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    OriGene offers a complete set of research tools for I-O research including CTLA-4, PD-1, Tim-3, and more.
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    A complete ‘start to finish’ service from gene to protein, and downstream modifications including tag removal, endotoxin testing/removal, conjugations, and any other services that you may need.
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    Genome-wide coverage for human, mouse & rat


Scientist from Givaudan July 10, 2015

My experiences with OriGene have been very positive. In all cases but one the cDNA clone was exactly what we expected it to be. This has not been the case with other suppliers.



Lentivirus production, a previously taunting task, has become a simple process with lentiviral packaging, lenti titer and lenti concentration kits available. OriGene, supplying lenti-ORF and lenti-shRNA as ready-to-use plasmids or particles, shares its expertise in this video. Don’t miss this short tutorial on how to package, titer and store lentiviral particles.

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