They went away.

Don't judge a man by his clothes.

We'll be late for dinner.

In the Dutch city of Maastricht there must be 53 churches; at times, some of them are used as stores, bars or museums.

I'm sorry for what happened.

I might be wrong.

Religion is not important for him and he doesn't believe.

The sacrifice was seen as a way of sanctifying the act.


It would be madness to do it.

I was criticized.

Kirk wouldn't tell Elvis where he lived.

Valerie scored the winning goal.

I never knew about such a duty.


It was yesterday that I saw him walking down the street.

The Japanese at large consider themselves better off than they used to be.

Did Pierette tell you we were coming?

I need to ask Syed what to do about the matter.

She hasn't translated the sentences in French.


I'll check.


St. Valentine's Day falls on Sunday this year.


The journey, as I recall it, was long and tedious.

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The train will be leaving in five minutes so you had better hurry up.

I will write letters to you as often as I can.

Stop! You're making me cry.

Toerless was very impressive.

Gretchen, what's the matter?


Gretchen didn't flinch.

Do you have a fireplace in your home?

What time did you get up yesterday?

What does it mean to develop a sound architecture?

Don't you have a pen?

It never occurred to me that what I was doing might be illegal.

I had all my clothes washed by my mother.


What colour is the cloud?

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The owner wishes to rent the house.

Are you texting George?

Pick a job that you enjoy and working will seem easy.


His answer is different from mine.

There are so many languages in the world but there is not any word that can express how much I love you.

We're trying to make a documentary.


You're not a freak.


Tomas noticed that not all the kids were paying attention.

Tell me what you can.

People have short memories.

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We're halfway home.


She paused in surprise.


Fred tried to be tactful.

That should tell us something.

The idea is of paramount importance.

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I'm always confusing John with Paul.

Do I really need to do that?

The inspection was quite perfunctory.

There are three suitcases near the door.

His office is past the bank on your left.

Does anyone here speak Esperanto?

Not you, too, Win.


Did you enjoy yourself at the theater?


At the beginning you had disliked the idea, but now you seem to be content.

Can you tell me where's the nearest payphone?

Maureen can speak French well enough.

I live across the street.

Will you throw in some cables for that price?

We have to analyze that.

Elias refused to eat his lunch.


This melody reminds me of my school days.

Tell us where Charles is.

Why does Laurence always look so tired?

Matthias used to write articles for the local newspaper.

Can you please come fix this?


What is the tallest building in Japan?


Are you wearing makeup?

I'll see you very soon.

Is he Japanese?

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We can't find him anywhere.

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You had better not tell your father about the accident.

Be there at noon.

You're dating a Keio university student, aren't you?

Not everyone's like you.

Jenine doesn't work here anymore.


I hope she doesn't notice.


You're spending too much time on the computer.

Those children are keen on skating.

It's a quotation from Don Quixote.

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I cannot comment this sentence, as I don't speak Russian.


We can't do that anymore.

They're likely to cancel school tomorrow because of the heavy snow.

Linda kissed me on the cheek.

It'll take some time until we have enough money to buy a new tractor.

He's worried that he might be late.

Where did you take them off?

Playing cards is very interesting.


Thomas offered his seat to an old lady.

How long have you been living in Osaka?

Once you skip a lesson, it's hard to catch up with your classmates.

No one is calling you a thief.

I believe this concern to be exaggerated.

My name is Jack.

No has a lot of good qualities.

They can manage.

Thank you so much for coming by.


I can't help myself anymore.

Juliet was a big inspiration for me.

How many cups of coffee did you drink today?

Julianto is in danger of being evicted.

We have to get out of here.

He was happy to realize his dream.

Jianyun opened the trunk of the car.

Want of sleep injures our health.

The job offer still stands.

What would I do if something happened to you?

The sea is calm.

Trees put forth young shoots all at once.

She devoted her life to education.


America's consumer slump will hit those around it as well.

You may as well have a day off, because you have been overworking those days.

This design resembles his earlier work.

It is very difficult for you to do this work.

Everyone changes.

I was very upset.

Don't tell Galen anything.


I slapped his face.


What's the number of the taxi company "Dazhong"?

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Vice is a fast runner.

I can answer that.

Why are you so secretive?

Martha is an excellent pianist.

I'd wish the moon would fall upon the Earth.

The train was ready to depart.

I didn't tell Stacey where you lived.

Don't give me that.

He treated it with utmost care.

Her skirt is totally out of fashion.

When I'm with a crying baby, I end up wanting to cry myself!


My mother being ill, I couldn't go to the concert.

I'll say this: you won't get anywhere by being angry with me.

Is the night cold agreeable?

The athletic meet took place on October 15.

Marsha got completely plastered.

Andrew and Maria have two cats.

Roman became aware that he had forgotten to tie his shoes.

I believe it will be quite a long time before the spirit of democracy pervades our daily life.

She is sophisticated.


The exam was real hard.


Don't challenge someone who has nothing to lose.

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I tripped on a stone, twisting my ankle.

He is my classmate.

I wish I could express myself better in French.

Douglas and Kylo spend a lot of time together. I think they're in love.

Lord didn't say where he had been.

This coffee tastes great.

Morton was arrested for resisting arrest.

When you have your own house then you can make your own rules.

When Major looked at his watch, he was surprised to see how late it was.


You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time; but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.

As is often the case with him, he didn't show up on time.

Put it there, not here.

My father will cook me a delicious meal tomorrow morning.

Melinda told me he doesn't know Laurianne very well.

What'll I tell them?

I think I should go in alone.

This shirt is a little bit loose.

Don't let people make you crazy about money, hair and clothes.