I think I'm a likable guy.

We were held up for two hours on account of the accident.

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Should I tell Kikki you're unavailable?


Between you and me, he has a shallow way of thinking.

Hundreds of people called or wrote to the Gorilla Foundation.

Calvin is the only in our class that Leonard doesn't get along with.


What's your license plate number?

I want to thank my host family.

I try to never eat after 8:00 p.m.


The word "hybrid" is derived from the Latin "hybrida".

He's a personal trainer.

He has the election under his belt.

I used to work with him.

He resumed his work after a short break.

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It's getting harder.


When I heard the news, I cried.


Dan was brokenhearted.


I wish you had joined us.

Kimberly is a perfectionist.

Every house on our street was blue except ours.

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There's no stopping him.

If I had known your telephone number, I would have called you.

She is pretty rather than beautiful.


I'm not the least bit interested in what Nathaniel thinks of me.

Nobody disliked Vishal.

Fighting with monsters all over the world ... I just can't wait.

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I wish I could talk to you.

If your feet get wet, you'll catch a cold.

Josip hired an attorney.


Stuart is very efficient.

She writes to her son from time to time.

You've really done a fine job.

I'm always busy with my homework.

My computer makes a really weird noise.

Don't you always do what Grace tells you to do?

It is the job that is never started that takes longest to finish.

Social security? Who do they think they're kidding.

The son asked a question of his mother.

Brodie put his feet up on the coffee table.

I can't apologize enough.

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This store has the best selection of hats in town.


At the first hint of trouble, Pia disappeared.

I don't live far from here.

Murthy is dependable, isn't he?

That's what she told me.

I am so busy that I have no time to spare.

Are you still in love with your wife?

How dare you do that to him?


Trees are planted along the street.

He doesn't study as hard as he used to.

Can you think of any better idea?

It's the right thing to do.

Tony didn't drink all the milk.

I agreed to help him.

Chris swung his sword!

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I just want you to go away.

I ran all over town trying to borrow some money.

He lied about the matter.

We caught a glimpse of the castle from the window of our train.

It is hard for the couple to live together any longer.


It's too much trouble to walk there.


This time I'm very optimistic.

A tomato is a red vegetable.

Many websites prohibit misleading usernames that imply an official role on the website such as "admin," "administrator," "webmaster," "system operator," "sysop," or "moderator."

Bring the hat with you when you come over.

I have no time even for reading.


We are watching TV.

She tore up the letter.

It seems she hates you.

Good luck to you!

Those people will be held to account for their actions.

What could be the meaning of it?

Gil doesn't have forks or knives. He eats everything with spoons.

We're diplomatic.

Where did you go to college?


Jean-Pierre's a bully, just like John is.

Have you heard about them?

I don't recall.

There is nothing to him.

How long ago was this?

This girl has very good judgment.

These matters are of no importance to me.


I need another job.

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Mr. Nakamura went bar hopping in Tokyo.

Personally, I think that's a bunch of malarkey.

I am responsible for the mistake.


She performed this trick with ease.

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Let's not talk about it anymore.

How long is this going to last?

John passed the examination.

It is very impolite of her to decline his invitation.

That's why Sumitro and I are here.


He was the only man.

Cecilia doesn't make friends easily.

I follow the destiny that is imposed on me.

Let us ask each other.

Did you have an accident?


He explained that he knew nothing about the matter.

I objected to being treated like a child.

Our apple tree is blooming.

I'd like to get to know you better.

The only alternatives are success and death.

I have no idea what we're supposed to do.

I know you'll make me proud.


Nanda is someone I trust.


Ken complained of a headache.

He has a good appetite this morning.

Philip agreed to help Donn clean the kitchen.

He signed the petition.

He walked along the river.


Her grief was too acute for tears.

I'm a bit shy.

He ruined his body by drinking too much.

Has Grant kissed you, too?

I didn't wait for Kieran.

The pronunciation is as follows:

Foreigners admire Mt. Fuji.

We're still waiting for them.

We have rejoiced over his discovery.

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This is the house where Oliver grew up.

That's probably what's going to happen.

The other day I visited the museum.


I have waited for her all my life.

Jim must go to the hospital immediately.

A man may be wrong; so may a generation.

Shean was an electrical engineer.

This global company follows GAAP.

I told them everything.

Nothing's more playful than a young cat, nor more grave than an old one.

I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

Alberto says that he doesn't want to eat anything.


Do you have a motto?


We'll arrive in three hours if we drive.


My field of study is linguistics.

Helge's up.

Sanand patiently listened to Denis.

I'm realistic.

I want an attorney.


Students were throwing snowballs at each other.

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Bruno told Brender the whole story.

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Translation is the paradigm, the exemplar of all writing. It is translation that demonstrates most vividly the yearning for transformation that underlies every act involving speech, that supremely human gift.

Do you guys know each other?

This never happens.

I think what you say is true.

The rain is getting you down, isn't it?


He is a man of understanding.


At the end of the sleep the dormant awakes.

If you have not yet paid this bill, please let us hear from you.

Nagoya is between Tokyo and Osaka.

Miek believes Juliet is wrong.

You should clean that cut straight away, you don't want to get an infection!


Do you even remember Turkeer?

Marshall disappointed Val.

Judith is being arrested right now.

I asked her for some advice.

Do you hear that buzzing?

The child has already gone to bed.

This question counts for 50 points.

We have to obey orders.

When will you give me back the money you borrowed from me a year ago?