Been playing with SculptGL

It’s weird.  I’m sure not great with it, at all, but I thought it looked cool.


So, I was sitting in the car this morning, playing a game on my phone for a minute before going in to the office.  I Had gotten there early, and the weather was AWESOME for the first time in a while.  

Suddenly a cardinal lands on my hood.  Pretty as you please, he was hopping around the windshield wipers and looking directly at me. 

I try to switch my phone to camera, and get this thing on video. 

Phone freezes, for a solid 20 seconds, as the cardinal bounces around proud of itself – as it should be.

Screen flickers OFF for some reason?  Still no camera.  Grind. Lag. Freeze.


Where a cardinal stood, now stood one of the office’s resident stray cats.  

She didn’t catch the cardinal, it was fine as far as I could see, but the cat didn’t seem to mind. 

Thud Thud Thud. Gone.  Back to hunting? 

My phone suddenly Bloops, back to the home screen.

TL;DR – Need a better phone.