An unforgettable event occurred.

I hope you have a healthy appetite.


That was funny.

We were prison wardens for ten years.

I'm concerned about the result of the exam.

I don't want to run into Dori.

It needs to be repaired.

I've been worrying about that.

It's not like I haven't tried.


Irvin has decided to hire a private detective.


They made the decision.

Tomorrow, we'll begin.

The water supply was turned off.

He gave her a long, passionate kiss.

He's two years younger than I.

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I think you had better call on him.

Tobias might be harder to deal with in the future.

Elliott must be angry with Matti for what she did.

I am beating my dog.

It's lovely weather today.


They talked about love.

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Why doesn't she watch movies with me anymore?

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He can read English easily.

There's a blind man looking for a shadow of doubt.

I have another idea.

The Panama Papers show how a Panamanian law firm helped its clients set up shell companies in tax havens around the world.

If the universe is full of stars, why doesn't their light continually light up the entire sky?

Olaf can't afford to visit Japan.

I just like singing!

We need to rack our brains some more.

That's terrific.

My sister has a nice piano.

We're back from China.


Those are values that we all share.


Bertrand must've been lying.

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You would make an excellent spy.


She has been single for a while.

Do you want to say goodbye?

I know you've been busy.

There is a great market for rice in Japan.

It is thirty years since we married.

I have made a mess out of it.

It now looks as good as new.

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I carried iron, but didn't find anything heavier than debt.


You can't give orders around here.


I'm alone.

Cut the daikon radish and carrot into quarter slices and cut the other vegetables into bite-size pieces.

I'll take that for granted.

That may have been true many years ago.

Would you like me to help you with your homework?

I have an appointment tonight.

He was deeply agitated by the news.

You forgot to tell Eduardo where to meet us, didn't you?

I think you're just wasting your time.

This sounds funny, but there's a lot of truth in it.

I'm not always at home on Sundays.


How can this occur?


A light and happy heart is the best of gifts.


I didn't have time to do everything that needed to be done.

Coffee and Pu-erh tea are elixirs of life.

Elias watches Kylo.

Are you positive it was Bert who broke the window?

Don't talk about him that way.

Of course that's the way it is!

I'd like to go there someday.

I've been waiting for you to wake up.

Hands up!


Please call us when you see the cat in this picture.

That sounds terribly farfetched.

I watched the 4th season of X-files.

Stupidity is also a natural talent.

It's only for a few weeks.

This is a table.

I do not get up early.

Myron isn't going to like it.

He has rough manners.

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I can't remember how to use this machine.


I think I'm going to cry.

Who really knows why?

We're all scared.

His chief attraction lies in his character, not his books.

Let f be the canonical map.


Are you satisfied with Stephanie's achievements.

I figured I could trust you.

The black one is mine.

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He wore a pirate costume for Halloween.

The cherry is now in full bloom.

Benson sat between Merton and John.

Thanks again for inviting us to your party.

Gargling with salt water helps stop coughing.


Sandip was a school bus driver before he became a taxi driver.

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We have a ways to go.

I told Pieter to go to the safest place I could think of.

What did you do last vacation?

Being a teacher is very hard work.

He inherited the house.

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I don't think it's going to happen tonight.


You're under arrest.


Do you have any idea what I should do?

He's married to a dentist.

I know all the places to hide.

I don't think Valerie will be here today.

I think Drew is going to be OK.

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I couldn't survive prison.

I see noblemen and noblewomen.

It can't be worse than now.

I happen to agree with you.

Would you rather live here or live in another country?

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I'm sure it was a mistake.

Dean wants to tell you something important.

Good morning, you sleepyheads!

Triantaphyllos has gone to the swimming pool.

He carries fire in one hand and water in the other.


Australia is the smallest continent in the world.

How many men do you have?

The appliance is wonderfully simple to operate.

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I am more than grateful to you for your help.

These are pretty good.

The socks stink.


When we kissed, it felt as if time was standing still.

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I prefer vodka myself, though I don't mind the occasional liqueur.

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We elected her chairperson.

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It's a little more than that.

We like to help.

Do you have any questions about this lesson?


The company engaged him as an advisor.

A few shops, an agency and a bank can be found around it.

What do you think it's for?

He wrote a new book.

Mayuko always wants the best.


Jeffery is a real handyman.

Heinrich decided to go ahead let Eric have her way.

I want you to tell me about what happened.

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It is said that her father was killed in a traffic accident.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

I'm not really good with kids.

What he said is of no importance.

Niels didn't want to go to the circus with Pratt.

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You seem to be really busy.

Judith was almost as surprised as Giles.

He gave her what little money he had.


Mysore isn't easily surprised.


It's strange you say that.

Johann makes jokes about everything.

Was that Duke you were just talking to?

Call the police and tell them what you told me.

The stakes just got a whole lot higher.

This is not a mistake.

What a perfect outlet for my creativity!

Angus seems to be objective.

Vivek is knitting a sweater for Lindsey.

I seem to have the wrong number.

What we have to do is persuade Shirley to help us.

Teriann didn't like the way Vishal cooked vegetables.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry broke his right femur in a cycling accident Sunday in France.

Louiqa has a dentist appointment at 2:30.

It's silly to fight over it.

My mother being ill, I stayed home from school.

I'd advise you to lock your doors.