Now we're in trouble.

This essay is much too long. You have to condense it by getting rid of all the fluff.

Someone pocketed my wallet on the train.

This substance is in solid state.

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Clyde abuses his authority, so no one likes him.


What was that meeting about?

I'm so pissed off.

Syed might've liked to go with us.


Did you show him that new book you bought?


Robin has a job to do.


Floyd is going to have to do that.

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We have an important job to do here.

It's not a date or anything.

I have to obey my superiors.

Every man shall kiss his lips that giveth a right answer.

We're stranded.

When drawing kanji be careful of dots and sweeps, write as carefully and quickly as possible.

He was living with the Indians.

The child is already baptized.

What you said is right on.

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Those who do not know the sadness of love may not speak of it.

It goes without saying that money can't buy you happiness.

It has fertile soil where corn be grown.

He couldn't adapt to new circumstances.

You're just like Pratapwant was thirty years ago.

She bought a coat.

Do you want me to leave you alone?


Jem was airlifted to the hospital.

Compared with America or China, Japan is a small country.

I'm afraid this story is too adult for children to appreciate.

A week from today, I'll be in England.

If you don't want to tell me, that's fine.

If you don't go to school, then you won't learn anything.

You deserve a holiday.


Is there any food you don't like?


His father had a good influence on him.

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The snow prevented the airplane from taking off.

Japan plays an important role in promoting world peace.

How are you connected?

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What type of person are you?

Are you sure this is what Frederick wanted us to buy?

Ro knows his job.

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Kerri has the answer to Sjouke's question.

I'll be free next Sunday.

I wish I could understand you better.

James found Laurel a good job in Boston.

We were just about to leave when it rained.

That's how you do it!

Ken lighted the candles.

You are not a coward.

I thought Brendan and Moran were supposed to be in Boston.

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Can you tell us what happened that night?

Lorenzo isn't going to let you go.

For example, this is a love song.

Alastair began putting on his shoes.

Read my lips, no new taxes!

I often chew some mentholated gum after a meal.

I feel fortunate to have known you.


Thanks for all the help you've given me already.

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I'm not sure what I should do.

They entered the forest.

Did Johann reply?

It is odd that he is so late.

Gravity binds the planets to the sun.


He is justice.

Here is a list of things you should avoid eating.

This is an illegal procedure.


As he unhesitatingly extended his arm towards me, he came to touch my private areas.

Travis wanted to come to our house.

Tell him what you mean.

She slowly closed her eyes.

Ariel knew what was hidden in the cave.

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How about you come with me?

When he heard it, he saw red.

His singing is very good, but he plays the guitar just as well.

Kitty lives close by.

Adrian has been through quite an ordeal.

I've never been skiing before.

Dwayne can't see you.

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That's not good enough for them.

Pablo seems anxious.

When you love someone, you'll do anything to make that person happy.

This time, I think you're right.

We're heading for disaster.

She came up with a good solution.

He got his neck broken in the accident.

The dog barked a lot.

As soon as you have done that, I would like you to start preparing supper.

The chances are that he is still in bed.

I've always distrusted you.

Make sure you don't listen too loud with these new earphones!

Is this the best Peter can do?


His book has been singled out for special praise.

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Do you have a shekel?


That caused my kidneys to fail.

He is five feet tall.

I am waiting for approval.


I have to breast-feed my baby.

As long as we live, we have to work.

We're ignoring her.

The police gave Oscar the chance to surrender.

The caterpillars ate the cabbage.


Juan isn't allowed in here.

Tomorrow I have a cricket match. Wish me luck.

You must talk to Rafik.

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I don't love him.


Kaj's not in.

But it isn't 12 p.m. yet, right?

Can I invite Debbie to dinner tonight?

What is not clear is not French.

I need men like you.

Like me, he's also not tall.

I quarrelled with my sister because she's too kind.


The king ruled over the island.

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The meat is cooked to perfection.


Camila is from Uruguay. She is Uruguayan.


Cats were sacred animals in ancient Egypt.

This can't be a real diamond.

That's a nice pair of legs, when do they open?


Norma and Jinchao were thrilled to bits when their daughter took her first steps.

You can read ten books in a week? Don't you mean in a month?

You should talk to him, too.

I'm completely exhausted.

She was at the supermarket.

I have lived in Kamakura for twelve years.

"The Princess," said she, "is going to be married to-night against her will, for she has been expecting every day that the man who freed her from the spell would come."

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He says that it would carry a risk.

The 3 Rs are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

I'm surprised that you have won that prize.

Chicks'll dig me!

I couldn't go out, due to the heavy rain.

I am a polite and very responsible person.

Ed calls Rainer once in a while.

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You probably eat genetically modified fruits and vegetables all the time without knowing it.

In the 6th century, the Anglo-Saxons adopted Roman characters.

Study harder from now on.

Try how far you can jump.

I thought you wanted the truth.

I'm not understanding anything.

That was indeed the result of the vote.

Warren asked Paul how old she was.

I have nightmares.

It is not always easy to distinguish good from evil.

Heinz may not like this at all.


All the best to everyone!

Can you tell me who they are?

She's donating money for cancer research.

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I'm not interested in talking to her.

The painter died young.

It goes without saying that she is an excellent pianist.

Clarence's leg had fallen asleep so he couldn't stand up.

I feel rather off today.


Ssi arrived in a black car.

Will you go to America next year?

I'm just feeling down.

He spoke to whoever came into the room.

I don't recognize over half of these names.


Have you ever squashed a fly with your hand?


After the high-speed train accident in China, Angela Merkel decided to make Germany move beyond railways and to stop all ICEs immediately. From now on, Germany will be involved in the sustainable forms of transportation of the future, such as air turbine-powered hobby horses.

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A math teacher says, "With a calculator, the child can reach the right answer, but have no idea at all how he got there."