1. ✦Clothing / Uniform Cutter

  2. ✦Seat Belt Cutter

  3. ✦Oxygen Key

  4. ✦Safer for Patient & Operator

  5. ✦Much Faster than Shears

  6. ✦Easier to Use with Less Force

  7. ✦No Squeezing & No Hand Fatigue

  1. ✦No Shears Needed

  2. ✦No Blade Changes

  3. ✦Reduce Hand Fatigue

  4. ✦Safe, Wide Guard

  5. ✦Easy to Use

  6. ✦Built for Rescue Use

  7. ✦Strong & Lightweight

Designed by EMT’s, Paramedics and Firefighters, the shearless TRECK+ simultaneously removes multiple layers of clothing, uniforms, leathers, turnout gear and other equipment, safer and faster than shears.

Shears are slow and sometimes fail.  The initial cut, multiple insertions, and the repetitive motions of squeezing shears can be unsafe, tiring and time consuming.

With a single insertion, the TRECK works best as you draw it away from the patient, which prevents contact, and allows the TRECK to slice through materials more effectively.  Access wounds quickly, safely and easily.

US Utility Patent # 6,493,945 and additional US and Foreign Patents Pending. All content © Copyright Talon Rescue, LLC.

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Avoid patient contact, multiple insertions and awkward cuts - the TRECK cuts safely and quickly, without shears.

Multiple layers, hard to cut materials: leather, thick jackets, hazmat suits, wetsuits, racing uniforms and even Firefighter turnout gear.

EMT • Paramedic • Firefighter • First Responder • Nurse • ER Tech • EMS • Fire • Tactical • Sports Medicine • Military • Marine • Hunting • Search / Rescue

Made in
the USA!

Safer and Faster than Shears

Multi-use Tool as Shears, Seat Belt Cutter + O2 Wrench

Shears Alternative

TRECK cuts 3 layers of clothing:
Jacket, Sweater and T-shirt

NYC Fire Academy
TRECK Training 9/19/13