The first drive-thru restaurant was created in 1947.

I love your clothes.


All you had to do was buy a couple of tickets.

I didn't realize it until much later.

Our ship touched at Marseilles.

I can't wait until the weekend!

This hotel was built last year.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

We'll go with that for now.


The boy I helped is Tony.

Can I talk to Stan alone?

I feel like I can do anything.

How was the flight?

I saw his car veering to the left.

Pierette had to go home early today.

I will sweep out my room.

Santa didn't like his mother.

Don't interrupt them.

We'll help her, but not now.

Ralph decided to stay three more days.

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The manager suggested that I go with him to the airport.

Can you leave my office, please?

Your sister can not speak English.

The last thing I want to do is cause you any more pain.

Tareq doesn't fear death.

I think it is good for students to clean their classroom.

It was snowing thick and fast.


We'll save you a place.

I wasn't following the conversation.

Jean is Jwahar's granddaughter.

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If I had known about your illness, I would have visited you in the hospital.

This morning at the station, her attention was caught by a poster with bold letters.

This story is true.

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I've gotten kind of used to it.

I steal into the house.

Ssi didn't check his mailbox.


Stanly can't speak very much French.

Jane is hoping you'll do it.

Do you think I'm too old to go back to school?

That's possible.

When the teacher started shouting, they dropped what they were doing and ran out.

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She showed up at the party looking like a million dollars.

He works every day save Sundays.

"What day is it?" "It's Wednesday."

An increase in customer complaints could signal a decline in business.

Students have not cheap places where to buy food.

It is often easier to make plans that it is to carry them out.

He draws straight lines.

Kamiya poured Bradford a cup of coffee and topped off his own.

That knife was so blunt I couldn't use it to cut the meat so I had to rely on my pocket knife.

Does it matter to you how much it costs?

He amused us with funny stories.

You don't know how bad I want to leave.

I helped him wash the dishes.

I want you to put these boxes in the basement.

I'd like you to go and bring back a piece of cake over there for me.

He is expected to go abroad next year.

The government of Mexico refused to negotiate.

I forgot his name.

Only a few people around here speak any English.

We'll miss you, too.

Would you stop that caterwauling?

He had been sober for almost a year, but he gave into temptation around New Year's Day.

She texted her girlfriend.

Insect-eating plants are equipped with various kinds of traps to catch insects.

She is very particular about her food.

I think that shocked everybody.

Louie started to come in, but Terry stopped him.


He began to blush.

It's warmer in the house. Let's go inside.

This politician is a typical champagne socialist.


As long as he is honest, any boy will do.

I recommended you.

We ate lunch together and then we chatted for an hour.


The bar where Shai works lost its license because they had been selling alcoholic drinks to minors.


I demand punctuality.

My laptop doesn't have an optical disk drive.

They hid their worries from their wives.

So what should I do?

Pierette said he was so full he had no room left for dessert.


Don't tell her. She'll tell everyone.

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John has a car from Japan.

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I think exams are ruining education.


Ping is an investment banker.

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Your remark is irrelevant to our argument.

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A balloon is ascending into the sky.

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Rick couldn't remember what needed to be done.

An old proverb says that time is money.

Who asked Toufic to come?

I cannot disturb the doctor at this time.

I'm sure you'll be happy here.

We're going to help her.

It's not mine to give away.

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When it comes to girls, I pay much attention.

Lewis is out of the country.

How much money did Srikanth take out of the bank?

My report is due tomorrow.

Women often paint their fingernails.

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She's stupid and greedy.

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I thought you didn't like him.

A careless person is apt to make mistakes.

Get out here, fast! The guards are coming.


The crocus is a forerunner of spring.

I know what it's like.

Daniele lives in a house without running water.

You must bring home to her the importance of the matter.

I felt pretty bad.


There aren't so many places in the world that are as temperate and so often sunny as where I live.

He has no chance of succeeding.

Do you want to go to Germany with me?

A camel is, so to speak, a ship on the desert.

I wanted to know the truth.

Do you know where your children are?

The park was extended to the river.

I know that you don't want to talk to me.

Order, please.

Donovan told Ric and her children an interesting story.

The stifling heat is preventing me from concentrating on my work.


Older people are often afraid of trying new things.

Buy it, it's very cheap.

I have a lot of homework.


They are buying vegetables in the supermarket.


Don't push your food around your plate.


We're so happy to see you again.

Dan lived a life of luxury in London.

The door won't open.

You are supposed to come in person.

Give the book back to the owner.


Do you see that?

Daren bought a hat for Mayo.

You look just like your mother did when she was your age.

My voice could use a rest.

I met my old friends by the dozens.


Why are you still with her?

When is your book coming out?

Tell me you didn't do this.

Nils is an authority on the subject.

Naren won't let me see them.

He was accused of having violated the law.

I lived in Nagoya for over a month.

The towel on the left is yours.

I know that it's there.

We often hear about an energy crisis these days.

After all, he succeeded in passing the exam.

Clifford is studying in Boston.

This sentence is very easy to translate.


Chris is completely confused.

It's not a game.

Angus is tactful.

We get dressed in the morning.

They have to clean the room.


Hunter needs a cup of sugar.

Donald commutes by train.

Excuse me, how much are these?

My mom told me that I'm fat.

It was all over in a flash.

They were horror stricken at the news.

Hand me that oven mitt.


We are measuring the depth of the river.

Do you know when sie is going for holiday?

"Look what I found under the sofa!" "I think that's one of my old socks."

Herbert turned scarlet.

Where did you pick up those old coins?

It seems that the store is closed today.

What'll Lanny do about it?

Nikolai's favorite sport is baseball.

You are truly a hopeless case.