Finding Used Jeep Dealers in your State

Jeep trucks and SUVs are known for their power, design, durability and performance. The unique design of these vehicles cannot be compared to any other, or even faked. Since new Jeeps usually cost quite a bit, most people would rather just visit local used Jeep dealers and take their pick. However, you should know that finding used Jeep models that have been unveiled this year may be very difficult.

Popular Jeep Models


Whether you are looking for the Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Compass, Comache, Grand Wagoneer, Liberty, patriot, Wagoneer, Pick up or Jeep commander among others, you can easily find a dealer near you stocking these vehicles.

Tips for Making the Search Easier

You must be able to specify the type of fuel the vehicle uses, its weight, miles per gallon, mileage, color and model among other things to find the right Jeep SUV or truck. You can achieve this by searching for these vehicles online and making a shortlist of dealerships containing vehicles that meet your specifications. Once you have compiled a shortlist of Jeep dealerships in your city, you can start narrowing down the search based on the following factors:

i) DMV License

Every used car dealership must have a license from the state’s DMV before opening their doors to the public. To get this license, the dealer must meet several requirements, including; having a liability insurance. When searching for a used jeep dealer, you do not want to work with a dealership that is not licensed by the state.

ii) Quality of the Vehicles

Some dealerships stock vintage Jeep vehicles while others deal in relatively new models. When comparing dealerships, you need to check the quality as well as the age of used Jeep vehicles a dealer has. Fortunately, some dealerships have both vintage and newer models in their inventory, so you can easily find what you are looking for. The vehicles must also be in good operating condition. After all, you want to drive the vehicle home from the dealership, not tow it to an auto repair shop.

iii) Financing

Whether you are buying a newer model or an old one, the dealership should be able to offer affordable financing. While you can always get financing from your bank, you may want to consider working with the dealership if the interest rate is at par, or lower, than what most lenders are offering. The Jeep dealer should be able to offer zero or low-deposit/downpayment financing.

Screenshot92CherokeeXJiv) Trade-in Accepted

If you currently have a vehicle that you would like to dispose of and use the funds to acquire a used Jeep, you may want to consider working with dealerships that accept trade-ins, regardless of the make or model of your vehicle. This will make your work easier since you will not need to search for potential buyers for your vehicle.

v) Variety

The right dealer must have a wide range of Jeep vehicles. For instance, potential buyers who are looking for a Jeep Cherokee should be able to find several Cherokee models manufactured in different years with different interior design and color options. The mileage and general condition of these vehicles should also meet the requirements of the buyer.

The easiest way of finding Jeep dealers in your city or state is to search the Internet. You can narrow down the search based on the factors highlighted above. Alternatively, you can visit local dealerships and ask if they have the Jeep model you are looking for.