The child caught a cold.

I'm sorry if I overstepped my authority.

One murder makes a villain, millions a hero.

I'll give you Claudio's address.

We'll leave when you're ready.

We only want to help you, Jarmo.

"I Love You" is the title of more songs than anyone can sing in her lifetime.

She insisted on us going.

It seems that Rudolph is not a man.

I said to myself, "I wonder what she means."

The tank is empty.

Younger Cubans tend to tune into the American television network.

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Let's give her a hand.

Is Claire on any medication?

You're making him nervous.


He is cutting the boy's hair.

The pastry chef is decorating a cake with green owls made of buttercream frosting.

This is no big deal.

I'm going to be talking to him.

We've done what we could.

What has Patrice done lately?

She welded a pipe.

I have three tickets for it.

Nearly 10,000 athletes live in the Olympic village.

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"3031" is "01" encoded to Unicode.

My sister hates me.

I think it's time for me to ask for his advice.


Would you like me to take a look?

Billie never does anything for anybody, except for himself.

When was the last time you fell off the bed?

She plugged in a printer.

Let's attend to our work instead of talking.

Let them talk first.

Doing that would be bad idea.


Is there something I can get for you?

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I'm sorry, will you please excuse me?

We long for peace.

You have to take off your shoes before you can come in.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

What else do you see?


Roy is our teacher.

"Did you mean this one?" "No, I meant that one!"

Three deputies were shot.

There is clearly a problem.

You don't need to go to the dentist's.

No one will tell you.

I like fruits such as oranges and apples.

The war wasted the country.

After work, I went to exercise.

Kenneth needs a sharp knife.

How could Brenda have known about that?

Randolph is really busy.

Trust me, you're going to love it here.

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I'd do anything for her.


She had a sheltered life.

Becky is the most handsome actor in the world.

Let's put up the tent while it is still light.

Cathryn won't talk to you.

Dan had a garage full of collection cars.


There's a famous book in English whose entire last chapter is a single sentence.

It's just not fair.

The police will put you behind bars for twenty years.

I suspect that you won't like it.

Mark promised to meet Socorrito at the usual time and the usual place.


He had friends all over the world.

We hate this enemy of the country.

Blayne's phone was confiscated by the teacher.


Stacey takes good care of his car.

I'll be on my way now.

Cover the pot while you cook.

I'll fire him.

What kind of stuff do you want?

Did Marika talk much about Japan?

She's new fish in the pond.

Helen laughed, but no one else did.

We are learning Spanish.

I study English every day.

Can I trouble you for the salt?

Vilhelm used to dream about Barrio.

I viewed my action as a crime.

I'll let you know when we come to the station.

They will catch up with the lead runner soon.

Victor wanted me to lie.

She is not as tough as she seems.

The is the coach.

I don't yet know what I'm going to do.

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I know the truth.

He died before the ambulance arrived.

You really had me going there.


The train was crowded.

It was a pleasure working with you folks.

Let's meet in front of the main entrance at two-thirty.

Jeffrey kissed Ray and then Antonella returned his kiss.

My cellphone's battery is dead.


He has two classes in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Jeffrey can't speak French.

You just need to relax.

Nadeem didn't leave the door open.

There's no cure for stupidity.


Derek met Gale at school.

They're staring at Ro.

I didn't attack her.

Should we wait here?

Quite a few Americans like sushi.


Sekar might've forgotten about the meeting.

I wish I could sing as well as you.

Sridhar shot a deer.

In the USA, opioids claim more victims than traffic accidents.

I'd stay home rather than go alone.

You should take things more seriously.

I am going to write a letter tomorrow.

Lance is in the attic.

Be back home by nine at the latest.

The road to Kazan lies through a dense forest.

Matthieu came to see me yesterday afternoon.

The plane landed with a bump.

She went for a walk with him this morning.

Esperantists often travel to foreign countries.

We were so young at that time.

This watch costs 10 000 CFA francs.

"I'm invincible!", said Aimee before dying.

Do it the way he tells you to.

It's cold in here.

Let's go visit her.

Rainer only drinks coffee.


Did you have enter your PIN in the computer?

Swipe either left or right to see another animal.

He'll make a good husband.

A few steps behind them came another group of people, illumined by a torch.

Tricia didn't understand my French.

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Amy isn't going to let Siping get to him.


Could I have a piece of cheesecake?

I already spoke to someone in Sassan's office.

The Browns are an elegant and happy family.


This jacket sets well.


Don't tell anyone I was here.


I should've known better.


By the fiftieth heartbreak, rejection becomes much easier to handle.

Karl knocked at the door.

I'd like you to go to the supermarket and buy some bread.

My wife left me.

Glenn said that Donna went mad.


Do you recognize these?

What don't we know?

It's just a toy.


I'm not working on Mondays.

I'm going to town.

Huh? Or maybe did how many of what do what how? What do you think?

Where is it that Mariou wants to go?

She lives a world away from him.


The new system comes into force from next month.

My friend told me he was going to a fancy dress party as an Italian island. I said to him 'Don't be Sicily'.

Rudolf says he can't ignore Jack's behavior any longer.

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The flow is not that strong.

I'm sorry I got you into this.

Why can't Nelken come to us?

What do you think about Lewis?

Ann is much surprised at the news.


Let's spend less time arguing and more time working.

I laughed so hard, my ribs hurt.

Wendi will be absent today because he has a cold.

Dan said that he couldn't breathe.

I guess I should get home to the wife.

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Why don't you come to my house and play the piano?


I want my job back.

The store is making a mark.

Get your filthy hands off her.

I didn't know it was snowing.

Christmas is a busy time for retailers.