I'm not accustomed to getting up early.

Sanjay looks a little bit like a girl.

Marcia couldn't answer even one question on yesterday's test.

I love Jeffery so much.

Kari and Seenu are both indecisive.

Hughes never looked back.

Sri has more than thirty pairs of shoes.

Raif likes Boston better than any other place he's lived.

I have only 10 books.

God has already decided the fate of humans.

Sehyo dreams of owning a house in the center of Boston.

We met her by accident.

Stand in line.

He was raised in the United States, but his native language is Japanese.

It was very nice of you to help me with my homework.


Delbert, do you still love me?

I regret not having lived a better life.

34% of the goods which customs seized in the last year were cigarettes.

Don't give it to anyone.

Have you read any of Takayuki's stories?

The bottom has fallen out of the market.

I wish that my grandmother were still alive.

It is contrary to the morals.

Marty was working part-time.

Nobody wants to come.

I no longer believe anything you say.

Soldiers guard the place day and night.

Don't remember anything?


Did you think about your wife when you were in the army?

I have a previous engagement at ten.

It seems I'll be staying up all night tonight.


Who likes beans?

Jorge was negligent.

Gregory lives near the ocean.

I am called Sara.

It being rainy, I could not go out.

How much is the shirt?

Montevideo will be below water when all the polar ice melts.


The doctor is concerned.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

Weight problem is very sensitive among women.

I can't tell whether it's raining or not.

Cynthia slept under a bridge last night.


I'm indebted to you.

She took a spoon.

I'm going to tell him that.

She's looking for a better job.

When is her birthday?

Envy is the companion of honour.

The restaurant where we're going to eat dinner isn't far from here.


We're sleepy.

I tell him that every day.

What time did that occur?

I wouldn't bet against her.

Just the gesture is enough, thank you.

I have been to Kyoto one time.

You ought to keep quiet when people are talking.


Come down here!

I almost cut myself.

I understand her frustration.

There's got to be a better way of doing this.

It may seem obvious, but sentences you write yourself look the most natural.

Did you follow any of that?

I've done half the work, and now I can take a break.


Are you alone right now?

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He asked the old woman what was causing all the noise and light in the town.

That song was written by Kikki.

Why don't you give it up?

Has something changed?

Lynn deserves a second chance.

This is very difficult.

I was humiliated, picked on, and tortured.

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I'll keep checking.

At this point the depth is small.

It's over there.

I like to go to the movies to see foreign films.

A man should not be judged by his station in life.

I think you should go by taxi.

This time's going to be different.

There is learning in suffering.

Harmon picked a fight with me.

Yes, he's almost as tall as I am.

I've got to pack for the trip.

How did you know Thad had the stolen diamond?

What results do you anticipate?


Feeling chilly, I turned on the heater.

They did not oppose the project just because they feared public opinion.

Carry on with your work.

I have to form the habit of getting up early.

I climb up on a large rock, look at the blue water and observe the clouds in the sky.

Don't make a fool of him.

Change is inevitable.

I decided to stay a couple extra days in Boston.

The mistake cost him his head.

Give me your word that you won't do that.

He has become thin beyond all recognition.

If you take this medicine, you'll feel a lot better.

Are your parents going to be home tonight?


Sehyo clenched his hands tightly.

What are you supposed to do?

One third of the population of that country cannot read.

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He felt free as a bird half a year ago.

Do you have plans for tonight?

Lila and Hsi were surprised by what they saw.


Jorge begged me to go with her.


Is Heidi in danger?

One must help friends in times of such need.

His new secretary proved useless.

We'll be OK, Irving.

I haven't had dinner.

I just got off the phone with my lawyer.

Stop messing around.

They are not a well-matched couple.

I want him to stop erasing his comments immediately.

Something is different.

When a big ape emerged from the cave, they got frightened and ran away.

Walter played Reveille on his bugle every morning.

He admitted that he was guilty.


I'll come here as soon as possible.


Mitch and his father are alive and well.

We'd just like to ask you a few questions.

I don't like your going out alone.

I am filling this bottle with oil.

The situation seemed hopeless.


The visitors were herded into the elevator.

We're just about finished for the day.

That's why I'm not getting married.

We've kept it a secret from Clem.

That's why they did it.


Tell them to do the same.


I work in a language school.

Let's talk about that over drinks.

I didn't go to the market.

He gave an explanation of the machine.

The little boy was frightened and sprang from the chair.

We're heading for the beach. Would you like to come with us?

I don't like the way this fruit smells.

Do you think it's worthwhile? I don't think so.

The students adore the new English teacher.

Celeste showed Douglas his baby pictures.

Let's go to lunch.

That's an impractical idea.

I know how much you meant to Ritchey.

She won't be in time for the meeting.

Without effort, nothing is possible.

I'll pick her up in an hour.

Keep her there.

I'll finish it in one hour.

This isn't exactly helping.


He passed on quietly at his home last night.


Dominic is always trying to be cool.

Rodent was amazed to see Elvis's elaborate and upswept coiffure for her high school reunion. He wondered if, despite her very real accomplishments, she might still be at heart somewhat insecure, vain and egotistical.

You're absolutely perfect, in every way.


My mother has taught me not to waste money.


You three make a great team.


What now, you wretch? You thinking of protecting her?

He had no time when his mother told him to work.

I was immersed in the happy atmosphere of the occasion.


This is the man who's suspected by the police.

I have epilepsy.

Never in my life have I heard such a thing.

I must decide what to do.

I get lonely at times.

You might want to call a lawyer now.

Pentagon officials won't say when the problem turned up and refused to discuss details about the flight.

A woman was hurt in the accident, and her two daughters were too.

Now, please excuse me.

Who came to our house?

Shutoku sent Stanly a text message telling her he wanted to break up with her.

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Please choose a stronger password.

The fork made its way to Western tables several hundred years later, but it was not immediately accepted.

Who has the key to this lock?