I've finally found something worth doing.

I was up for hours last night thinking about that problem.


I can't even if I want to.

I wonder what Molly will try to do next.

Let's go listen.

I've heard a lot about that, too.

You don't even know who I am.

Stay here and help me.

My head's still pounding but I don't have a temperature any more.

I still have to find out about Amedeo.

We're moving house next month.

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Lawrence pushes Barbara around.

I do not believe in the God of theology who rewards good and punishes evil.

He didn't have anything to say to the teacher.

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do you ever feel I'm breaking down?

I'll try to be nicer to Cathrin from now on.

I think I could handle it.

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I tried to get them to help us.

That's my skill talking.

This is fantastic!

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For safety purposes, please make sure to read the instruction manual before using this product.


Kurt went to Boston to study art.

Gregor? Hello? I asked you a question.

Are you going to marry him?


I have just washed all the dishes.

We're very disappointed in you.

The candidates are out kissing babies and pumping hands.

I'll eat something once I've finished.

I'd like you to join us.

We left on good terms.

I don't lie.

I had to see you again.

I'll go by car.

Have you still not finished paying for my bike?

All languages are hard in translating from them to Lojban.

Bancus and I had a conversation on IRC.

Our whole case hinges on whether the government's actions were constitutional or not.

Kyouichi Saionji, who he supposed would win the duel, has lost.

Maybe we should come back later.

I look up to you.

I'd like to ask you some questions.


This is a dry town.


Let's go ask Fletcher.

I'm washing dishes.

Switch off the light. I can't get to sleep.

I hope you'll like it.

The stories which you will read in this book deal with some of the many problems which face young people.

We need to DRY out the code.

We spent a night at the mountain hut.

We were having a good time.

I don't have any friends.

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Cary thanked Marian for taking care of his dog.

Tell me what to do here.

I walked an entire ten miles.

I had a strict curfew at my house.

Just dismiss those thoughts from your mind - they're crazy and not worth thinking about.

Neither team played well in the game.

I don't know where that is.

Ronni smiled bravely.

She is the happiest in her class.

Many people drink water out of the kitchen faucet.

What sort of man is Helge?


I should admit that I started to feel sick.

What do you study in school?

I don't want to lie to her.

Have you walked the dog already today?

I'll catch a ride with her.

I was afraid that I might be late for the bus.

The prisoner was set free yesterday.


I lived overseas for ten years.

My major is comparative religion.

How did you survive?

What a beautiful Sunday to read in the sun.

They were cousins.

That's a pretty dress you have on.

It's hard to say no to Kathryn.

Did you get one of these, too?

What did they do?

Rajiv and Magnus spent a relaxing week on a houseboat.

Land prices are very high in Japan.


Maybe you could talk to him.

In those days, I made it a point to take a walk before breakfast.

It's just not appropriate.

Sundar really doesn't want to tell Stanly where he was.

Are you for or against this?

Carsten was at home.

I heard you scream.

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Do not give in to those demands.

A GPS device can pinpoint your location anywhere in the world.

As if by magic, it disappeared in an instant.


I ate breakfast on my balcony.


In many respects, women and men are completely different.

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This stuff works.

I won't bite.

Lorenzo didn't know why his car wouldn't start.

Does the term self-preservation mean anything to you?

I went swimming with Bernie.


Cary really wants to lose weight.

I wish we didn't have to do this any longer.

I thought I could go.

How do you know where to go?

Milo has a heart of stone.


The rain has lasted for the past two days.

Do you need a new keyboard?

I thought it was pretty good.


He is actuated solely by ambition.

Can I talk to them?

I know him well.

Stacy almost forgot his umbrella.

The section chief made me work like a slave.

He disagrees with his relatives.

We were excited as we watched the game.

What's your proposal?

Something awful happened to me.

Matthew will depart soon.

Bernard didn't feel well, but he went to work anyway.

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If a fire should break out, I would make off with my flute.


There was a bunch of geese flying in different groups.

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I probably should've asked Giovanni that question.

Miles and Claude still aren't out of high school.

Dan gave the detective an account of his activities that day.

I don't hate anyone.

I no longer remember the song's melody.

That's no good, Bonnie.

The struggle to succeed sometimes leaves people feeling empty.

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Guide dogs help blind people.

I finished writing the letter by noon.

You must be back by 10 o'clock.


Waiter, there is a fly in my coffee.

She wrote down their name so as not to forget it.

Where is there a telephone?

You could've written.

He was barred from entering this restaurant.


For a bribe, a traffic policeman agreed not to take away a driver's license.

Can you help me paint my house?

Randell is still trying to mend fences.

What is your blood type?

After he came, the party started.

I convinced him that he was wrong.

Who would do this?

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My life is better without her.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Our sales are decreasing.

My son never bargained for so many problems.

She sets your world alight.

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We met Gilles.

Was Pat happy you gave David the job?

I don't like when mothers yell at children.

He believes whatever I say.

We're going to the movies. Come with us.

I was hoping we could talk.

My roommate from the barracks, who can't hold his liquor, came home after the party and puked all over my new shoes.


You're confusing her.

Some Middle-Easterners seek more religious solutions.

Do you think you'll see Wendi again?

It'll be difficult, but not impossible.

It's very likely that he'll be late.

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James is a top-notch swimmer.

Shane wasn't able to read until he was thirteen.

Ranjit doesn't have a savings account.

Here it is warm. You could put away your coat.

They both got here late.

Piercarlo took a deep breath.

Then what does it mean?

I told you to sign the document.

If you run fast, you can catch the train.

Karen has haunting green eyes.

I think I'm in trouble.


Ignorance gets you nowhere in life.