will distract us.

Students are apt to waste time.

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It's likely to rain today, so you'd better take your umbrella.

Albert asked her husband to grow a mustache like Keith's.

Mehrdad is going to kill us.

He shouldn't have done that.

I won't tell Olof anything you say to me.

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Some say that every hour in bed before midnight is worth two hours after midnight.

Bring him home.

Annard is under a lot of pressure.

They won't find her there.

He fetched some water from the well.

Betsy doesn't need Trent's help.

I received a letter informing me of his arrival.

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Hohn said he knew nothing about what had happened.

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I have a bad pain here.

I've got a message for them.

I don't work as many hours a day as much as I used to.

That accident brought home to me the power of nature.

It's easy for a slut to go from guy to another.

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Duke is much prettier than Alice.

It was very lucky that you came today.

This was not the only problem.

Gail made me do that.

His parents love me.


The writer has an excellent style.