Vladimir is really worried.

What on earth does this have to do with me?

I'll manage it.

That's true for every day but one.

I know you want answers.

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He is no longer living here.

I fell asleep in class yesterday.

I wish I had studied French when I was in high school.


Remove your shirt and lie down.

What was the real problem?

Ricardo's best friend got a Brazilian bikini wax.

You need to play the notes in the correct order.

Raphael has been through chemotherapy and radiation treatment.


Is it still far?


I've been trying to talk to you alone, but you always seem to be with other people.

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She happily granted my request.

We tend to think that our time is our own only on Sundays and holidays.

Have you ever traveled by air?

You weren't wrong.

I have a Me 2, which is stronger than my Me 1.

Lance sipped his coffee slowly.

Oskar abandoned the plan.

I've waited for a month.

Nikolai likes what he sees.


You can't get ahead if you don't work hard.

The small companies were absorbed into a big organization.

Stop texting me!

Dawson is the worst student in the class.

What separates Guangdong from Guangxi?

Angus hasn't cleaned his gun in a long time.

She was born in the nineties.

A lady of "a certain age," which means certainly aged.

Maurice didn't waste time responding.

Aren't you the doorman?

I just sold my car to her.


We weren't briefed.

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I understand this.

Moe went to a medieval music festival.

I'd just like to ask if you saw or heard anything last night that could cast some light on this mysterious affair.

As a whole, the plan seems to be good.

I didn't try to stop Emma.

I really like trains.

Maarten wore a long, loose-fitting coat.

All my friends like the same kind of music that I do.

She asked him to marry her.

Would you please help me carry my suitcases?

I don't know how to demonstrate it, since it's too obvious!


This isn't about Dwayne, is it?

Did you know that Sue quit his job?

Proverbs are the fruit of experience of all peoples and the common sense of all ages, arranged in formulas.

Are you from the neighborhood?

I have no idea where to go.


This is far too expensive.

What did they take?

We've met several times.


Do you play squash?

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My mother doesn't care for our neighbor very much.

I like to try new cars.

I don't have a radio in my room.

Where did you heat them?

He seems to have been ill.

He borrowed money from his friend.

No one is speaking.

I don't have the slightest clue.

Scientists believe that about 13.7 billion years ago, a powerful explosion called the Big Bang happened. This powerful explosion set the universe into motion and this motion continues today.


We're going to send them home.

Peel the apple before you eat it.

Does Sri like me?

I was looking at the dog, but, with another look, it had turned into a cat.

I can't put up with his rudeness any more.

Take anything you want.

Look as I might, nowhere could I find my lost watch.

Everything was so beautiful.

I want shelter.


This is a very interesting book.

Kiki is in danger, too.

Ask Francis if he can speak French.

Your objection is noted.

I have to go there.

He left Africa forever.

Thunder indicates that a storm is near.


We're in serious trouble.


Jinny scored 30 points.

Kerry doesn't want anybody asking questions about Claudio.

Miles might come to the party with Shyam.


It has been a nice trip overall.

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It'll be a while until we're ready.

We must keep quiet.

Why are there so many motorcycles in this city? Well, it's because they're cheaper than cars and there are more poor people than rich ones.

Why did they do this?

So I want to explain who these people are.

My neck hurts.

My political affiliations are none of your business.

"Miltos will be here soon." "How soon?"

The hat on the desk is Donne's.


I don't know if it is true.

He is after a job.

This fabric wears well.


For some reason she didn't come home last night.

He knocked his knee against the chair.

We're going up into the mountains, so why don't you come with us?


Irfan's a first-time offender.

I don't mind if I do!

So what do we do now?

He is the head of marketing.

My best friend lied to me.

I guess I need to start studying harder.

Can I please talk to them?


This is residential property.


It's not a problem at all.

How much do the oranges cost?

It's not necessary to write a long letter.

There is nothing like a walk.

Why don't you join us at our table?

This contract shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai alone.

Srivatsan looks Scandinavian.

I think that could be arranged.

Ray was still lost in thought.


Let's not swim.

It's our own fault.

He died three months ago in Devonshire.

Do you eat bread during lunch?

Deirdre is now taller than his father.

Apples are necessary.

The woman suspected that her son was using drugs.

The fire consumed the whole house.

You were there when it happened.

She feeds her dog the same thing that she eats.

That's not part of the plan.

I don't believe half of what I've been told about you.

He cut a fine figure in company.


Victor's hair is growing.


There is a car in front of the building.

The umpire called the ball foul.

He is wise who neither hopes nor fears anything from the uncertain future.

I hear from my mother every month.

I'll get in.


A candle lighted the room.

I don't care if you believe me.

He looked very serious.

He cannot have said such an unreasonable thing.

Why would you believe them?

Graeme and Romain ran into the air-raid shelter.

She said good-by to me for good.


What have you been doing all this while?

Point to the one you mean.

I ended up at Judge's place after walking around all day.

I want Ted to ride with Elaine.

Did I give you enough time?

Shut your gob!

I think we can begin.

The sad story made my heart ache.

The secret of life is hanging around until you get used to it.

His English is quite good.

I'm not interested in talking about Orville.

I'm not going to say this twice.

Where are you going, boy?

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Child as she was, she was brave.

Ofer came back.

Mushrooms are in season now.

It's high time I change my glasses!

Tell the maid to make the beds.


Come back and see us in the morning.

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I often play soccer after class.

Do you sell a lot of those?

After her first date with Leslie, Leon was distracted all day, couldn't concentrate on her classes and didn't feel hungry.


This has all happened before.