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We had a little problem.

It was amazing.

Gerald wants to stay in Boston.

She wears a woolen sweater.

My hobby is collecting old coins.

Just keep trying.

Muhammad was born in Mecca.


I think it better for us to adopt his plan.


I'll take care of your children tonight.


Goethe's personal vocabulary consisted of about eighty thousand words.

Tell Jakob to stop following me around.

They had seven children.


I think we'll reach Boston before dark.

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Do you remember where you were the night Slartibartfast had his accident?

Please accept my humble apologies.

Hey! Your ball just broke my window!

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When will you go on a journey?


You won't even know I'm there.


Clay is a little emotional.

They only care about themselves.

I no longer have anything to lose.


On Saturday night and all day Sunday, my mobile rang incessantly, as a mortified Klaudia tried to apologize.

His parents want him to go to college.

He stayed there for three days.

I only just saw the accident.

I bought this coat at a low price.

His voice sounds like pure sex.

I heard you and Hazel fighting.


This lawn mower gets the job done.


You know where it is, don't you?


The house is too small for five people to live in.

"It seems that you know the country well." "I think so", answered Clarissa, smiling.

This morning as I did not have any money with me, I could not buy my raisin bread, and this evening, even though I had taken money in the meantime, there was no raisin bread left at the bakery.

Emma's explanation is very elaborate.

Shut the door!

He moved to Germany.

She always looked happy, but never was.

They've written a bill for health care.

I'm a little bit nervous.


Vladimir is an excellent student.

The title of the book should be italicized.

I would be grateful if you could do that for me.

Many foreigners can appreciate Kabuki.

I know why you're not happy.


Oh, it's snowing!

It's an awesome house.

Everett was livid.

I can't live on ten thousand yen a month.

A group of young men were fighting.

He did his best to help her.

He'll never forgive me.

Humans are supposedly rational animals, but make most decisions based on gut feeling.

I was really looking forward to it.

Vassos likes Taylor Swift.

She argues just for the sake of arguing.

He has an innate love of adventure.

Take Nate out of here.

You won't go, will you?

Just let me sit here and watch TV, OK?

Didn't you go to Boston for a week last summer?

Who made that decision?

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I met a friend at the airport.


It has always been a dream to fly a car.

Air and heir are homophones of each other.

It may help to look at the problem from another angle.

Let's smoke this shit!

Rand was born on May 5, 2010.

Aren't you going to miss Sedovic?

He was no better than a motherless child.

Ravindran was afraid to tell his parents.

We're all in terrible danger.

I've got my friend on the line right now.

He decided on a red car.


I'm selling my half of the restaurant.


That just wouldn't work.

I just became president of Poets Without Homes.

Major says he has to talk to Connie.

Some words don't have a direct translation in all the languages.

He's staying at his aunt's.

People often don't tell the whole truth.

She left home at age thirteen.

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Close the door before you go.

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The town is a cage.

What's your favorite audio player?

Ramsey's dog bit me.

Peggy is one of my roommates.

I know the real reason you're here.

Michiel carefully locked the door.

Have you tried restarting your computer?


The boy deserved praise for saving the child's life.

We can't back out now.

Guy hasn't paid his rent yet.

Don't drop the soap.

The way things are going, an armed conflict may well be unavoidable.

What sort of man is Lochhead's Jason?

Do you play any instruments other than the piano?


Do you want any of these books?

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You're older than her.

Would you like to come in for a drink?

Be sure to drop us a line as soon as you get to London.

Did you know Pitawas worked there?

I'm distressed by the daily squabbles.

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There used to be a big cherry tree behind my house.

It's based on a true story.

Studying really isn't something easy.

I saw my friend off at the station.

Varda was wearing a brown suede coat.

How long did it take Izchak to build the doghouse?

The laboratory was destroyed in a fire.

When are you going back to your own country?

Morocco is called "Al-Maghrib" in Arabic.

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Saul expected more.

Sandip, Sekar and John shared the cost of the party.

I have to get up very early tomorrow morning.

It may seem like a lot of trouble to go through, but in the end, you'll be happy you did it.

Grant was trying to think of the right thing to say.

It's nearly impossible.

Hey, wait a second.

I hear laughing.

In China, they celebrate New Year by the lunar calendar.


He sometimes forgets what he was talking about.

He is deeply in debt now.

I wrote that letter three weeks ago.


I want an English muffin.


I want to be a programmer.

The master gave me an order to come in.

You're bound to feel that way at first, I guess.

Axel has been located.

The streetcar is now certainly out of date.

Historians, for his part said Chateaubriand, do not they lie a little more than the poets?

We cannot live without air.

You can't deny that anymore.

It couldn't wait.

Once dismissed as an artificial language, Esperanto has gained the respect of a new generation of linguists, as the most successful planned language of all time.

Man is the dog's best friend.


Recently, I saw an attractive mature woman on the train.

Bret called in an expert.

What did you and Elliot do after dinner?

The earth goes around the sun.

They make used cooking oil into soap at that factory.


I know that you're very angry.

Susumu is bad at sports.

It's been raining since morning.

I want to make a complaint to the management.

Aren't we happy together?


We have three objectives.


I can attest to everything she just said.

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I may be unsociable, but it doesn't mean I don't talk to people.

Don't be afraid to do that.

Tell him that I have perished and that my cadaver is now being used by medical students at a leading Catholic university.


Vladislav got Laurence a pint of beer.

I'm sure Shean will like this wine.

I can bear this broken heart no longer.

Kevin gave up the idea of going to Canada.

There's a coffee shop in front of the station.

The house has two doors and a lot of windows.

I play football every day.

This suitcase isn't yours. It's mine.

Space's office is dark.

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Managua has a Native American name, and yet, there are almost no Native Americans there.


I don't think any of you realize the importance of this.

I shouted as loud as I could.

Let me take you to lunch.