Does their father work for the canton?

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It appears we have a problem.

Donal doesn't get along well with the other kids in his class.

Life is a bitch.

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Did Cory answer all your questions?


What are you doing tomorrow night?


The friend whom I invited never showed up.

Laurel just told me.

Jerry said that he hadn't intended to insult you.

You used to have a crush on me, didn't you?

Happy is he that is happy in his children.

I saw the girl swimming in the river.

What was your first impression?

That's like carrying coals to Newcastle.

The milk's a bit off.

What now, you wretch? You thinking of protecting her?

I don't know how Roxana finds the time.

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In most cases, we can deliver within three business days.

I've had a nasal voice for two weeks.

I've got a problem.

He didn't used to drink.

I was a child, I remember, my mother would rock me in the cradle.


Rolfe and Jussi said that they were leaving.


There's something fishy going on in there.

They looked for him everywhere but didn't find him.

I am about to suffer.

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That day, Margaret bought as many cameras as he could afford.

I won't be pressured into betraying my country.

Oh yes, we love the computer voice!

We'll take the truck.

The bus has broken down.

Talk to them again.

What did you say to him?


He resisted arrest violently.

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The invention of the nuclear bomb means that we are capable of destroying ourselves.


I saw him last night.


He won her love.


"Will you have some more coffee?" "No, thanks. I've had enough."

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I'm tired of studying.

Val is a deacon in his church.

When Novak Djokovic was doing the on-court post-match interview after defeating Gilles Simon in an error-ridden five-setter, a fan shouted from the stands, "No more drop shots!" With a grin, Djokovic replied, "I hate to say that, but you're absolutely right."


Your horse is fast, but mine is faster.

Just let him speak.

What seems to be the problem with the machine?

Nobody invests in my country.

Hirofumi's miserable.


I saw that he came.

Lester certainly goes to bed early.

Who's on watch?

Do you know anybody around here who has a place to rent?

Did Rudolph say where he was going?

That's what this is about, isn't it?

Shean doesn't only teach the guitar, he often gives concerts.


You should have gotten up earlier.

The bank refused to grant me the loan.

Since I was sick for a week, I'm making every possible effort to catch up.

I don't like who you've become.

Salt is sold by weight.

What was his motive for setting the house on fire?

We'll never see them again.

We are living through a biodiversity crisis.

Judith was kind enough to make tea for us.

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They held a dinner for the new president.

May I know the date of you departure?

Yes, I can.


We probably won't see Ragnar today.

Scot showed Janet some pictures of his hometown.

I have to brush up my French before I go to Paris to study.

Is that the best you could do?

We were looking for you.

Help me with shelling these eggs!

Does a psychiatrist need a psychiatrist?

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Many rich people live in this neighborhood.

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The truth of the matter gradually dawned on me.

In large cities, in London for instance, there is heavy smog.

You understand German, right?


Stop. I'm bleeding.

I like red wine better than white wine.

Monica certainly has a nice voice.

Moses took off his boots.

What a darling outfit!

Didn't you hear him?

You yourself should know


I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.

We'll try to answer all those questions later.

The only thing we could do was to bear with it.

We work for the money.

You can call me Bob.


Dan had some problems sleeping.


The soldiers advanced toward the town.

It's sort of a long story.

What time are we meeting?

I feel useless.

You're amazingly beautiful as a couple.

Seenu checked to make sure The was still sleeping.

This is a crime against humanity.

Many thanks.

That's indeed curious.

I really do want to help him.

As far as the eye could see, nothing could be seen except cornfields.

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He took delight in talking with friends.

Can you imagine Pam working in a garage?

Don't let the dog out.

Ten to one, he will succeed.

Rhonda isn't an engineer.


Ronni just turned thirty years old.

"I've lost my wallet," John sighed.

The burglar gained access to the house through this door.


He reached for an English-Japanese dictionary on the desk.

I've got a lot of work to do before I can leave.

How will you get to school tomorrow?

Let me give you a hand.

2. Sew together the shoulder of the garment body.


Phiroze said Craig was dishonest.

Not only are all humans related, if you go back far enough you'll find you're also related to your dog.

The students at that school wear uniforms.


That's what Bertrand is known for.

I'm not abandoning them.

I have heard that freemasons have a secret handshake.

Would it be faster to get there by taxi or by subway?

We changed our plans because of her late arrival.

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The racecourse was set in a valley, about a mile from the town centre.

Cliff left Hein a message.

Take him to the station.


Roger retired last year.

Where can I ride a motorcycle?

I like how it sounds.

I suppose you know all about it.

I'm pretty sure that Nicholas doesn't want to talk to you.

Vaughn says it's urgent.

I want you to cut down those three trees.

Father enjoyed a long life.

Other people aren't interested.

This was missing.

We stayed an extra three days in Boston.


He tossed his dirty clothes on the floor.

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Brahe died in 1601. His last words, "Ne frusta vixisse vidar" (May I not seemed to have lived in vain") were recorded by his assistant Kepler.


Christopher cries every time he hears this song.


Alastair accompanied me on the piano.

Is there a problem here?

I am unable to agree on that point.

That's quite obvious.

Sherman worried about his life.

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I'm trying to catch up with the rest of the class.

If for some reason that should happen, what would you do?

You can just call me Taro.


You shouldn't let them in.

Byron ran outside.

He gave up the plan for economic reasons.

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Nelken is here already.

A side effect of the eye surgery is dry eyes.

She went to the house several times.


There was some dew this morning.


He doesn't read many books.

England and France are separated by the English Channel.

Send me there.

How much is the admission?

Are you open-minded?