I knew it would be hard.

An alcoholic tends not to die happily.

Why are you so angry today?

Do we have to go?

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Marion is past his prime.

I love listening to you talk.

Do you want me to open this now?

Syed raised his eyebrows.

Great men are like eagles, and build their nest on some lofty solitude.

But for your help I could not have got over the hardship.

Charlie is much faster than me.

Are you going to do that again?

We've got a lot to learn.

You're skinny.

I am spreading mustard on a slice of bread.

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Does Jasmin still live in Germany?

We'll do great.

Leila does all the cooking.

I didn't expect results straightaway.

Pierce knew he was wrong.

I know a way to find out.

I'll know better next time.

Something like 80 per cent of the calories in our food goes towards maintaining our body temperature at a constant level.

There were Jews in Arab countries before the partition of Palestine.

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You should fix your tie.


We're adding new sentences to Tatoeba.

This will let us quickly double the number of sentences.

Today's arraignment hearing offers the defendant his first opportunity to state his case personally.


A dog is running in the park.


What can we do for Jos?


I have a plan in mind.

Dinner will be ready by six-thirty.

This castle was built in 1610.

There can be more than one correct answer.

Let's take a breather.


Please be careful not to break this vase.

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I don't care what Travis says.

We've had fun, haven't we?

I'll go and see them myself.

You'll find this intriguing.

I can't conceive of Benson doing that.

There is no one but knows it.

We were glad when we saw a light in the distance.


She took him to the lake.

Can somebody open up a window, please?

I'm sorry I made you wait so long.

"Thank you for your help." "It's my pleasure."

This is a comfortable chair.

Liber wanted to bring home a souvenir.

A dog barks; a man walks.


Shyam and Ray were planning on how to rob a bank.

Let's hope this never happens again.

By 2100, a base on the moon became firmly established, whilst the economy on Terra improved.

One side of a coin is called 'heads' and the other side is called 'tails'.

This is not satisfactory.

I've decided to remain here.

I'll go and ask her.

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Florian knows all about Kikki's personal problems.


Tell me why Kaj isn't here.

Matt was messing around with the dishes.

Marie speaks fluent German

He walks fast.

What are my responsibilities?

It'll be a big day.

I have a husband.

It drinks with moderation.

I came here looking for her.

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It'll save time if we cut across the field.


I make a point of getting up before six.

"I agree with him." "So do I."

You may have to work a little harder to achieve an orgasm.

The more you study, the more you know.

I am remembering their addresses.

The cost of living in Tokyo is very high.

I'm not very optimistic.

It was raining so hard that we decided to stay home.

He came a little after noon.


Norman is watching golf.


Who are you going to see?


Neville told Perry why he was late for her party.


Mike and Dannie are in the same class.


Don't worry. You can confide in me.

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She is less beautiful than her sister is.

Anna was John's girlfriend all through high school.

It's time-consuming.

Strictly speaking, his view differs a little from mine.

Of course you can stay.

I always brush my teeth after having eaten sweets.

You took an airplane from Paris to New York.

She had an out-of-body experience.

Guess who I met today!

I think Page came here to tell us something important.

I'm not used to it, so it's a little tough.

I think that he won't come.

Shutoku and Susanne are both in the hospital.

I'm not going to do that!

What this place needs is a good school.

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I know that you don't want to talk to me.

My parents died when I was a baby.

I just want to say thank you.

It'd be illegal.

The rescue team located the victims.


This is a duplicate copy.

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The squirrel ate the hazelnut.


My responsibility is to keep the company solvent.

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The child is eating the meat.


Did you go anywhere last weekend?

These are the steps that lead straight to failure.

Most people here don't have electricity.

Do you object?

I cannot recruit a cleaner. I can clean my office by myself.

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He won a gold medal.

If I had had enough time, I could have seen more of London.

How can we possibly do that?

The buyer backed out.

You're not still sore, are you?

Please store it at -18C or lower.

She is right in her opinions.

Hume knew that he'd be late.

Laurent rolled down the window.


The decline can be traced to the 1950s.

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It's a bargain.


The ocean is great at sucking up CO2 from the air. It absorbs about one-quarter of the CO2 that we humans create when we burn fossil fuels.


I think Miek will be OK.


The interpreter is paid to translate.

He discovered a new star.

Are there a lot of tall buildings in Boston?

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I can't let them know.

As far as he was concerned, things were going well.

Eat whatever food you like.

Thanks for trying.

Mice don't have grandchildren.

Maybe someone made Gigi do it.

Something is encompassing me.

I am going to study English.

I thought you said you didn't speak French.

Please send someone to my room.

His father worked on the railway.

I heard him go down the stairs.

We talked with the owner of the house.


I know what to study.


Everything was delicious!

Give it to her.

Brooke won't get here until 2:30.

I've never been so proud.

The place became a hell on earth.


She asked after my parents' health when I met her the other day.

He has western books the like of which you can't get in Japan.

She is estranged from her parents.


He's bound to notice your mistake.

I'm very pleased.

I have seen a UFO.

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We're still in shock.

Liyuan, I want you to know that you're not alone.

The bullet train came roaring past.

Kristen was a homicide detective before he retired.

I'm starting to think that maybe I shouldn't have come here.

Don't you know cheese is made from milk?

It takes one year for the earth to orbit around the sun.


Are they in love?