The students don't like school.

She bought a handbag, but she lost it the next day.


Are you telling me Tigger has something to do with that?

Why is the spaghetti sweet? You know that I hate it that way.

I speak French very poorly.


Are the aliens invading?

Both of my parents are musicians.

Write to me as soon as you get there.

No one listened to me.

Is that what you're afraid of?


The airport improvement levy seems higher than last year.


I'll throw you a stag party.

We'll allow a 5 percent discount off list prices.

What souvenirs did you buy?


Now that Shel's Tavern also delivers, the telephones are buzzing.

I told you I would help.

Look what I got for you.

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Do you think she would accept my invitation?

Marks & Spencers is a well-known British retailer.

Would you sing us a song in English?


My driver's license expires on my birthday next year.


I have to apologize to Ann.

He is the lawful owner of the company.

We were having a quiet supper when out of the blue my mother announced she was going back to school.

He'll have to do this task again.

Suresh bought a pair of cheap earrings.

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You might see her there.

We'll go visit him.

Myron walked down the hall and disappeared into the bathroom.

Jean has a lot of brains.

I usually go on foot.

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That's a great question.

Marco took off his glasses and put them down on his desk.

Competence and performance are two different things.

She seems to take immense pleasure in playing with children.

What is the largest city in Michigan ?


He lured her with trinkets.

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Wherever you live, there's the capital city.

This is all I ever wanted to do.

Pandora likes lacrosse.

The name Ira doesn't ring a bell.

You smell great.


I learned from my mistakes.

Spain is the land of castles.

I don't quite believe what he says.

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Lemaitre proposed that the universe began as a single primordial atom of energy, something hot and dense that exploded, causing space to expand outward.

I'd better get to work.

I'm interested in why bears are important to Lojbanists.

He wanted to be a great military leader.

Ania is a lovely girl.

I'm not in the mood for that right now.

Toerless was bitten by a zombie.

I made a pot roast.

Self-publishing is much easier now in the age of the Web.

That suit wears long.

My father fixed the broken chair.

They might sell what you need.

Don't be so foolish as to go with him.


Case is in the garage changing his oil.

He played the guitar very well in his father's presence.

I had a good time this evening.

I know who likes Sachiko.

Darrell eats a lot of brown rice.

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I jumped into the water as in a trance.

Kyle was late for the meeting.

I do business on the internet.

I can't tell you what we did yesterday evening.

Good artists copy, great artists steal.

He ate out.

I'd better go check on them.


Do you remember that night?

Russia is bigger than Italy.

Is Terrence old enough to drink?

The baby has taken to him.

I missed a trick by not buying the complete version.

Don't go to sleep with the light on.

The president promised to ax government spending.

I called them fat pigs.

I don't really know what you mean.

It's dark in this room.

That's a funny looking car.

I completely trust your abilities.

However, some people in the audience were not pleased with the results.


English paragraphs are different from Italian paragraphs.

You can't buy apples any more!

The probability that we may fall in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just; it shall not deter me.

Ray will be safe here.

Jupiter's atmosphere is thought to be composed of hydrogen, helium, sulfur, and nitrogen. Clouds in the atmosphere move in alternating bands from east to west or west to east.

I can't endure that noise a moment longer.

He walked on tiptoe so that nobody would hear him.

The house was in flames.

I don't want to see your faces.

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He stands for both freedom and justice

Pamela got paid today.

Due to a cold, I've lost my voice.


Do you guys want to play a game?


All the ingredients are fresh.

We wanted to make this trip to see our friends.

Bill seems to be stuck on Srinivas.

That seems about right.

You'll let me know, won't you?

I am very glad that this sentence has so many translations already.

Let's go wake her up.

I provide for the needs of my family.

Please remain seated for a few minutes.

We'll be hungry.

I need to be here.

You know how these things go.

In 2001, the financial group Goldman Sachs concluded that Brazil, Russia, India and China would be the "bricks" of the global economy, giving rise to the acronym "BRIC".

I'm so sorry for what I've done.

Some people just have hate in their hearts, and don't care who they hate, as long as they hate someone.

I have a good job.

Becky knew he was right.

Glenn made good use of his time.

Don't touch my bike.

I'm pleased to have you here.

The cat is in the bag.


Kurt has been behaving a little strange.

My nickname is Teri.

They're going to stay a while with them, aren't they?

He obeys in school, but at home he is difficult.

We were saved, but a price had to be paid.

I'll take care of it right now.

You deserve a long rest.

Do your parents agree to your becoming a flight attendant?

Sjaak wasn't quick enough.


Leonard lasted about three months on that job.

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I am looking for the cheeses.

I don't belong to them.

Nigel promised Brad that he'd help her.

What an expensive piano!

We're reading the same book.

I don't regret this.

Don't just whine, do something!

Kory is the church's pastor.

We had little rain last month.

I have brought his umbrella by mistake.

They asked for my help.


The sooner we start, the sooner we'll finish.

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Tai is taller and stronger than Aaron.

A string on my guitar broke.

The coordinator is Mwa.

She deserves to be jailed.

When the father came home, I watched TV.

He started it!

Gigi was the only one not invited to Alvin's party.


Your secret's safe.


I never knew what purpose would living forever serve, but now I know, that it would be useful to give us the possibility of learning English.

His rival was discouraged by his triumph.

The doctor would not take any gifts from the poor.

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Is the work done?


We couldn't have done it without your help.

Don't fuck with me!

Maureen improved his results.

It's terribly expensive.

There's no way to foresee the consequences.


Mariou opened a can of soup and emptied it into a saucepan.


All is well.

Many people do not trust the government.

He studies computational linguistics.

Casper still talks about you.

Those are your enemies.

After thinking long and hard, I put the plan into practice.

I need 100 shekels.

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Wes was a teacher.

I have a schedule to keep.

He got off at the next station.