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Does the name Felix Jackson ring a bell?

She majored in history.

War is not an adventure. War is an illness. Like typhus.

How long may I keep this?

Then, how?

Don't you ever forget that.

I could recite the story by heart.

He is a little light for a sumo wrestler.

As far as I know, they always keep their word.

People often give fake personal information when setting up website accounts.

Marilyn gave me this ring.

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In the evening, I have dinner at home with my family.

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Do you think the situation will change?

You don't have to be rich but, rather, independent.

Next time, you'll need to do a lot better than that.


The employment policy is a failure.

Boats can sink.

I'm not setting them any traps.

He works hardest in his class.

I have nightmares.


Graeme has beautiful blue eyes.


I couldn't help overhearing.

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There are still uncivilized lands.

I am afraid of heights.

If you'd come back when you were told to, we wouldn't have had a problem.


It's been stolen.

This fence leans to the left a little.

She was heard playing the violin.


I'm leaving for Canada tomorrow.


I gave up the idea of seeing the sights of the city because of the bad weather.

I prefer cats to dogs.

I don't think that would be a great idea.

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I said shut up!

We need to do what we need to do.

Derek has lunch every day at noon.

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His muscles were rock-hard.

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Luxury goods are not essential.

Her father always comes home late.

I'm proud of Sri's accomplishments.

I was crazy about that girl.

Nicolette read the letter out loud.

We can run away from everything, except from our conscience.

They feared that the dispute would hurt the economy.

Would you take a look at something for me?

Do you think I want to do this?

Children learn to swim in school today.

You must clean your room every day.

The government asked the SDF for a disaster relief deployment to Okinawa.

What is the meaning of "a dog's life"?

Louiqa couldn't persuade his classmates to change their minds about postponing the dance.

The dog breathed with difficulty.

I had to do something.

Where did Chuck go to school?

Sharada often talks to his parents on Skype.

Julian is trying to calm Siping down.


Do you have any questions in this lesson?

Griff contacted Rex.

What's the last thing you were ever happy about?

You mistreated her.

I was shocked to see how thin Nathan had gotten.


Don't let her in.

You've got me behind the eight ball.

Daren didn't want to go back to where he was born.

He intended to marry her.

No one will ever forget her.


The bag wasn't mine.


The regional council is dominated by the left wing.

You look angry.

This machine is of great use.


We are wasting time.

The old method proved to be best after all.

I have to do what I think is best for us.

It is certain that Lucy will marry the pop singer.

Nguyen was the last one to arrive.


He is apt to forget people's names.

Where are you working?

I thought it strange that the petition had been turned down.

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We saw him the night that we went to see the play.

Leora can't believe Moses.

Look, what we have to worry about is what we're going to do about Darin.

He continued writing a letter.

Why aren't you asleep?

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You look great.

It's already dark outside.

Dan felt like his mother no longer wanted him.

The Russians have never lived as bad as under the Obama administration.

They worked in perfect harmony with each other.

Jurevis explained the whole thing to Guido.

Ric gave Shel a sinister look.

I recommended him.

When a man reproached him for going into unclean places, he said, "The sun too penetrates into privies, but is not polluted by them."

We received letters this morning.

He has swords and purse.


We'll be eating in the conference room today.

It worked perfectly.

That's my CD, isn't it?

We had a narrow escape.

Susumu and Andreas are lost.


Obviously I made a mistake.

I'm not playing a game.

Pilot is a proficient marksman.

Watermelon tastes delicious on a hot day.

It's too far.


We can't leave them here.


Are you having problems?

What's your favorite pizza topping?

That's my problem with Norman.

He bore criticism with great indulgence.

Will you be eating here or is this to go?

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What do you do when you're not working?

I didn't tell that guy my name.

If you give carnations 7Up instead of water, they last much longer - often as long as three or four weeks.

Kimmo must've done this before.

Hold on just one second.


Alfred had to look after Spock.

Ben put his helmet back on.

He went about the town looking for the dog.

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His present is a bottle of wine.


Norma is a strong young man.

I'm convinced he's not guilty.

What did you tell Himawan about it?

Lonhyn knows that I lied to him.

Those children are cheerful.

I want to give them a hug.

This is expensive.


You need to put more water in the vase.

There are other guys out there.

We'll never get through this.

Your answer is anything but satisfactory to us.

How many guitar lessons have you had so far?

I feel unwell.

She treated him very well.


I can't do anything to help Adrian.

I want you all to be on your best behavior.

It has to be a four-star hotel, and central.


He had been through a lot of difficulties in his youth.

Do you read Shahid's blog?

Where is the ship now?

The dude with the mullet always wears acid-washed jeans.

I need to talk to him alone.


I used to often take walks along that river.

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Himawan has some matters to take care of.


What's Germany's largest forest?

He will soon get used to the climate here.

How did you persuade Guy to come back home?

This is unacceptable to me.

I may have to fire him.


This is a person.


Heaven and hell exist in the hearts of man.

Excuse me, what's going on?

It is said that his father is in hospital now.

After Jarl knew that he was suspected of murder, he went on the run.

I never play the saxophone anymore.


I have a bad bite.

I've come to warn you about what's going to happen.

Barbra is eating breakfast inside.


You are to shut the door at once.

Tharen stayed up late last night.

I don't care whether she is beautiful or not!


She has a strong bias against abstract painting.