Making social impact everybody's business

Why social impact?

Companies that are outperforming in the market are measuring and understanding their social impact in order to develop products and services that do good and sell well, work more collaboratively with suppliers and other stakeholders, and attract the best and most engaged people.

Meanwhile successful organisations and  effective governments are moving quickly to embrace the new opportunity of working together with shared purpose. This new era of shared impact means greater commitment and greater investment in return for sustainable and scalable growth.

Impacto international is here to meet the demand for innovative solutions to achieve the potential for business and society.

Committing to social impact is an incredible competitive advantage

Small and Medium Enterprises account for 99 percent of all businesses, making them responsible for most employment creation and private sector gross domestic product (GDP) in our economy. That’s a lot of power that could be put to good use in effecting social impact.

Businesses that recognise their relationship to community from its early stages and act in its best interest are the ones that are outperforming in the market today.


88 % Consumers are loyal to organisations demonstrating community responsibility.


90% Millennials switching to brands with social purpose.


Impact-oriented brands experienced brand valuation increase of 175 %.


71 % Would help promote a business that is committed to making an impact.

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