Marina knows where the meeting will be.

Maybe this isn't a bad thing.

Now isn't the time to get squeamish.

Some people say French is easy to learn.

That habit is acquired, not innate.

They were renovating the library in 2013.


He is not stupid.

That's an old-fashioned expression.

Those was shaken by the experience.

The world was on the very brink of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962.

The white ball weighs as much as the red ball.

I'd just like to talk with Len before we leave.

Are you sure you understand what the risks are?

Her hands were cold.

Clifford noticed Antony wasn't being careful.

Tim is a kleptomaniac.

Who discovered radium?

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Becky asked Rajarshi what the weather had been like while he was away.

I could be right.

What I want from Mr Hayashi is the effort required for his actions to live up to his words.

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The new industry brought about changes in our life.

He says that I'm attentive.

Give me the gun.

He gave me tea without sugar.

Dale went to Boston a month ago.

How high above sea level are we?

I taught my sister how to drive.

Can you teach me how to fly?

We've been working together for a long time.

Are you always busy?

It is possible that he came here when he was a child.

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That writer is well known all over the world.


Can you produce medicines from the laboratory?


Promise me that you'll come back.

I've got to get Naoto home.

Cristopher is a soccer mom.


It sounds like I'm going to school today.

Were you prepared?

My hair's messed up this morning. At least lend me a hand mirror - it should be shut in the drawer there.

Who are you waiting for?

Finally, I managed to publish it.

Case has a son who is a policeman.

One who listens to their recorded voice has the sensation of listening to a stranger.

She kept it hidden from me.

Can you tell barley from wheat at first sight?

I know you must be busy.

Let's come back to the base.

Marcos's son is getting married.

Would you do that for me?

Lum has endured a lot.

I don't have time to translate this text.


Why do you care what other people think?


What did you learn today?


It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.

Clem goes there whenever he has a chance.

I'll contact you when I can.

Many people are unable to comprehend the actions of hackers.

Daniel is definitely the right person for the job.

She has a good figure.

Ken, I love you.


I went up the stairs and went to bed.

Do you need some time?

You'll be receiving your refund in the mail.

I've worn out two pairs of shoes this year.

What do you think of this issue?

I don't need to tell you anything.

That's 3000 yen altogether.

This bridge is three times longer than that bridge.

He agreed to be here at 6.

I want to speak with Susumu.

Are you really as strong as you say you are?

I worked all day yesterday.

I'm doing what I have to.


A heavy frost is expected.

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Who gave us all that money?

Rainer and Vassos are irresponsible parents.

The Diaoyu Islands have been Chinese territory since ancient times.


I think Ernst should do what he says he's going to do.


Try to sit with your back really straight.

Mr T (19 years old) avoided conviction for murder, but was found guilty of grievous bodily harm for having intentionally caused wounds.

Nou told his son not to speak with his mouth full.

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Suresh told Mac he thought she was stupid.


Once you light the fuse you'll have fifteen seconds to get to safety.

Spend some time with me.

How many flowers do you buy?


That's all Kathy said.

You're competitive, aren't you?

The person helping Pierce is William.


Emma and Glen are planning to get married.

The tree cast a shadow across the road.

Panzer lives in town.

My grandfather was a justice of the peace.

Was I talking to you?

Manolis hasn't been so lucky.

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back to life.

I wonder how tempura fry up so deliciously crisp and dry. Is there a trick to it?

The timing couldn't be better.

Simon could hear Juha singing in the shower.

You're not supposed to talk.


When are you going to Boston?

He answered all the questions in ten minutes.

We much expected that.

There is an urgent need for money.

Good heavens!

I only wish I'd been able to do more for Griff.

This old suit is just about done for; I shall have to get a new one.

He just left.

I'm looking for my eyeglasses.

Lonhyn wrote a short story about a young girl and her dog.

Angela always eats something before going to work.


Don't lose any sleep over it.

It's impossible to describe.

Did someone break your heart?

Phill is on the phone right now.

There are no customers.

England is a country that I've wanted to visit for a long time.

Where did you buy flowers?


The reason Jacobson isn't here is because he's sick.

This game is very fun.

I'm not a good swimmer.

We enjoyed ourselves to the maximum!

If anything goes wrong, give me a call.


If you paint it yellow, you'll kill two birds with one stone: it'll stand out, and you'll save money because you can use paint you already have.

This week has been very busy for both of us.

Forgive me for asking this.

Opinions vary on this point.

This painting is a good copy of the original.

One day, when Les was going back home from school, something twinkling fell down from the sky.

There were so many people at the funeral home today.


That lady appears rich.

I asked her if she had been to Mexico.

Why do you hate Canadians so much?

What else happened yesterday?

How long has that been there?

I saw his car veering to the right.

We have still a lot of food left.

I would like to meet her.

He changed his countenance at the news.

Her dream was to be able to speak French fluently.

It's been ten years since he died.

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Piete put a piece of dry ice into a cup of water.

I consider him my enemy.

Leith had a good mentor.

This book is sold here.

Can I borrow your history notes?

That's a very good question.

All of us stared at her.

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I've heard some good things about you.


It's a great pleasure for Snow White to have a talk with Doc at morning coffee.

Dustin only kissed me once.

Be home before dark.

Even if I were a dwarf, I would still be a giant.

There is no doubt about his ability.

I saw the ship sink in the sea.

I appreciate your cooperation.

He makes it a rule to keep a diary every day.

We all know how dangerous that can be.


Don't blame others for your own fault.

I have a puzzle to solve.

Many workers were trapped in the coal mine.

Does Pia have an older brother?

They've taken Saad into protective custody.


This makes me very uncomfortable.

He is very clever indeed.

It's not Christmas, is it?

That doesn't matter now.

I'm living in the city.


Where do you think we should pitch our tent?

Would you tell them we're back?

Roberta is older than I thought he was.