However not attacking your partner in sparring is not a kindness!

I seem to always have headaches.


Beat the egg whites until stiff.

I'm the one who saved Kristin.

I've done the best I can.

I haven't heard a word from him as yet.

Jill is the only girl in our club.

He shuddered with horror at the grisly sight.

It looks like I need some practice.

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Becky told me about that yesterday.

I will borrow it then, if you insist.

The trees were in a row.


Nothing is left so vividly in our mind as the impressions we received in our younger days.


We have respect for our teacher.


Kamiya doesn't have to help if he doesn't want to.

No one knows what will strike one tomorrow.

Long skirts were in fashion in those days.

I'll write you a letter.

Merril seems relieved.

He took a key from his coat pocket.

Helen wrote his name on the cover of his new diary.

They believed that it was a necessary evil.

Always yield to traffic from the right.

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A woman filled with faith in the one she loves is the creation of a novelist's imagination.

Ugh. I'm so not looking forward to today.

It's quite evident that you really love Russian.


This is the video I wanted to see.


Self-publishing is much easier now in the age of the Web.


You've never trusted me, have you?

To the best of my knowledge, he wasn't involved in that fraud scheme.

Anne was more than disappointed.


There won't be any more lessons.

You won't be fired.

And what about a coffee?

It's usually a pretty safe place, even after dark.

Soohong doesn't have much teaching experience.


We're making a logo for the firm.


I've asked Jean-Pierre to do that for you.

I'm a hero.

"Are Polly and Barton dating?" "No, they're just good friends."

You'll never be as good as Tal.

Why does Nikolai do that?


My older brother manages that company.

I have three times as many books as him.

We will go to Beijing and Shanghai.

I'm sorry I couldn't help you.

Pamela wanted to fix that.

Stand up when I am talking to you.

Marlena wishes to speak with me.

Do you travel by sea or by air?

Pratt knows that her main weapon, a beautiful face and a young body, is of transient value.

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The sky looks angry.

Can you translate those documents for me?

He thought that he would write something for the newspaper.


They adopted a new policy.

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My knowledge of German is poor.

Here comes Jane. Do you know her?

Beginners should learn spoken English first.

That would be extraordinary.

How much homework do you get every day?

They didn't offer me anything.

They'll come to us.

Eileen said he hadn't seen either of you.

This is the first time I've ever poured a glass of this drink.


Dozens were jailed.

Jerrie didn't say anything about how the party went.

I didn't know that Lea didn't know how to swim.

Jane is not such a bad sort.

Even Romain thinks so.


I haven't downloaded the files yet.


I went there to meet him.

Julius's lipstick is smeared.

When will we get to Sydney?


In the country, the colors of the sky and of the foliage are entirely different from those seen in the city.

Let him try it.

To preach is easier than to practice.

That's blackmail.

I recoiled when I saw how gaunt she had become.

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Between you and me, the fat ugly man is on a diet.

Tell her what you mean.

I don't want to leave you alone with Vickie.

The doctors didn't expect my sister to recover as well as she did.

Some traditional garments in the Philippines are made of linen and cotton; others are woven with fibres from banana or pineapple leaves or from the bark of a nettle plant.

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I've already considered that plan.

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Somebody, open this door, please.

Not everybody is the same.

Nou had an annoyed look on his face.


That's all it was.

How glad I am!

I just can't deal with this now.

I think we're too late.

I advise him to come back at once.

I wish I could've done something about that.

The men on board were surprised to see five men on the island.


You shouldn't associate sexuality with poverty. It isn't Roman.


They want to build one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.


We're not leaving until we see Marvin.


The world changes faster and faster.

Once again he promised to find them job (yaw zal bya ye duy sara sara zhmana war krra, chi kaar ba warta payda kawi)

Ed hadn't eaten all day and was very hungry.

Pay honor to the brave.

Why is Kee's name not on the list?

At Wimbledon there are now special electronic machines to judge the serves.

We think it was her.

There are other people waiting.

Kerri is assertive.

We pitched our tents before it got dark.

That was a fun conversation.

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The day after tomorrow is Clarence's birthday.

The cup was empty.

I hope it won't be long before I hear from her.

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I don't want to be friends with her.

I asked him about the accident.

They're strangely close for two guys, don't you think?

The Okonomiyaki was very delicious.

It doesn't make much sense to me, but Mikael has decided not to go to college.

I was tired from doing my homework.

I didn't come here to fight with you.

Wilmer didn't even try to get up.

That tribe worships its ancestors.

Don't let Sanford use my bicycle.

If you have the time you are welcome to make use of and contribute to the Tatoeba project.


A fierce dog attacked the girl.

I need them to understand.

Don't be angry.


You won't have to do it alone.

Roxane can take the bus to the station. You don't need to drive him.

If I act weird around you, it means I'm comfortable with you.

Celeste and Julius are doing a pretty good job of that all by themselves.

Seth forgot all about them.

Are you saying this doesn't matter?

I'm quite sure of it.

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Oh, the rice stalk is sticking up in the tea. Something good might happen.

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Was it just a game to you?

It was lost.

Chip had never before seen Rafael with her hair down.

Following the heavy rainfall, there was a big flood.

Zimbabwe was once a colony of Britain.

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Let's presume you're right.

Sometimes a clear path can solve the problem.

We're all scared.

If you ironed Switzerland, it would be bigger than Germany.

Did you break any laws?

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You do not have to answer this question.


Patricio said it was nothing to worry about.


I've given up my brother for dead.

Don't contradict me.

The experiment proved to be successful.

It's really tough to compare.

Liz and Miek both said yes.

She has had to stay here.

I was beside myself with his sudden appearance.


You are very intelligent.

I can't get out from under the covers, but I need to go to work.

My e-mail address will be as follows effective April 1.

One in four consumers thinks that prices will continue to rise in the future.

If nobody knows what's coming next, nobody will be disappointed.

Riches cover a multitude of woes.

You're responsible for books you take out of the library.

How big is too big for a phone?

You must be in possession of a valid ticket.