That girl can't ride a bicycle.

Erik is duller than Emily who, until yesterday, was the dullest person I knew.

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Edmund didn't get off the airplane with the rest of the passengers.

I want to be doing a good job.

I usually go shopping on Sunday afternoon.

I hope you like traveling with me.

A stupid boy called me.


I am going to explain it completely on the wiki.


Someone saved my life.

Stars change over time. It may take millions to billions of years for a star to live out its life.

I prefer black.

That woman gets shy easily.

It was very hard to say that.


I want you out of our apartment by morning.

Wayne clutched his teddy bear.

We had sex once and his wife found out.


I've lived here my whole life.

No cash was missing.

Slow but sure wins the race.


The squalor of the slums is not for the faint hearted.

Strike Nicholas's name off the list.

Ozan jumped into Ole's arms.

I can't be seen with you.

While I was waiting for the bus, I saw a traffic accident.

Bobby needs to resign.

Dave is quite capable of looking after himself.

I'll go tell her we're ready.

Leaves lay thick in the lane.


I am not tired.

I like to work with them.

I want to visit a Native American reservation.

Alex and three of his friends went on a picnic.

Srinivasan followed Earl inside.

Jayant is a bit on the heavy side.

The answer leads us to a vicious circle.

It was my first night among strangers.

Christie refused to join our group.

You should diversify your portfolio.

He is putting all his effort into the service of the business.

She has seen a lot of life.

People fear war. Unfortunately not all of them. Some promote it. Not only the high-ups.

That won't happen, certainly not.

The orchestra is playing.

I don't think Sergio will be here on time.

I switched one on.


Nora was hurt.

That's really nice of you.

He brought me a coffee, in spite of that I'd asked for a tea.


She was green with jealousy.

Mummy cried.

Tuan is very good at the guitar.

We didn't know which car we should get in.

Between E->J translations and J->E, it appears that more people want English-Japanese translations.


You don't know the whole story.


Is something different?

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Do the windows open?


Emil didn't want to get in trouble.

Turn the flame down low.

A heavy frost is expected.

Andre is going to eat cake.

I am a vibrant, very young woman!

He has a keen awareness of the problem.

I want to thank you for what you've done for me.


You're new here.


He was let out after serving just two years of his four-year prison sentence.


He can run 100 meters in less than twelve seconds.

Don't play in the street.

Your guess is wrong.

Clyde isn't feeling at all well.

I want to have sex with her.

The merest mention of his name made her angry.

We've got six children, you know.

Get me up at eight.

Why are you talking about money?

I think you should give Olaf a chance.

I won't stand for this.

Pilots must be well-trained in English.

Phillip didn't disappoint Celeste.


People will laugh at you if you do something as stupid as that.


As for me, I am not satisfied with the result of the examination the other day.

Sushi is delicious.

The parking lot in the back of the school is almost empty.

There's no table in the room.

Sorry again!

He came crawling to me to ask for a loan.

His complete ignorance of the accident surprised me.

Are you a psychologist?

Don't kid yourself. You couldn't afford to buy a house like this.

Yuriko is planning to move into the furniture business.

The ball hit the fence.

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I honestly didn't think Gregory would show up.


Win is a haemophiliac.

The Galilean moons are the four moons of Jupiter that were discovered by Galileo Galilei in the 17th century.

What would we do without Damon?

I am good.

Look, here comes your mother.

We decided to employ men of ability irrespective of their experience.

Spass has been looking forward to this.


Many salesmen are smooth talkers, so I think you shouldn't trust them much.


The town has a European air.

They set fire to their neighbour's house in revenge.

Cristina had plenty of opportunity to plant the bomb.

One of the dogs is alive.

Is daddy going to be arrested?

Not to mince matters, I don't want you to come to our party.

Where there is the major, the minor becomes neglected.


He couldn't find any refuge.

The fire feels good.

She's a talented writer.


Give Rudolph everything we've got.

At what time does the market open?

What he said is a good idea.

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I live with a porcupine.

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She is attending on her sick mother.

Victoria said you had a heart attack last year.

Saify claimed to be Earl's son.

How could you be so certain?

She is my father's sister. She is my aunt.


Do you know by chance his name?


That's your own fault.

Please forget this, for the love of God.

Lar'll survive.

I don't understand what Christopher told us.

One of his friends who lived at Copacabana always made him reservations.


He only cares about himself.

In ten minutes, the potatoes will be done.

Children have rights, too.

Tyler threw Raman the baseball.

Whose newspaper is this?

Everything's still going well?

You didn't tell Gregg where to meet us, did you?

She will make a business trip to London next week.

Grab him! Don't let him get away.

His colleagues were shocked to hear what had happened to him.

He made fun of me in public.

Raghu didn't even give Ned a chance to explain.

Adrian is in the kitchen cooking dinner.

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Suffering is the price of all good things in the world.

Cole couldn't hold back his anger.

Mery is the laziest person in his class.

Sanjay thinks there's a good chance he'll find Charlie.

France is running a welfare state it can no longer afford.

How should we deal with the problem?

I feel very lonely these days.

There are three dogs sleeping on mum's carpet.

Dustin would never allow it.

We stayed outside all afternoon, it was so nice.

I have been to the station to see him off.


I thought you said you didn't see anything.

If you go to a baseball game today, sellers are walking around with hot-water tanks.

The line's been busy all day.

With that as a start many European poems and much literature came to be introduced.

That's lovely.

Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?

You're not supposed to be here until tomorrow.

Your watch is five minutes slow.

Do you have plans tonight?

Everything's in the car.

Earle has denied cheating.


Mother stood arms akimbo.

John died unhappy.

Stop talking to me about Marsh.


His scientific discovery unlocked many mysteries.

Ozan must not be left behind.

I had difficulty in making him understand the message in English.

What were you up to last night?

It happened right here.