I want to dispose of the land.

Even though it sounds strange, what she said is true.


Divide the pizza in three.


You'd better not be wasting our time.


She's not my girlfriend.

The concert ticket costs more than the cinema ticket.

I'm interested in helping her.

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You are guided

What do you say about yourself?

I'm not sure yet, but I think I'll become a teacher.

He is a kind boy.

It was harder than I expected.

The ash tree, which is in our garden, still hasn't sprouted. And it will be the end of may soon.

I'll go to Paris when I have enough money.

It's a mysterious death.

I can't tell you. It's a secret and if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore.

Only a few people understood me.

It never occurred to me that Sandeep wouldn't come.

American parents are willing to say good things about their children in public.

My uncle gave him a present.

I would like to exchange this shirt that I bought yesterday.

The fight for civil rights in the United States started in 1954, when the government said school had to be open to everyone.

I'll prepare sashimi for dinner.

The bus stopped sharply.


He's a dishonest salesperson.


Who can you trust?


I've got what I need.

He is above telling lies.

I meet new people every day.

He taught his children Russian.

Living on a small income is hard.

I cried my eyes out.

I never want to have kids.

How about waiting here until he gets back?

He took great pains to find a shortcut.


I had difficulty getting a ticket for the concert.

It has become quite common.

I saw her last night.

You shouldn't be nervous.

He's at home in all the sciences.


I'm sorry I opened your mail by mistake.

I don't think Dale would want to go to Boston with you.

He continued to walk for two hours.

Scientists deal mainly with physical matters.

It's snowing in Paris.

Amarth took his guitar out of its case and started playing.

The committee called on all nations to work side-by-side to curb air pollution.

We are all suspicious about him.

The wedding is in two weeks.

It's doubtful whether Frederic can speak French well enough to do the job.

I can do magic.

Once the complaining starts, it never ends.

It was horrible.


I'll go find out where Pablo is.

Scott studied hard so he could get into college.

I'm not in the habit of staying up late.


"Who is younger, Hanako or Taro?" "Taro is."

Reputations are volatile. Loyalties are fickle. Management teams are increasingly disconnected from their staff.

Our car is three years older than yours.

I helped an old lady across.

We're saved.

He reads the paper every morning.

I know you're afraid.

I will go to the sea if it is fine tomorrow.

Can you tell a stoat and a weasel apart just by looking at them?

This is getting on my nerves.

What'll you give Casper?

Is your wife at home?

I shouldn't have backed down.


It was probably a mistake.


I do not know how to drive a car.

The city is cracking down on drunk drivers and giving them fines.

His nose is totally different.

Stop making a fool of yourself. Everyone is laughing at you.

I'm sure we can think of something to do.

The boy ran away without looking back.

Isaac Newton was an English physicist.

I decided to go away with the pilgrims.

Jisheng said that he didn't want to eat dinner tonight.

Exact change, please.

There's no need to worry about anything.


The screen is giving off green light.

What's the problem with me going there instead of you?

What on earth were you thinking, bringing him here?

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I like winter better than summer.

We'll all die sooner or later.

Every day I feel better and better.

Annard called Barbara back.

Do you know what I see here?

I don't want to fight you.

I prefer the updated version of his cookbook.

Hsuan didn't plan to go to Boston.

You have no idea, do you?

Klaudia died just three days after Margaret was born.

Where is the rain?


We don't want Everett to get hurt.

My mother is constantly forgetting people's names.

Can I see you a moment?

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Start singing.

To me, he seems too young to be touring the world on his own.

Sunil didn't want to do it.

I suggest you talk to Lynn about Rudy.

Show it to him.

In order to know one, you have to be one.

Defend her from danger.

I've told you not to call me Vincent.

You never really know whether you can do it or not until you try.

Kevyn is a cancer survivor.

You can talk to us.


I'm telling you, his old car won't fetch a red cent.

No, but I'll look it up in the dictionary.

Please tell them to hurry up.

This time's going to be different.

Bryce knows his way around the courthouse.

I wish that Johnathan would get struck by lightning and die.

You can rely on his proven ability.

That was the answer I wanted.

Could I trouble you with something?


It was just an experiment.

New programmes will appear in the fall on television.

To know a language is one thing, and to teach it is another.

Just try to relax.

We don't need to talk to Elaine.

I've already spoken to Brodie about it.

Mr Hashimoto was puzzled by Ken's question.

Water is strange stuff.

They won't get far.

Cyrus folded the newspaper and put it under his arm.

Marion ate three apples.

What's the problem today?

It will heal.

People are trying to sleep in here.

Aimee was bleeding heavily from a gunshot wound.


Why aren't you friends with Gale?

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Have you ever tried feeding your dog peanut butter?


I have to do what's right.

I didn't notice the imperfection.

Don't offend anyone!

Because I live near the school, I come home for lunch.

This train is bound for Tokyo.


Randal may not be hungry.

The room has a seating capacity of 200.

My mother must be angry.

Many people have never seen the Milky Way.

Only if there's a cancellation, and that would be a bolt out of the blue.

They aren't dating... yet.

The half of the Moon facing the Sun is always lit.

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John is in the habit of staying up until midnight.

Urs was just doing his job.

That's not going to happen here.

I'm not sure how I got a shilling in my change from the cashier.

The dogs barked all night.

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I've been a teacher for five years.

Job security became a major worry.

How did you do in your exam?

I want to prove to you I've learned my lesson.

He stared her in the face.

Dan walked into the room where Linda and Matt were talking.

Jinny wondered if Pierce knew about what John had done.

Look how they all speak ill of me behind my back because I married a woman thirty years younger than me.

No, I am English.

A vampire can paralyze people just by looking at them.

Pamela doesn't know why Patricia doesn't like him.

Jeanne thinks it would be better not to visit Mac right now.

Genetics doesn't lie.

Is there anything I can do?

You heard coughing, didn't you?

Everybody's upstairs.

That is, my dad is two years older than my mom.

She dried her eyes.

He got tired of being the devil's advocate and now agrees with every idea they suggest, no matter how dumb.

They are trees that bear fruit, those who suffer from being hit with stones.

Cristi isn't going to do anything about it.

All of my strength gave out.

Did you speak to Blaine yesterday?