That doesn't suit us because Gilles is arriving.

Graeme digitized an old family photo and emailed it to his mother.

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This is exactly what we need.


Maybe Caleb did it.

I wonder if he has another.

The diet "wall" that everybody hits.

"The economy has opened up a faultline in the Atlantic," announces La Stampa, reporting on the impact of recent remarks by Barack Obama which imply that the poor management of the Eurozone crisis is to blame for the feeble outlook for growth in the US.

A more plausible proposal is the one Leech presented in conjunction with Emmet's theory.

I've heard that chocolate doesn't make fat. I wonder if that's true.

He works in a jar.


When do I write poetry?

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Allan never spoke of him.

There is no substance in his speech.

He took advantage of the fine weather to paint the wall.

What do you base your theory on?

She is keen to pass the examination.

The man finally confessed what he had done.

Why are you asking these questions?

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I also know that you have always wanted to learn French.

They are now leveling the road with a bulldozer.

Don't get carried away and overeat.


We can't risk waiting.

To be is to do.

May I sit here?

She loves to play soccer.

This statement is false: I go to the market because the car is broken.

Does Srinivasan have a key to Stagger's apartment?

Hello, what's your name?


I watched Mario.

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When you don't eat leafy foods, you can't get vitamins.

When did you meet him?

It's not nearly as cold today as I thought it was going to be.

Everyone loved it.

Well, I guess that answers that question.

"The Princess," said she, "is going to be married to-night against her will, for she has been expecting every day that the man who freed her from the spell would come."

Do you know who the Japanese ambassador to France is?

They will never agree.

I know that won't happen again.

He will forever live on in our memories.

Are you using the MasterCard?

I didn't want to be seen.

We negotiated with the president about our working hours.

I must've made a mistake.

How ever you like.


Above all, I want to be healthy.

It's not quite the same.

Edwin stopped fighting.


You can keep trying all you like, but it won't help.

I'll ask them if you like.

I didn't do my homework.

Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly.

What is the year of your car?

It wasn't very smart of you to throw that note away.

Let me get you a ticket to the concert.

How many referees are there in a soccer game?

I sure hope Old is right.

This river is 500 miles in length.

We believe that children need both a father and a mother and that time will show how important it really is for them.

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The meat spoiled because of the heat.


I wanted to be with you.

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They made a movie of the entire ceremony.


Come round the corner for coffee.


Kenton is a democrat.

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This metal is comparable to iron in strength.

Please prepare for the trip.

I should've told you not to come back here.

You're making me sick.

This whisky is very strong.


I understand Sherman has been sick.

The party was held on May 22nd.

We're out of sugar.

We lock our doors at night.

I was proud of her.

Are you generous?

Hurry! There's no time to lose.


I really love the sun.

English Wikipedia will be unavailable today.

I don't like it when Julianto borrows money from me.

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You're free to go, of course.

Nancy and Tai are second cousins.

I know what killed her.


I have trouble swallowing pills.

We really have to go.

The paramedic checked Elvis's pulse.

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My advice would be to leave as soon as you can.

Your watch is on the desk.

I'm thinking about complaining about my son's teacher at the kindergarten.


Sweden is called "Sverige" in Swedish.

You may link to this webpage freely.

Christina was well liked by his classmates, teachers and friends.

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"Did you understand that?" "No, not at all."

Those are not my rules. They're Dan's.

My office used to be by the window and I could see the squirrels.

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I knew you were smart enough to understand.

I won't pay my son's debts.

Never swim while under the influence of alcohol.

Hirotoshi rented a room.

My hobbies are reading, writing, walking and entering sweepstakes.

He's in bed with flu.

Are you mad at me?

It could've been me.

How could you be so irresponsible?

You have to go to the hospital.

Mick looks a bit like John.

I'm surprised myself.

Refrigerators help to preserve food.

Women are not essential in Westerns.

A gang of thieves broke into the bank.

Axel squashed the bug.

I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.

If you're still hungry, have another hamburger.

The kids were excited about the arrival of the circus.

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She is running.

She is a glutton.

I have a keen interest in politics.

I often go swimming in the river.

The political situation has changed.


I'll pay the bill.


We didn't have a choice.

The sun at last broke through about noon.

There are many ways to approach this problem.

Dinner is probably ready by now.

I want to go to his house using my car.


I borrowed Ti's umbrella.

His answer was far from satisfactory.

Is that a threat?

Can one person really make a difference in the world?

You haven't paid your rent in a month, have you?

Gerald hid the money in her sock drawer.

Dani has been pretending.

I bet George can speak French.

He did everything he could for his child.

Chris woke up when he heard someone knocking on the door.

His idea is for us to go in two different cars.


Don't spit on the walls.

The first prize may be won by him.

My car is broken and it's in the shop now.

I could hardly refuse Vincent's challenge.

The bite of this spider causes intense pain.

Will these wounds heal?

No casualties have been reported.

When did the postman arrive?

Fred spent all day looking for a job.

The weather report is defective.

Mr Kennedy pointed out our mistakes.


We'll take her home.

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You're supposed to be resting.

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Sugih collected coffee cups.


Ken is kind to the girls.

We got Barrio.

Floria said he didn't know what to think.

Don't scold her; she's too young to understand.

The jewel was found in an unlikely place.

Monica will buy that painting.

He improved the device.


Get out of town.


Francisco wanted to make a change.

I don't want to go to much expense for this party.

These are tough times.

She just had to use her Puss-In-Boots look and I was her devoted servant.

How long did it take Jef to build the doghouse?

Isn't that a good thing?

I don't necessarily agree with everything I say.