Christina has good manners.

You'll be my son-in-law.


Were these pictures taken in Germany?

Nothing should prevent divorce.

The government must enforce the law immediately.

It looks like you're in a good mood.

Antonella left the house with his briefcase.


Whatever you do, don't tell Brodie.

Why don't you talk to her?

One lives and learns.

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She was accepted to Harvard.

We have a bit of a situation here.

I'm going to give up math.

It's perfectly safe here.

Are you a parent?

I was not conscious of his presence.

We tried to save her.

It tastes very good, doesn't it?

Doyle certainly wouldn't be anywhere near as rich as he is if he hadn't married Wade.


Can't you just fix it?


What's it like outside?

I have to see Daniele.

That was very easy.


Pierre's not the first woman to fall in love with a married man, and she won't be the last.


The town gave birth to many men of note.


The majority was for him.

There was a weak earthquake toward dawn this morning.

The house is opposite the church. You can't miss it.

No news is good news.

She hugged him while he cried.


Nathaniel quickly went up the stairs.

He belongs to our tennis team.

I can't allow you to do that.

The yen is rising and the dollar is falling.

I'll tell them where I went.

Is German spoken too?

You wouldn't like us.

It is ten years since I came to Tokyo.

Don't think about leaving money for your kids, use it all up and enjoy yourself with flair.

What's the next station?

His gross manners offended his companions.

I don't have to tell you what this is, do I?

I'd like to buy menu of the day.

I'm sorry I opened my mouth.

There are only a few days left before the end of the year.

I ask you a question.

All flowers smell sweet.


He chose to be operated on.


The government of the State will invest more than R$ 100 million a year.

I wish I had done this earlier.

She was crying.


I think we can make it to Boston in about three hours.

Don't try to find fault with others.

Mt. Fuji was covered with snow.

Fritz jumped to his feet and ran out of the room.

The square of 5 is 25.


Send the telegram at once.

Stay away from here.

I talked to Francois's ex-wife about why they got divorced.

Nathan is very mature for his age.

Hillel's room was surprisingly tidy.


Didn't James wear that same tie yesterday?

I'm sorry I hurt them.

We'd better wake him up.

Valerie deserves better.

Buenos Aires is the city they visit the most.

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They had no food.

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"You're taking me for an idiot!" "Taking you for an idiot? Oh, no! I'd never!"

He is not coming to the birthday party, because he is ill.

I told Krzysztof a lot of things that Mehrdad didn't want me to tell him.

I can't understand a word you're saying.

I heard that the new English teacher is a handsome guy who looks like Guillermo Cruise.

Okay, I'll drop it.

Jelske is a night owl.


Who owns this truck?


Champagne, please.


At the same time that Whittle was working in England, Hans von Ohain was working on a similar design in Germany. The first airplane to successfully use a gas turbine engine was the German Heinkel He 178, in August, 1939. It was the world's first turbojet powered flight.


He brought our TV set down to the cellar.


I won't lie to you.

He and I were in the same camp then.

You're safe here with me.

Don't you want to see your kids?

Did Sonja write that song for you?

Trains rattled overhead.

Let's take them with us.

Neil's wife just died.

I want to know what's going on out there.

I know that you cared deeply for Jochen.

Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.

I wish he had attended the meeting.

He drove me home.

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I ought to break your neck.


I usually go to school by bicycle.


I thought I told you not to make trouble.

The original and the copy are easily distinguished since the one is much more vivid than the other.

Julia sometimes reads in bed.

Get off me!

How did you get so good at French?

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I read Suwandi a story.

I didn't know who else to call.

Democracy is the illusion of equality.


He is a very lazy boy.


I won't swim.

I've seen it done.

Jackye owns a very profitable company.

Visiting Christofer was a good idea.

He died of cancer last year.

To strive against the stream requires courage.

What did Micheal like about it?


I just do not like any kind of sports.

I don't know if that's a great merit.

I was just talking with Nicolas.

Little remains to be said.

As it happened, I left my homework at home.

Which football team are you a fan of?

I'm horrible with kids.


I'm sure she has other skills.

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You're shivering. Are you cold?

I had curry and rice last night.

It's way too early.

The result was unsatisfactory to him.

He's clever and resourceful.

Sedovic lives near the beach.

Human beings communicate in many ways.

Calm down. I can't hear you.

Do you speak English? - Not yet, that's my first lesson!

He earns his living by teaching English.

The Middle Ages lasted 1000 years.

How do you know I was going to say yes?

Wes dressed herself hastily.

I hope everything's going well with you.

He always wants to have his own way.

We need to bring our family back together.

Plastic can't swim.


The teacher scolded the student for no reason.

Before adding a new sentence, please check that your sentence brings new vocabulary by searching the keywords.

Park the car in the shade.

I can take care of yours truly.

Lincoln set out to abolish slavery in the United States.

You're not fooling anybody, except maybe Brender.

Someone saved my life.

Brazil borders ten countries as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

She retaliated against him by ignoring him.

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Are you related to the Nagashimas?

He went back to the village after he graduated.

She cleaned the room for me.

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Why is it not talked about in schools?

Cows are considered sacred animals in India.

I caught him.

For the love of Christ, son, for the glory of Spain, eat your goddamned peas!

My parents objected to my going there alone.

"Do you like sports?" "Yes, I especially like baseball."

Might makes right.


God is nature. Don't go against nature.

You don't care, do you?

I don't have a cell phone.

We enjoyed the quiz show on television last night.

Do you think we'll have good weather?

You must be creative in composing a piece of music.

Where would you like to go?

It had snowed.

I think I found something.

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I thought his name was Olson.


I've been waiting for Frank since 2:30.