I am spreading mustard on a slice of bread.

The bee alighted on the flower.

We are giving the first prize to a Japanese student.

I thought you said you couldn't eat raw fish.

He became a great musician.

Are you doing what you think is right?

Gold can conquer any fortress.

Don't always take sides with him.


Abandon all hope, you who enter here!

I'd like to find out how this got broken.

I'm thinking of going to Paris.

Morris sent me a text message in the middle of the night.

We couldn't have wished for a better start of things.

Today, I saw a woman in pink crocs and I believe that that is the best contraceptive I have ever seen.

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.

Maybe we're both mistaken.

You shouldn't even consider it.

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There were a lot of people in the room.

Sassan asked Jose about the accident that she was involved in.

I don't recognize any of the people in the picture.


I don't think you'd like that.


The translation is true to the original.

That was quite a moment.

I have never had that problem before.


I never see this picture without thinking of my father.

Thank you for the other day.

I'm not tired at all. Dominick did most of the driving.

I was planning to call him, but changed my mind and didn't.

You're an adult.

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You're obstructing justice.

They'll be pleased.

I take it for granted that he would come.

Don't you think it a bad thing?

The frailties of the old lecher were both physical and moral.

I applied for membership in the association.

I like this model.

I have trust in him.

You might want to give this back to Barrett.


If he had been careful back then, the horrific accident would not have happened.

Meehan stole my umbrella.

Laurent certainly didn't expect to win.

Come to think of it, I did see Taro.

I think I know where Ernest put his keys.


Theodore's speech was excellent.

What exactly happened to you?

My battery is almost dead.

How come you know so much about Linder?

Both my parents are musicians.

I'm fed up.

He has proven that he is not worth his salt.


An electric current can generate magnetism.


Did you find out who did it?

I can't promise a reply, but you can send mail to me.

Who are you here to see?

Let me tell you why you shouldn't be here.

Don't mess with us.

I want to find Dave as much as you do.

We see with our eyes.


Are they Japanese?

I made no mistakes.

She spent many days knitting a sweater for him.


That has nothing to do with this problem.


I think videogames are warping our kids minds.


No sentence on Tatoeba contains the word "anathema".


I felt their pain, and suffered with them.

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The earrings are very pretty.

The main idea of the international language Esperanto consists of establishing contacts between various cultures.

I'd like to be friends.


Hillary certainly wasn't very happy about that.

Jennie died in jail.

Having graduated from college, she became a teacher.

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The dog's hair bristled when it saw the lion.

He secretly showed me her picture.

It is no use your waiting for him.

I'll prove it.

We went without him since he wasn't ready.

Her husband is my friend.

It's kind of nice here.

I'd like a cup of tea, please.

He thinks nothing of poverty.

Laika was the first animal to orbit the Earth.

Lynn delivered the eulogy.

This isn't going to work, you know.

Pete says he always told Leif the truth.

We know why you did it.

Halting the decline of the planet's ecosystems may be the most difficult challenge humanity has ever faced.


I have no idea of what it is like.

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This wasn't my mistake.

We'll have to be ready to go.

I help Oliver with his homework almost every day.

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I love someone.


Cars keep to the left in Japan.

"To hire a good lawyer?" Al-Sayib asked.

I'm just so lost right now.

Who's this guy?

I got my driver's license on the second time I tried to pass the driver's test.


Just tell her I called.

She was in the hospital for six weeks because of her illness.

I think Charleen is awesome.

Sri didn't let me get away with anything.

I think we have to tell her.

Adana is famous for its kebab and Hatay for its kanafeh.

Robbin was in a coma for three months.

What a beautiful rose!

It's very common.

We had a good deal of rain last summer.

Do you know when he'll get back?

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I wasn't able to get rid of my doubts about that.


Barbra asked me why I couldn't go.

I didn't eat enough.

How well she cooks!

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He pulled her a little closer.


You may go out as long as you come back soon.

Are you sure I'm the only Canadian here?

Rob has only been gone fifteen minutes.

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Night had completely fallen before we knew.

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I didn't like to write official letters.

This is a worthwhile book.

He engaged to pay the bill as soon as possible.

We've got to buy ourselves some time here.

Have you seen her around?

Both my father and I went to the museum for the first time.

I must bring my address book up to date.

Annard was a fanatic.

That's the strangest thing I've ever seen.


She was pretty, wasn't she?

I remember seeing that gentleman somewhere.

I knew you'd be happy.

He is planning to go home on leave.

I'm not on duty this week.

Maybe we shouldn't have gone to Ramesh's party last night.

Just give them a second.

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It's going to rain.

What are the alternatives to imprisonment?

Nobody else showed up.

He's the one I called.

Terrence is a team player, isn't he?

I took interstate 58.

They said they were afraid.

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Rand wondered what had made Kirsten so unhappy.

Sridhar can swim a lot better than I thought he'd be able to.

I would be happy to be of any service to you.

Patrice must be tired.

Long live the Persian language!

He is the greatest man who has ever lived.

Was he in the army?

Bea, what do you want to be in the future?

I am a guide.

The contract states how much we have to pay.

China is an emerging market.

This is a book.

Connie will be waiting for us in the lobby.


Stop interfering.


Myron isn't afraid of anything, is he?

Do you two know something?

You must keep an eye on the child.

Troy was confined to the house because it was too hot to venture outside.

I don't want to talk to you ever again.


Walking along the street, I hit on a solution to the problem.


Tarmi wanted me to drive.


Did anybody come?

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You had better tell me the whole story.