This is not something I am proud of.

I want Shakil to know we mean him no harm.

Would you please pick me up at the hotel on Friday July 11th at 10:00 a.m.?

There is a conference going on in the next room.

For God's sake, Andries, what the hell is this?

We fast-forwarded the film.


Suwandi and Marcos rarely do anything together.


I couldn't recognize him, not having met him before.

Can you really do it?

You have to answer this question.

This is an outrage!

We'll make sure we do that.

Please count your change again.

They'll never succeed.


Desperation makes the soldier or the monk.

Christina has never had the chance to do that.

I want everything that's not working fixed.

What have you done with my bag?

He will reside here for a few days.

You must not run in the school buildings.

Her friend waited for her by the gate.

It's probably going to rain.

I told you this was a good idea.

His work occupies his mind to the exclusion of all else.

The answer is not correct.


There is no factory in this village.

We all live within a five minutes' walk from each other.

It isn't suitable for minors.

I feel I've been betrayed!

The bridge crashed under the pressure.

I'm doing what I have to.

I'm prepared to accept the consequences.


Dion has no reason not to go.


It was blowing hard all night.

Have you read this book yet?

He's just evil.

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She didn't much care for his constant advances toward her.

I don't feel hostile toward you.

Isidore just saved my life.

Mahesh isn't wearing any makeup.

I don't even like fish.

Jim is a clever kid.

Timo certainly seemed upset.


Stay quiet and be alert.


"Whose documents are these?" "They are Michael's."

The USA dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945.

I didn't know Malus was sick.


Prepare your speech in advance.

Some students like mathematics and others don't.

Look, what an incredible coincidence! Sandra has the same fingerprints as me.


Although they were not guilty, they were charged.

It looks so good.

He is, more or less, my size.


We'll stop them.


"Don't lie" doesn't necessarily means "tell the truth".

You're different when you're with Gerard.

Much of what they wrote about never happened.


Do you know what's happened to Terrance?

I completed the university course comfortably.

They get along like a cat and a dog.

They have left us.

But if I were in Brazil, I would be much more afraid.


Will you be at Linley and Saify's wedding?

As I turned the handle of the crankshaft, the old tractor sputtered to life.

That makes it even more special.


My cousin from Boston, Margot, is here today.

We closed the discussion.

I have gone to the cinema.

Do you know what you need to bring?

I'm sure Klaus would agree with me.


He looks like a good boy.


Why doesn't she send me letters anymore?


Many a mickle makes a muckle.

I've got to get to her.

A boy needs a father he can look up to.


I'll be your server this evening.


It's not a perfect system.


I am very pleased to meet them.

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We only bought enough to feed about thirty people.

There is no man but loves his home.

The teacher scolded the student for no reason.


He made up his mind to become a pilot.

I was just trying to be a friend.

Ramon is also a friend of mine.

I wish I could believe you.

I just want us to be together.


It was on a Christmas when it snowed heavily.

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I'm going to the bathroom.

He had two or three rather competent assistants.

We've come to get you out of here.


Are you going someplace?

What's your favorite educational TV program?

"May I use your dictionary?" "By all means."

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Let me help with that.

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He likes singing traditional songs.

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They wanted it.

The problem is complex.

To see her is to love her.

It is not known when he came up to London.

We're going to freeze to death.

Come to us tomorrow!

Would you please tell me your full name and address?


We had better go home rather than wait here.


There are stores on each side of the street.

I got a lot of mosquito bites.

Look after the children this afternoon.

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Revised wasn't a very nice man.

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Emily is doing her homework.

Jerrie didn't even care that I was late.

I've got it.


We're open seven days a week.

Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun?

I have normal eyesight.

Don't blame yourself.

Pantone classifies thousands of colors with unique numerical identifiers.

John played guitar and his friends sang.

Do you really think you can do this?


The onions have already sprouted.

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Things usually take longer than you expect.

You're no match for him.

There's something we have to talk about.

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She needs time to think. Can she give you her answer tomorrow?

I can only pay 100 dollars at most.

He's standing on his head.

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Johann isn't armed.


Ben just kept reading his book and ignored Loren.

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We have to know what's causing this.

That's just what I've heard.

I wish I could express myself better.

Dan will always be here.

Even videogame machines owned by most children today are computers.


Thanks for playing along with us!

I worked on Mr Wood's farm when I was young.

Alvin and I are newlyweds.

If Prakash doesn't swim, I won't either.

If you are hungry, why don't you eat?

Please don't forget me.

How soon can you be ready?

A stranger came up to her and asked her the time.

I love Paul as if he were my father.

Will you remind me to mail these letters?

I highly doubt that.


I don't know if she still lives there.

It is whispered that the Prime Minister is critically ill.

A traffic accident took place this morning.

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He overlooked his assignment.

Sodium streetlights are being replaced by LEDs.

They submitted to their leader's order.

That really scares me.

What train is Marguerite coming in on?

Tiefenthal has to go to the hospital.

Andrea studied French for three years.


She made him clean his room.

Do you think Horst is busy?

It is cruel to mock a blind man.