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I nailed it.

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We're all worried about them.

Matthew surprised everybody when he passed his driving test.

Please say that once again in French.

He drowned in the ocean.

I can't complete with you.

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That sounds like a reason to celebrate.

Why did you wait until the last minute to do this?

Wendy has been suspended.

This matter had best be left unmentioned.

We had known the painter before he became famous.

It appears the storm has calmed down.

Pete should eat breakfast.

Tracy cried like a baby.

I'm not going to deny that.

The weather today is more beautiful than yesterday's.

While I was cleaning out my desk, I came across this old picture.

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Why are you doing it?

I'm not sure what Sanjib will do.

Once the work is done, usually around half past five, I come home to have dinner.

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This kid is wearing shorts.

John is waiting for Lucy, but the train has already left.

I'd like to do an autopsy on this body.

Climate variability and weather extremes make farming a very challenging way to earn a living.

Language is central to human life.

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When did you have your last physical examination?

I don't feel unsafe.

Did you get the flowers I sent you?

Would you mind my moving your car?

I can't get a hold of her.

See how high you can jump.

There's something wrong with my car.

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Now, why do you have to do that?

Next time you come to see me, I will show you the book.

Tracy left his phone in his car.

I used to ride my bike to school, but now I take the bus.

Most people don't have researched, well-thought-out positions regarding economic policy. They have opinions based on feelings.

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You don't need to feel sorry for Fritz.


Is that really necessary?

You must keep in mind that she's much younger than you.

Mahmoud didn't move fast enough.

Vic didn't get the joke.

My time is very expensive.

Germany is introducing temporary border controls with Austria to reduce the number of migrants coming into the country.

This is rather strange.


I like my coffee without sugar.

His cell phone is turned off now.

I felt relieved.

I should have let her win but I had too good cards.

They were interested.


Coming to school in your pajamas, how lazy!


Our train reached Rome after dark.

She was forced to say farewell to the city of her birth.

I'm on guard here.

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The successful candidates were beside themselves with joy.

I was kept waiting in the rain for as long as ten minutes.

I would like to pay with cash.

Our lives are in your hands.

I opened my eyes to find myself on a sofa.


I can't wait any longer.

How was the interview?

Surya doesn't always obey the rules.

He would be the last man to steal money.

Something urgent came up.


Does Hohn want this?

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Gregory smiled when he saw Brandon.

Can't you talk to him for me?

He didn't recognize me.

Her story took me back to my childhood.

I don't remember too much.

That was such a wonderful movie.

Do you really think you need one of those?

I think it's time for me to say what I really think.

Thank you for calling me on time.

You remember things more easily than me.

It is very hot here in summer.


Jeans take forever to dry.

It is not my intention to return.

The director met guests in the mornings.

I don't know where Vice and Pilot met.

Carsten isn't the type of person who asks others for help.

Kari has been my best friend ever since I was a kid.

I was born in a world you may not understand.

I want Sugih to meet you.

I didn't know you were there.

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Judith is standing right over there.

You don't have dinner at 8.00 pm.

If it's at all possible, I'd like you to take part in the next meeting.


Life is like a journey.

Miniskirts have gone out of fashion.

That was the most successful party we've ever had.

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I need a word with you.

They worked hard like so many bees.

"Thank you." "You're very welcome."

The Society for Protection of Nature was established by nature lovers, to protect the beauty that surrounded them.

I am nothing but a poor peasant.


I have a Chinese friend and I would like to ask him to give me Chinese lessons.

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I saw Jessie standing there.


He has no dress sense at all, but he thinks he looks good.


Ssi might've forgotten about us.

Ready money will away.

Gregor is going to get himself killed if he's not careful.

The four basic elements are Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

As far as I know, this is the latest edition.

He sneezed and covered himself with snot.

His father always comes home late.

I explained what the problem was.

The student submitted a paper to an English-language journal, and the result was "conditional acceptance".

We're trying to see who can come up with the best pick up line.

You won't have your way with me quite so easily next time.

Heavy rains fell for more than a day.

Heidi walked down Park Street past Olivier's house.

The man fought bravely but finally gave in.

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed our time together.


She's going to make it.

Avishai Cohen is an Israeli jazz musician. He plays double bass and is also a composer.

I'll help you park your car.


Won't it keep until later?

Remind him to come home early.

Kamiya wished Stephanie had told him that she wasn't going to the party.

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Tell me about your project.


You owe me a favor.

He runs a shoe shop.

I've got a plastic glass.


Dan tried to grab my shirt.

Let's go skinny-dipping.

They agreed to work together on the project.

Leora is the father of the bride.

I'm leaving for Chicago next Saturday morning.


Did you meet Seth?

They walked inside.

I used to speak Latin, French and English, but now I've forgotten it all.

I told you it was a scam.

Grandfather nodded toward me.

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The cute girl was bitten by a zombie dog and became zombie.

It will not be long before he leaves the hospital.

She has no opinion about religion.

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We don't even know who Trent got married to.

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I'll recommend him as chairman, whether you are in favour of it or not.


I walk every day.


I am guiding

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

Frederic's house has only one bedroom.

What they say doesn't matter to us.

He had the face to tell me to clear off.

I feel trapped.

Don't lean on my desk.

Dogs are man's closest friends.

I have two jobs.

The best teams are made up of a bunch of nobodies who love everybody and serve anybody and don't care about becoming a somebody.

The train arrives at platform number 5.

Marshall's sword was knocked from his hand.

Why didn't you tell Mariou you were in pain?

Beckie has black hair.

Seth gained American citizenship.

Jochen hates Halloween.

This room smells funny.

Do you want to learn Persian?

I didn't have a key.

Dan felt guilty about Linda's death.

He is daydreaming.


Japanese parents are not keen to talk about their own children.

Pradeep has an identical twin.

I'm waiting for you to apologize.