Keep them busy.

Please don't cut in while I'm talking with him.

It was built more than 500 years ago.

These are inexcusable mistakes.

I don't know anybody in this town.

The loss reached three million yen.

We should make the most of solar energy.

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We entered a restaurant and discussed the energy crisis over our dinner.


That boy showed no fear.


We discussed the problem freely.

This is the book about which I told you.

The profit from drugs they used for buying lots of real estate.

At first, I didn't know that my leg was broken.

How much does a wooden chair cost?

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I have a poor appetite.

Terry was impressed by the big organ in the church.

She's not a hero.

We'll work on that first.

I don't need more information.

I made you aware of reality.

Halloween was originally a Celtic festival.

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Merat's feet got wet.

I have no money to buy the book with.

I know what it's like to lose someone you love.

Why aren't you studying French?

I'll give it to Rajiv.

He was a soldier during the war.

Did you change your mind?

The rich need me, the poor have lots of me, and if I eat it I will die. What am i?

Evacuation orders have been issued.

A most credible hypothesis is the one that limits the number of elements in the domain T.

We'll never have to do this again.

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I just need you to come with me.


Compared to tigers, bears are nice animals.

You sold some apples at the market.

Cyrus didn't notice that Leon was staring at him.


I'm making chili.

How much does an egg cost?

I translate what I want!

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Johan is desperate for money.

The beach was packed with tourists.

I want to know the reason for his absence.

Please say hello to her.

The police are looking into the cause of the traffic accident.


He commanded me to do it.

Pandora didn't feel like eating lunch.

Andrea understood the rules.


No one will ever forget this.

I can't run as fast as you.

Justin's car was rear-ended and he suffered a whiplash injury.


The pencil I lost yesterday was an old one.


Why is insurance so important?

Hilda and Spencer could learn a lot from each other.

Toft tried to cheer Lorien up, but she kept on crying.

We need some formal instruction in literature.

My job is giving me a stomach-ache.


What do you think are my strengths?

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This is my CD.


Valerie has quite a quirky personality.

We can not follow the latest topics without reading a newspaper every day.

"Trey lives two houses down from Mott." "That's pretty close."

He stopped drinking alcohol.

Blue1 was founded as Air Botnia in 1988.

I'm a stupid old maid in my thirties.

Everybody jumped.

It wasn't until Naoto left me that I realized how much I loved him.

He held out his hand to welcome us.


Kent came into the lounge, carrying a cup of coffee.


Earl has been disqualified.

There were ink blots on the paper.

I only meant to scare him.

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I can't move this bookcase without your help.

I don't want to share the hotel room with a stranger.

According to the weather forecast, the typhoon is likely to approach the coast.

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I'm not sure I can win this.

I heard her screaming.

How do you feel at this moment?


Many people lead a sedentary life, which can lead to weight gain.

Manny reached for his phone.

Norman gave up running for class president.

Why don't you go get him?

May I ask you something?

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I spoke with her today.


I thought that we would be good friends from the beginning.

Have you started learning English?

It's impolite to point.

Everything is interconnected.

Sangho said he really wanted to be here, but he had to stay in Boston.


It sounds like Travis is the problem.

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Tatoeba Project is our virtual home.


Why are there disappointments in human life?

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I got married five years ago on this very day.

Do you have this in my size?

Sharan was super impressed.


My name is Hisashi.

Young people don't respect the experience of their elders.

Jacobson is the best dancer I've ever seen.

Sri made his parents happy.

The Time Machine was gone!

I won't go so easy on you next time.

A mother kissed the child.

I live in Peru.

I will tell you tomorrow.

Do you agree about that?

French is pretty hard, isn't it?


Is it hard to be a vegetarian?


Wayne is lying down in the back seat of his car.


There's someone missing.

We're going to be here for three days.

Does the offer still stand?


You were never here when I needed you.

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What're you doing in here?

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Dan moved his things out of Linda's house.


If only I could speak English as fluently as you!

The fight is over.

He must be Novo's brother.

Marty won't stop you.

I think that Jarl has some hidden superpowers.


We're still having those same problems.


Do you think you're obese?

I thought everyone was busy.

Voters may yet reject the misbegotten 'Dream Act'.

It had a profound effect on me.

Don't mention the war!

We'll be killed.

They danced in the fire.

The rebels sabotaged the railroad.

It's far too dangerous.


Lisa isn't that attractive.

Although she was tired, she tried to finish the work.

In a characteristically awkward move, Regis patted his guest on the arm.

Dave learned to dive when he was five.

Leading a fulfilling life really comes down to a simple question: When you turn off the lights at night and your head is on the pillow, what do you hear? Your soul singing or Satan laughing?


Suppose that we miss the last train, what should we do?


There's nothing in there.

Goals determine what you are going to be.

Can anybody stop them?


Maybe I should go deeper into the details.


The metro's not on the left, so it's on the right.

Who told you where my office was?

It won't be easy, but we have a chance.

He teaches them how to speak Japanese.

Casper and Lloyd went on a cruise near Italy for their honeymoon, but the ship sank and Judy was drowned in his cabin.

We are grateful to you for your kindness.

My daughter's driving me crazy.


When he gets overtaken by another car, he gets a shot of adrenaline.


Some Asian men wear make up.

Case was very sleepy.

I had no idea that Phil was going to leave me his estate.

There are some topics you shouldn't discuss with Liber.

Marci understood why Space didn't want to go to Boston with him.

They also wanted freedom of religion because of the heavy oppression of the Catholic Church. Over time these social pressures caused a revolution in France.

Don't leave the windows open.


She was snoring loudly.