Our App Solutions

Content Management

Content uploaded and encoded to the specs

Front End, Service, Build

The Front End Portal or APP is designed and built by Vector’s In-House Development Team

Configuring Subscription Engine

Configure the subscription type of the pack like PPU, PPD, Subscription, Free or Subscription Bundles

Monetization & Deployment

Service is tested to be deployed among any Billing Integrations

Service Management

The ongoing management of live services can be managed by Vector

“Igknights DSP helps marketers reach out an engage new and prospective consumers ”


Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Malik Gilani


Abhishek Kapadia


Umang Bhavsar

Business Head

Khaleel Surati

Business Head

Khushboo Goel

Business Head

About Us

Some information about us

Founded in 2013, We started operations in India in 2015 and then in UAE in 2016. Has been in Global - Direct to consumer business way back from 2015 Our key focus – Ad Network and D2C services world wide. Created in-house DSP platform for maximum optimization of traffic. Ability to handle millions of click per day. Mobile Advertising – CPI, CPA, CPC, CPL and CPM traffic buying and selling E Commerce Applications. Own the inhouse DSP engine which helps in distributing traffic very appropriately. Maximum profitability due to in –house DSP platform. Dedicated team of 9 people – Tech , Affiliate manager, BI . Working relationship with most of the publishers worldwide.

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