Broadcast to the Right Audience at the Right Time
Leveraging computer vision, your content will play as soon as your targeted audience is detected to be nearby
Deliver Your Messages in the Right Context
Target specific establishments, locales, weather, or other environmental factors that place your message in a context where it is best received
Run Your Campaign on Target and on Budget
Show only to those who care, pay only when they can see it

A.I Assisted, Targeted on Digital Screens Displayed in Public Places

Cloud Orchestrated

Manage your content, workflow, campaign, and hardware from anywhere at anytime

A.I Driven

Computer Vision aided audience recognition and Machine Learning enabled micro-targeting

Community Supported

Maintained and operated by an open community of hosts and content curators

We Make Our Screens Noticeable  

We enhance the decor by enlivening public facing screens displayed at popular locations with visually stunning, but theme appropriate content 

We Make Our Screens Responsive

The web camera attached to each screen is trained to detect your target audience and measure performance in real-time.

We Make Content Delivery Intelligent  

We apply data science and machine learning to determine where and when to showcase your content

We Give You Controls

You can access media content, adjust campaign perimeters, and view performance infographics all in real time from your personalized dashboard

Together, We Are 

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