The team lacked mobility.

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It's too late to shut the barn door after the horse has already gotten out.

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The power is back on.

The dominance of English kills the European debate.

Jones and Olivier arrived at 2:30.

Maybe you and I should get something to eat.

I never imagined we'd be talking about this topic today.

When was the last time you made a cake?

He ordered a chop suey.

Do you have a sister, Lucia?

Politics is a dirty business.

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People will complain of heavy taxes.

Honest work never hurt anyone.

Brandi was the only one not invited to Adrian's party.


I want them to do it alone.


Dan carefully lifted the badly decayed body of the cat.

Patricia kept his mouth shut and didn't tell anyone what had happened.

Make a thought about it before you fuck your ideas up.

I make bottles by the stages of getting glass rods and melting the rods.

Wait for the game to start.

Lowell misses Kyung.

Excuse me, I think you've dropped something.


I do not understand you.

He built up a good business in a short time.

I have heard of this song some time ago.

She went so far as to say that he was a swindler.

It doesn't look like it'll clear up today.

I paid in advance.

This machine won't work.


She froze at the sight of the bear.

A notice came in the mail.

The car ran into a guardrail.


You may leave whenever you want.

You make an interesting argument.

She was having her period.

He's not a patch on him.

I would like to talk with you about this matter.


The "complete breakfasts" in cereal commercials always include cereal, milk, toast, and orange juice, but even Americans don't usually eat that much in the morning.

Make it a little larger.

We've got to do better than that.

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How did you guess that?

I heard that Noemi's boss refused to give him a raise.

He stayed at the hotel.

Siegurd, I want you to listen to what I have to say.

I don't know how to go about getting it.


Don't tell her why.


Kerri knows this isn't good.

I don't like a world where things change so slowly.

I really don't want anything to eat right now.

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Do you really think anything will change?

Remind me that the meeting is on Monday.

Dan had a bright future.

Do you remember the time we went to Paris?

What number bus do I take?


Micah said that he didn't want to live alone.

These shoes were made in Italy.

I have many friends I can talk to.

He's doing well.

If I were you, I'd paint it blue.


How could you just leave without saying goodbye?

High school baseball teams competed with one another at the tournament.

Vivek doesn't know the difference between thin and scrawny.


I've baked a cake for Lanny.

It's an easy mistake to make.

Someone who sees something wrong being done and does nothing about it, is as culpable as the perpetrator of the act.

The earthquake was a terrible experience.

Raif is just jealous.

We went to Rome, where we stayed a week.

Why are we leaving?

Unless you hurry, you will be late for school.

I was trying to tell her that.

Do you want to do this or not?

I came by last night, but you weren't here.

I already know they're not hiring.

I'm tired of playing games.

Hirotoshi wants to speak to you at 2:30.

How did Anne respond?

Don't be such a fool.

They will be taken good care of.

You're shitting me.

I'm looking forward to your Halloween party.

Jeremy sat down at one of the tables.

Annard is partly right on that.

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They know everything.


I've been very busy the last few days.

I suppose you're not an expert in these matters.

You should be careful with Roy.

At this rate, it's a matter of time before I get caught.

The left front tire looks low.

That's the only problem.

How about you? Are you still married my friend?

Mwa is a person I admire.

Please don't force me to do this.

She was jealous from him talking to another girl.

You're here.


I don't even have a car anymore.

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Betty didn't want to tell Sumitro how old he was.

Jeremy is going through a midlife crisis.

Did you enjoy yourself tonight?

As the shapeless mass emerged from shadows, I knew I was in trouble.

I will open the door.

The room was bare of furniture.

You know where to reach me if you have any problems.

Accountants love spreadsheets.

Is it really true?!

Roberto arrived in Boston yesterday.

He returned to Japan.

The people here are accustomed to the cold.

It is kind of you to drive me home.

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If you knew that somehow I was in trouble, ...


The crow caws.

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The government is running its largest deficit ever.

Her teacher praised her.

I regret what I said.


It's about to rain.

She would not admit him into her apartment.

I can't read.

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Mara got up from his chair, walked to the door and opened it.


Here's your milk.

Takayuki needs to go.

I know from his speech that he is not an American.


The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.

I built this doghouse by myself.

I want to bring them here.

We are going to the cemetery right now.

Now we all agree, let's start the meeting.

You have to go back to Boston.

I want to speak to you for a moment.

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Lost time is irretrievable.


You didn't tell anybody about Jim, did you?

Where is that new pack of cards?

I should've been a movie star.

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We should probably get going.

I heard that Toby is in Australia.

I like listening to Edgar play the guitar.


I could never be like you.

Taninna goes to the library and studies every day.

He sat there with his legs crossed.

I'm going to need a sponge.

The soup is cold.

The only pear left on the tree is rotten.

I stand corrected.

Where's the women's section?

I don't want you to hurt Adlai.

We're not concerned about that.

With the help of my friends I learn a whole bunch of new and interesting things.

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Parents have responsibilities to look to their children's health.

We'll have to build a pen for the pigs.

I pay Conrad well.


Tait decided to redesign his website.

I owe it all to you.

A 10% tax will be withheld from the payment to you.

You should try to get along with your neighbors.

Forensics officers and criminal investigations detectives continued to work at the cordoned-off unit and its surrounds.

Chomsky is a structural linguist.

I am by no means absent from this class because I am lazy.

In former days people walked from Edo to Kyoto.

I've decided to stay in Boston.

I loved you once.

Nelken was expecting you fifteen minutes ago.

Napoleon called the English a nation of shopkeepers.

A man was shot in a case of mistaken identity.

I was beside myself with joy when I heard the news.

I'm the father of the family.

I've never seen Wilmer wearing a tie.

He attends the same school that I do.