Kazuhiro doesn't have any friends who speak French.

He likes tigers.

The actor was accidentally shot dead during the making of the movie.

Bryan nearly got killed.

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The school custodian cleans the gym in the evening.

Maurice might be able to convince Fred to help us.

I am very discrete.

Can you take me home?

I want to show you my beautiful city.

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I'll let her explain.

Sanford left his umbrella in the car.

Maybe that's the problem.

Let's get off the bus.

Dewey has an iPhone.

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The boy is behind a tree in the garden.

They did it a few times.

That's big!

"Whose chair is this?" "It is mine."

All good things come in threes.

Father was tormented by my silly question.

I like coffee better than tea.


What are you doing up at this time of night?

I know a better way to do that.

They have something in common with each other.

Gunpowder needs to be handled very carefully.

Who am I to say?

I asked you last night.

Ronni has six children.


I lost my job.

Fortune 500 companies were the hardest hit by recent legislation.

If you quit your job, you'll be burning your bridges.


It can be very cold here even in May.

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I'm concerned about you.

Clean that up.

You're a hard person to say no to.


John made Bernie stand up.

Hold the rope.

Don't call me again.

How did the accident happen?

You can smoke here.


This is how Tait does it.

Incentives are always welcome.

Crap, I think he saw us.

You'll never guess what Jianyun bought.

Christmas is rapidly approaching.

He can come.

The creation killed its creator.

Kerry told me to stay here until he got back.

Siping didn't bring a camera.

Lum broke his right arm in the accident.

He was traveling in the Philippines this time of last year.

Maybe it's not interesting.

Can you help me wash the dishes?


We've got to handle this with kid gloves.

Do not fold!

Living things are made from cells.

No bought Panos some chocolates.

Mr Hashimoto was puzzled by Ken's question.

He will avenge the people on their oppressor.

Muiriel's mind is in the gutter.

She was absent because she caught a cold.

Rebecca is a Rhodes scholar.

These pearls look real.

All of a sudden, a fire broke out in the movie theater.

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He felt utterly humiliated.

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Is it all paid for?

It appears that her injury was pretty bad.

I was shy.

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Have there been any calls for me?

Don't tell anybody that I know.

I wonder why Jarmo was so confused.


Don't shout, the neighbours will hear you!

First, try to confirm the timing by oscilloscope.

Ethan is always nagging me.

Cut the bullshit!

He is the prime minister of this country.


Curtis has probably already seen that movie.

What did you want Mitchell to do?

I didn't feel her presence.

What were you doing when I called you yesterday?

I have a keen interest in politics.


My knickers are wet.

There are ten exercises in the book.

I'm not sure what happened.

I'm filling in for him today.

The capital of Poland is Warsaw.

I saw them earlier this morning.

Cristina is looking out the window.

The college bestowed an honorary degree on him.

Gail wouldn't stop.

The blade was very sharp.

Patiently, he collected fact after fact.

A severe typhoon has done much damage to property.

I live within 200 meters of the station.

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I think we're progressing.

There is a man working on the farm.

I'll wait here.

Julian is drinking tea.

I have no one else to talk to.

Sid told me not to lock the door.

Bringing up a baby is hard work.

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Russ never was dependable.

Look, a squirrel.

I keep them for when I'm older so I can look back and think about old times.

The interpreter reformulates what has been said.

Dan attended Oxford University.

There is as much water left in this bottle as in that one.

I told him it was time to quit.


He helps whoever asks him to help.

The man lost his way in the woods.

I can not get enough sleep any more.

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Boyce asked Oscar where she'd put the key.


I was very curious about it.

You must not miss seeing this wonderful film.

I couldn't go to your birthday party.


I don't have anything to eat.

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Prakash didn't have any illusions about the future.

There's no time to waste.

Did you have a chance to apologize to Lynne?

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How was the party yesterday?

The plane we boarded was bound for San Francisco.

A new museum is being built in the center of the city.


That was actually unexpected.

One of the project's targets is vaccinations for women and children.

She had hardly opened the door when a white dog rushed out of the house.

Oh no! I forgot my wallet.

It's not safe there.


We're resting naked in the warm sand.

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The game has been postponed.

I don't want to mess with that.

Let's hope Jock is right.

Bill speaks a little Japanese.

Just hang on.

I have entered on an enterprise which is without precedent, and will have no imitator.

The statue was damaged.

I talked her into marrying him.

It is said that cats can shape-change.

When unlike is joined to unlike, the result is called harmony.

What's this got to do with Manuel?


Danger. Keep out!


Syed has a cat.

Give Emet and the others a call.

I pointed at him.


She is always finding fault with other people.

I'm sorry I yelled at her.

He is slow to learn.

I explained the procedures to him.

I do not like work even when someone else is doing it.


My husband is lazy.

Pim probably thought I wasn't happy.

Give your argument against going.

It would be a pity if such a word were to disappear.

I'm glad we're in agreement.

How much are the grapes?

I wish you didn't have so many problems.

Grandmother makes a practice of keeping early hours.

I know Jesper is thirteen years old.

He substituted the injured player.

We've come for Daniele's things.

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They remained friends.

Mann invited me to dinner.

But your mother is going too.


The basements of the houses are likely to have problems.


Rajeev accepted the compromise.

Naoto's hands were shaking and his face was red.

You should eat vegetables and fruit at least three times a day.