She is awake.

You should see the film.


That's not a bad idea.


I'm only too happy to help.

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Give me a lollipop!


I'm calling to tell you what time you need to be here tomorrow.

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Phill taught me how to make pancakes.

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Yesterday was the first day of autumn.

Do you hate misshapen vegetables?

You will progress in proportion to your abilities.

We can rely on him.

Let's ask some questions.

I left your book in the car.

You'll have to handle it.

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I'll save the money for the next time.

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Moran was overcome by the heat.

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Have I done something wrong?

Did you see him while you were at Lambton?

Turn the radio down.

I wanted to be with him all the time.

He was born in a small village in the south of Turkey.

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Those records are not accessible to the public.

I'm going to defeat you.

Son of a bitch stole my backpack, ate my sandwich, and shit in my Thermos!


Jingbai nodded politely.


I'm hanging in there for now.

After that, internal temperature begins to climb rapidly.

Stir the soup.

He failed to apologize for betraying our trust.

You swim well, don't you?

Both Sharan and Hein were absent today.

Both my father and I went to the museum for the first time.


I think that was one of the best movies I've ever seen.


Why are you talking to Blair?


He leaned over to kiss me.


Do you offer any night tours?


Do you think I can actually help you?


Can I see this?


The judge raised his hand to shush Lana.


You aren't crazy.

Can you meet me in the auditorium?

There's someone behind Francisco.

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Are you sure this is absolutely necessary?

Dan's psychological warfare techniques never worked with Linda.

I'd like her to rest.

I want you to tell me who gave you that.

Last night, we attended a classical music concert.


It's a good thing I came here.

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I'm really surprised you got a prize.

You sound like an idiot.

He loves her and me.

Do you often hear from No?

I want my children to reach their full potential.


She bought two dozen eggs.

I'm sure Renu will be here.

He received a registered letter.

Emmett thought he was losing his mind.

Imagination is a very potent tool.

That time table gives the hours of arrival and departure.

Is there anything you want to tell me, Case?

Some people think that lychees taste like grapes.

They walked along the avenue, arm in arm.

I know how you feel about doctors.

The crowd rushed to the exit.


Let's see what happens now.

Go with your instincts.

Phillip began to laugh.


I was working all night.

Micheal thought it was a bomb.

Don't you have a snowmobile?

Jean-Pierre wondered if Lowell had also heard the same rumors he'd heard.

You looked surprised.

What have you found, Kenn?

How did you break the tool?

It made me nervous.

What are you going to say?

A hang glider launched off the cliff.

Jay took an emetic.

The rain lasted for three days.

I'm going to head back to the dorm.

Ramudu came to school.

The other day I ran out of gas in the middle of a busy Interstate.

Hienz is here, too.

Ramanan isn't even breaking a sweat.

Billie could sell that for a lot of money.

Maybe you're not as stupid as you look.

You and I must give him our present.

Jussi says he's feeling very sleepy.

He grew up to be a very reliable man.

My mother often slaps passers-by.

I assume you agree with me.

What is the correct aperture in this light?


His success met some eclipses.

There seems to be a slight difference on the treatment of the B factor between their approaches.

Hunger makes anything taste good.

It wasn't luck.

Are you able to solve it?


I'm actually a mutt.

Lorien knows something's wrong.

I whispered to him to come in.


I didn't think it mattered.

I'd like a cup of coffee.

Stand by.


We've lived in this house for three years.

Antonio explained in detail how to do it.

Thank you for inviting us to dinner.


If you want to lose weight, you should cut down on between-meal snacks.

Manavendra sometimes plays tennis with Ralf.

I was given a minor share of my father's wealth.

What a bunch of malarkey!

I have the feeling I've already seen this movie.

I'm quite capable of explaining the situation myself.

Becoming too fat is not good for one's health.


Jingbai hid under the bed.

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What could Kanthan have done?

You're starting to sound like your father.

You're getting to be a pain.

We need to stop him.

I have a lot of homework to do today.


It'll happen.

I go to school on a bus.

We haven't tried the drug out on humans yet.

Allan is sneezing.

Arms export was prohibited.

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I invited my friends over for coffee.

I'll be there by 2:30.

Americans are very friendly people.

What's the most disgusting food you have ever eaten?

My father works for a bank.

I have to give Cary what he wants.

Although Kerry is sick, he plans to get his homework done on time.

I work all day.

We've accomplished everything we set out to do.


An apple fell to the ground.


Odette fell in love with Prince Siegfried.

Let's get at the root of the matter.

It's just a baby.

They don't create any problem because they are in five floors up.

You're all very calm.

I would never eat anything that Syd makes.

I'm afraid there isn't any coffee left.

He came to see you right after you left.

Orville tried to get Laurence to pay for his ticket.


I don't need to convince him.

His ties were always wrinkled.

The quick brown fox didn't jump over the lazy dog.

Jane will probably come.

I was suspected of being a thief because I was hanging about near the jeweler's.

Many students are looking for part-time jobs.

I am majoring in medicine.


Will you go somewhere this summer?

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Dave said that he was very hungry.

I should've trained Roderick myself.

Don't say I'm a sucker.

He turned up the volume on the television.

I don't want them to get upset.


Ssi never mentioned it to me.

His speech was too short.

Emily wants to learn Greek.