Don't let Micah read this.

We sat in the very back of the auditorium.



Tell me a story.

Dan refused to listen to Linda.

I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask.

That could take several months.

They deported her.

Lisa refused to rule out the possibility that his son was still alive.

I love cinema.

Rayan has gray hair.

Maybe, I need to use some infinitive construction?

This car has an alarm.

Let's split the bill today.

Would you check the oil, please?

We'll know soon enough.

He struck a match, but quickly put it out.

They are afraid of the teacher.

Raanan can do it in 10 minutes.

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Where did you pick up those old coins?


Only a thief knows the ways of a thief.

If you don't eat, you die.

Fletcher's amazing.

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Chris, you're completely wet!


I saw him go into the toilet a few minutes ago.

I'll let Roberto tell you.

My brother almost drove me crazy.

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It's a little cold for a swim, don't you think?

Do you think I should tell my parents about us?

She was brought up by her grandfather.


Are you going to go with us, too?

You have to work, not think.

The task of philosophy is to recover the totality obscured by the selection.

Wait a second here.

What time is the game tomorrow night?


Tell me how that's possible.


We think Tait knows more about Benson's death than he's willing to admit.

Mercury is only about one-third the size of the Earth. It is smaller than any other planet.

That child stared at me, his mouth agape.

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She told him to stop.

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Why do I have to be here anyway?

Kanthan got seriously hurt in a traffic accident.

It's not something you talk about at family reunions.

Conrad is drinking a diet cola.

She has a screw loose.


What colour were they?


We're in a rush.

If cheese is good, but the cake is a lie, what is a cheesecake? A good lie.

Clifford never eats spinach.

Chiyonofuji carried all before him.

The paint hasn't dried yet.

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Unless you work for a food magazine, people don't pay you to eat and drink.

We need tools.

There is nothing for it but to put off our departure.

He has more books than he can read.

I've never told this to anyone.

They caught five butterflies.

Please forgive my son.

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He hastily wrote down our names.

If you make a mistake, give yourself some time and try again.

I'm in the bathroom.

I can see everyone.

A lightyear is the distance that light travels in one year.

Huashi is puzzled.

She cannot be over twenty.

I know who you're supposed to meet.

Sweat bathed his forehead.

It is too expensive for me to buy.

After work, I'm going to exercise.

Few people can run the machine as well as Mr Smith.

Elisabeth pressed an ice pack to his head.

Have you ever cried because of a woman?

Shai asked Jacobson to recite the poem she wrote.


I had my purse and commutation ticket stolen while I was sleeping on the train.

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The goggles protect your eyes from dust.

I used to ride a motorcycle to work.

Do you need me, Bobby?

Did Honzo find you?

I've been doing it all my life.

I applied for this job.

She got more than she bargained for.

You don't give up too easily, do you?

I have a few ideas for you.

Gerard wanted to teach Barney a lesson.

He helped me fix my watch.

The chairman called the meeting to order.

They were thought to have died many years before.

No machine could replace you.

Don't I know you from someplace?


Everybody has to be somewhere.

I like to take my pad and pencil and drive to the seashore to sketch.

Can you page someone for me?

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Apparently, Jeany did the same thing.


He had just finished his homework when the clock struck ten.

Brad took a trip around the world.

He went abroad two years ago.

He won't listen to me.

It has only ten streets.

Don't be a backseat driver.

When Ron showed up late for work for the third time in a row, his boss told him that it was the last straw and that he would have to fire him.

The two men were arrested for reckless driving.

Sri's options are limited.

Do you think Mason will like my gift?

This letter has to be sent right away.

I seem to have run out of steam this term.

It is said that the secret of long life is to have something to live for.


The war finally broke out.

The train left just as we arrived at the platform.

She is dressed in white.


It is this window that he broke.


Even your mother doesn't know who your father is.

The funniest thing happened to me on the way here.

What do you think about this?

Tatoeba is sick right now. She should stay in bed.

She went travelling with her friend.

Those present at the meeting supported the bill.

I didn't invite Catherine.

There seems to be some genetic problem with this animal.

The baby takes after his mother.

You are doing very well. Keep it up.

Morgan entered the bedroom quietly.


I cannot assemble this engine. I have no experience.

It's not cool.

I don't think we'll be able to solve this problem by ourselves.

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That young man is going to go far in this profession.

Can I leave now?

They already have three cats, they don't need another one.


How do you feel about Kyu?

Micheal is coming up the front walk.

Panzer is back to normal.

Marilyn shouldn't tell Lin anything about his past.

The storm is gathering in intensity.

He has recently failed, but he is still full of hope.

I feel sleepy when I listen to soft music.

Are they sleeping together?

She will never talk about it.


Are you lying?

"Sorry," said Ron with a tear in his eye.

Bring that here.


Your car's here.

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Teaching children is easier than teaching adults.

This elastic has a lot of give.

Jean-Pierre is getting rid of his old car.

I see you nodding.

It's well past Adlai's bedtime.


Marlena and Everett are in the same boat.

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He is a quick walker.


Catch him.

This thread is thinner than a human hair.

She is a natural musician.


Pravin left before I arrived.

He kept the invaders at bay with a machine gun.

Go there only.


Srikanth didn't recognize the number.

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We were just hanging out.

Then, she began to cry but with no tears.

Ping's reply was evasive.

Bernie and Kayvan are very much in love.

What's your real opinion?

I think we'd better get you home.

Sangho bought a Chinese-Japanese dictionary.

The price does not include the case.

I use a flashlight to illuminate dark areas.

This tree is over 1,500 years old.

Hotta is the little brother I never had.