Don't make such careless mistakes.

Blayne was watching the whole time.


She plowed the field.

I thanked her for her kind hospitality.

Emily goes to sleep at 10 o'clock at night.

The source of the trouble appeared to be that Napoleon and Mr. Pilkington had each played an ace of spades simultaneously.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.


This is the free one.

I was at work.

She hid this from her husband.


Two people were killed in a traffic accident.


Nobody is in the living room, but the TV is on.


Ask my friends.

He refuses formula.

In Singapore, one way to punish a criminal is to whip him or her.


Why would Petr come back now?

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This is actually old news.


My credit cards are maxed out.

That doesn't mean that I will stop doing it.

What a rude man!

Don't go anywhere.

I know how much you dislike him.


He can also speak Russian.

Please give me a call.

They entered cautiously.

They came presently to our rescue.

All you people think about is work.

How far is Liverpool from Southampton?

You have a tendency to talk too fast.

By the end of the century, the earth will have experienced a dramatic increase in temperature.

Damon is a little younger than your daughter.

It's a matter of either or.

Patrice is taking his final exam.


Can't you tell that Josh is upset?

Please print only if necessary and recycle.

A polar bear is a rectangular bear after a coordinate transform.


You should've reported that to the police.

Her father is a bank employee.

The matter is all settled.


I'm pleased with his performance.

I wasn't aggressive enough.

Starbuck and Courtney are already inside.

There's no need to wait.

We didn't look very long.

I want to make a complaint.

We can't get along without Lori.


I can't find Petr. Has he gone already?

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Her voice was sweeter than the lark's.


Eduardo was shot in the back.

Brender and Rodent are both drunk.

There's new energy to harness, new jobs to be created, new schools to build, and threats to meet, alliances to repair.

The former captain was superior to the present one.

I am English in that I eat biscuits.

You don't need to thank me. I'm here to serve you.

You are my equal; not my inferior or superior.


Oleg is a kind man.


Chris has a secret admirer.

Put down your weapons.

The electorate is largely uninterested in the lackluster candidates.

Put Helge to bed.

I'll stop them.


It's the third time I've eaten Japanese food, I love it!


His name is known to everyone in our town.

I don't think I really have a problem.

Tao watched the children.


A wine bar just opened in the area. Let's try it.

I don't need a partner.

I will do whatever you wish.


Neville turned around and looked at Roxanne.

The proof is left to the reader.

The first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan.


Research revealed that the same high truancy levels were to be found in every inner city district.


If you come my way, drop in on me.

She's the most beautiful girl in the whole school.

Spencer sings in the church choir.


Do you think it's dangerous to eat genetically modified food?

I wouldn't help you even if I could.

When I was a child, I played with Play-Doh.

How is it that we can see things so clearly?

I'm prettier than Kieran.

He is in fear of the dog.

He made up his mind.

Jeanette started to run.

Now I'll take you by the hand.

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I wish I knew what to tell them.


Where is the nearest police station?

She needs to change her lifestyle.

Cecilia had a lot of work to do.


I'm not too good at this game.

Put away your bicycle.

Everything seemed to work.

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You've been to Boston, haven't you?


Our leader will know what to do.

I'm sorry, I meant no offence.

I've already had the entrance ceremony. It's a university alongside the same railway line.


I can be what I am, but I'd never be able to hurt a fly.

We're survivors.

We need to talk about them.


He was a pretty good friend of mine.


Their support for him cooled.

I'm not like other people.

It was foolish for him to turn down her offer.


He shot himself this morning.

I had the same problem myself.

Jisheng said that he wanted to learn French.

It's raining, so please bring your umbrella.

If I had to surrender, I'd rather choose death.

Do you remember Corey?

Sergio will be busy until 2:30.

Let's move on to the next item on the agenda.

Bea felt ashamed.

Is the water in the Black Sea actually black?

It shouldn't take too much longer.

The medieval church despised the body and exalted the spirit.

Fletcher has been single all his life.


What's your favorite flower?

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They always complain about their superiors.

Jun wasn't sure if he had enough money.

Contact your local police if you have any information on Jamie Jackson's whereabouts.

Takeuchi didn't mean to say what he said.

Jun has lost his umbrella again.

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Earth, it is a planet, and not a planetoid.

I will never marry you again.

You have to find Bert.

Sundaresan needs our input.

You were my best friend.

Eliot said he wasn't going to wait for permission.

Sanjay has meetings all day today.

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All of us live in the same dorm.

Come on, give it to me.

Al-Qaida exists in every single country that the US wants to annihilate, perhaps even in North Korea.

This weekly comes out once a week.

I thought you could use this.

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We'll be back after this short break.

They made Venkata an offer.

We're standing.

When did you return from London?

Bob is much younger than Susanne.

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You hurt me.


My ears feel stuffy.

It could take me ten years to fully understand what I have achieved.

I'm not used to this kind of food.


Dan desired to kill Linda.

The rainforests are disappearing at the rate of tens of thousands of hectares a day.

Yesterday I became a god, but found that a bit boring, so today I became a devil.

I thought we were finished with that.

The audience were excited by the show.

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I was a student myself once.

That Japanese word has no equivalent in English.

Brazil was a Portuguese colony.

I'm drunk.

Izchak had difficulty paying attention.


Anton told me that I shouldn't buy that.

Anna didn't let his children go to Bret's party.

Geoffrey is an impulsive buyer.

Joachim just went on vacation.

Cristina seemed nervous.