Don't do us any favors.

This is for your benefit.

Let me be your shelter.


I believe you're right.

Mayuko is dancing to the music.

Ellen made this mistake intentionally.

I think everybody should learn another language.

In case of fire, I would grab my flute and escape.

I live in Sarajevo.

2016 is coming to an end and a new year is about to begin!

Did Spot go, too?

I'd like to withdraw some money.

I knew it.

The passengers who were injured in the accident were taken to the nearest hospital.


I watched TV yesterday.


Hsuan could be diabetic.


Everybody started to leave.

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I need to use your phone to call an ambulance.

We must protect the rainforest.

Walt's name was never mentioned.

I'm not in the office today.

We are to take an exam tomorrow.

Are there still men yet who don't drink?

Josip has bought a new computer.

Even though Trang continued to say that she loved him, Spenser couldn't do anything but fear that she would stop caring for him.

Michiel has a party two or three times a year.

Please remember me.

Tomas hung his jacket in the hall closet.

Is life here hard?

I've told him all about you.

Why can't you tell the police who she is?

I've got varicose veins.


Can I stay at your place tonight?

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Do you have change for this bill?


Andrea said he didn't know where Rogue went.


Maria had only one purpose.

If it had not been for your foolishness, we would never have been in that trouble.

George Washington arrived the day before.


She thinks I'm jealous.

Could you give us a minute?

They have preserved the building.


I'm over the shock.

I got something from Sid.

Why can't you accept me for who I am?

You know how to repair computers, don't you?

Will you take your hand off me?

Let me know your new address.

At least somebody is having a good time.

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How do you account for that?

Don't kill yourself.

Are you going to school today?

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The Lady of the Lake was the ruler of Avalon.


Someone has stolen Catherine's guitar.

I bought this book for less.

Eileen had no idea why Doyle didn't want to go out with him.

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The brothers hate each other.

They look exhausted.

You backed out.


He fell short of our expectation.


Josh goes to work at 8:00.

Hartman Witwer was a famous Lviv-based sculptor.

At first, Meg was homesick.

Can you tell me how you get to the American Embassy?

There aren't any restaurants around here.

I suggest we try a little harder.

Who were the Maccabees?

He joined the infantry.

In this group, there are my parents and my relatives.

Sumitro doesn't know what I want.

Glory to the King of creation.

Don't worry. I'll stay with you.

He plays cello exceptionally well.

Theo knows that won't work.

The train left before they got to the station.

She became rich.

The castle was in disrepair.


Gradually the interest rate will increase.

That girl is Clarence.

Give, and it will be given to you.

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This doesn't serve any purpose.

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Celia stopped at the water fountain to get a drink.

What do you feel like doing this evening?

But do you like it?

That was very generous of you.

Have you ever been to Russia?

You two are so cute.

Will you teach your children Esperanto?

My grandmother ran off with a cowboy.

That's the best way of settling it.

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Shadow isn't in the apartment, but Eliot is.

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Prices seem to be going down.

I'm trying to find a new job.

I'm well acquainted with Sarah.


As long as you're here, I'll stay.

I found him lying on the bed.

Sanity isn't really Canadian.

I'm looking for a children's book.

It nearly cost her her life.

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I'm going to take early retirement.

Ernest, please just shut up.

Considering what time it was, the supermarket was relatively empty.

She spread on margarine instead of butter.

I live pretty close to here.


The press ban on the case was removed yesterday.

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Please read the meter.

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I'm going to buy meat, cheese, and tomatoes.

If you translate from your second language into your own native language, rather than the other way around, you're less likely to make mistakes.

Many a wild flower formed by the Almighty Hand to be a perfumed goblet for the dew, felt its enamelled cup filled high with blood that day, and shrinking dropped.


We should go out sometime.

I've got to get this off my chest.

It made me feel close to them.

Let him play your guitar.

I was only playing a joke on Becky.


Stephe made it clear that he didn't want anything to do with Susanne.

I'm still on the clock.

Tyler told me not to say anything to you.


How are they the same?

I've got two hours to finish writing this report.

Without your help, I couldn't have done it.

We're worse off now than we've ever been.

At most, it'll cost ten pesos.

They export a lot of fruit, such as oranges, grapefruits and lemons.

Harvey told me today that he loved me.

I am yet older than he is.

To see her smile, you would be charmed.


Roberto started working.


My car broke down on the way.


The lifeguards are here to protect us.

He must have left the water running.

The cistern is empty.

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I'd like to know how Gordon got a hold of our private documents.


We all hope that this cease-fire will make for world peace.


Nancy couldn't remember where he'd first met Rajendra.

The train will depart soon.

Spread the rug out and let me look at it.

Let's swim over there.

Perhaps we overlooked something.

The first great lesson that a young man should learn is that he knows nothing.

That is the principle problem next to education.

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Loren died when I was thirteen.

He loves toys.

How can I forgive you if I never felt wronged to begin with?

Son caught a big trout.

He seemed to know what he was doing.

Never have I read such a dull book.

If you buy me an ice cream, I'll kiss you.

Philippe came clean.

I got her an ice cream so that she wouldn't get depressed.


I had high hopes for him.

When honey is there, stingers are near.

You won't believe what Marguerite told me!

He mocked my efforts.

I didn't know Greg died.

I'll help you fight her.

You have to believe me. I really want you to stay.

Ami started loading the gun.

I think you might need to slow down.

Well, I wouldn't do that quite yet.

No matter when you come, I'll play a game of Japanese chess with you.

You don't look so happy.

Have you been to any of the places on this list?